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Friday, 10 February 2017

Natural Collection Eye Brow Range

It seems lately Natural Collection, Boots budget friendly brand, has realised a collection of new products all of which are following current makeup trends.

I decided, seeing as I like to do mine when I have the time, that I'd test out the brow products and let you all know what I think.
Snaps to them for the product options, they've tried to do something for all tastes, however the shade range is basic to say the least.

As with everything from Natural Collection all the products are priced at £1.99 each and the brow range contains:
Brow Pencil (Available in 2 shades)
Brow Gel (Available in 2 shades)
Brow Kit (Available in 1 shade)

Brow Pencil (Available in 2 shades)
I got both shades of the pencil because there was no testers available for me to see the consistency. I knew that if it was really creamy I'd want both shades so that I could mix got get a lighter softer effect. However I was pleased to discover this has a drier formula, which although is something I don't want from an eye or lip liner, a brow pencil however I prefer to be drier so I can get a more natural looking application because you can make more the look of hairs.
One end is obviously the pencil, which is one the requires sharpening but I don't mind that because then you can always have the sharp point that you'd want, the other end is a spoolie which is the just the most practical thing that should be on the end of all brow products because it's just perfect to blend everything out/together and make things look more natural, it also means I don't have to worry about packing one with my brushes when I go home from uni or whatever.

Brow Gel (Available in 2 shades)
Being a fan of lazy beauty products I was so excited for this, I hoped this would be a good everyday brow product that I could quickly brush through them and get a nice look without a lot off effort. But sadly this just wasn't something that worked for me.
I found the brush to be too big, and was shocked at how little control I had when sing it. The formula didn't help either, it was on the thinner side and I found it hard to apply without making a mess, and because it dries so ridiculously fast, honestly I've never know something dry so fast, it's hard to clean that mess up.
I have dark brows, but I feel this is too dark for me and looks a touch off when I wear it, I can't explain it but you know when you can see something in your makeup looks off, this is that.

Brow Kit (Available in 1 shade)
After falling in love with my Rimmel Brow This Way Eyebrow Kit (which looks identical to this) I was the most excited for this out of the three products. Its is a duo of a tinted brow wax a brow powder both in a darkish brown. You also get a double ended, angled, synthetic brush and a baby spoolie that's super cute.
I have yet to from a complete opinion of this, I think it's because I want to love it so much that I can't accept there being a change that I don't like it.
The powder is on the powdery side and the wax is harder than I'd like but if you really take your time using this your brows can look really nice, it isn't really something tat you an use if you are in a hurry, although when I'm in a hurry I don't do brows but that's just me.

For £1.99 a piece you can't go wrong with trying one or two of them out if you're someone thats brow crazy, I would say if you are new to doing your brows I'd just go for the pencil as its the easiest and most foolproof to use.

Natural Collection also came out with blusher and highlighter sticks that I also want to get to try out for you all so keep a look out for that and I will talk to you all soon