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Sunday, 23 April 2017

New Makeup Buys: Spring 2017

After my successful Lent Project 10 Pan I've treated myself to some new makeup bits that Im super excited to play around with.
I tired not to go too crazy and aimed to get things I needed, or that I wanted to try to review, but it was over 6 weeks of no makeup buying so that helps me justify some of the not so necessary buys ..... also Superdrug has 3 for 2 going on.

Barry M Matte Lip Paint - 182 (£4.99)
Im really enjoy the Barry M lip paints (lipsticks) and was super excited to see they have now added matte to their ever growing range of finishes.
Obviously I had to get a nude, although I am interested in trying some of the other shades because so far I really like this formula, it goes on smoothly and for the most part is really comfortable, I do find it feels a little dry after a few hours but its nothing major.
Barry M Colour Correcting Wand (£4.49)
My current undereye correctly is on its last legs so I picked this up after being fairly underwhelmed by the choices of yellow concealer available in Superdrug. I've tried this a couple times and am super happy so far with how well it colour corrects while also being really light, this is something I want to play with more before I do a full review for you all.

Collection Lasting Colour Lipstick - Plum Sensation (£2.99)
This is a matte finish deep(ish) plum shade which apples a lot smoother to the lips than it does when swatched which was a pleasant surprise. I wore this last night and loved the colour, but didn't love that it wears away kind of patchy, although for the price you can't really complain.
Collection Primed & Ready Mattifying Pore Minimiser Primer (£4.99)
I used up my primer in my project pan because it wasn't a step a typically did, but I decided while using it that I wanted to experiment with primers so I picked this one up because it is mattifying it. I love it, it is silicony which has/is taking some getting use to but I just find what everyone says is true when you use primer, my makeup goes on so smoothly.

MUA Skin Define Matte Perfect Foundation - Natural Ivory (£4)
MUA Transparent Pressed Setting Powder (£4)
I'll be honest, both these I got just because I hadn't seen either before and I wanted to review them all for you.

Primark P.S. Lipstick - Desert Sand (£0.90)
Literally no justification here, it was a nude lipstick that cost less than £1.
It is an orange, terracotta nude and nothing too similar to other things I own, I like the formula because its creamy I just need to test out the colour more to see how I feel about it.
Primark P.S Lip Liner Pencil - Bombshell (£1)
When I went to Primark I had a bright, neon pink lipstick on but didn't have a lipliner that really went with it so when I saw this I had to try it, because I really like the Primark lip liners, they are creamy and not drying at all, and it seems like a good match.
I hope you liked seeing what I've picked up lately, and I look forward to reviewing some of these for you guys


Sunday, 2 April 2017

Rimmel Stay Matt Foundation

I think many people will agree that Rimmel is one of the best brands for affordable foundation, and as a drugstore girl I love it because they mot only offer a range of both finishes and coverage levels, but also a pretty good range of colors (which I know is something other brands have as well I've just dabbled less in those but am interested to test out more)
I just mentioned this is my most recent favourites video so I thought it was fitting to do a review for you all.
This is (I believe) Rimmel's cheapest foundation costing just £5.99 for a 30ml tube.
Rimmel claims it is a feather-light, liquid mousse which blends flawlessly providing a natural looking all-day shine controlled look, with a light-weight, non-greasy feeling.
Personally I don't find it keeps me shine-free all day unless I set it with a powder, which is something I am trying not to do while it is still not super warm so I can use cream highlighters over the top - something I find works really well. However, after about 4 hours wear I do find I look a little shiny but it is nothing compared to how I'd look with a traditional liquid foundation with no powder.
It applies really smoothly if you make sure to not use too much - a little goes a long way - I have found in the past using too much makes it hard to blend in and causes it to clump up in areas. I'd say a stippling is your best bet for application, it seems too think for a sponge and it's just a mess with your fingers, not to mention being a nightmare to wash off them.
I assume most people by these mouse type foundations with the intention of not setting them with powder. But I have found, although it is long lasting without powder it doesn't really set so you still will get product transfer off it (but I mean most powders still transfer on to clothes when you hug people so this might not be an issue for you) but like I said, for me it doesn't keep me shine free and I do tend to feel greasy towards the end of the day and I wouldn't say my skin is too oily at yet because like Iv'e said it hasn't been too warm so I think for me I'd enjoy it more set with powder.
The coverage is medium but can be easily built up to high.
I find it perfect for university wear because I'm only in for a few hours a day and it lasts well for that, as well as being super quick to apply in the mornings.
The main issue I have found with the application process is setting under eye concealer, up close you can see the powder and it looks cakey but I wouldn't say this is something you notice unless you are really inspecting your face, and it only occurs after a few hours once your natural oils have been working away.
Although I don't mind the tube packaging, for me it makes the application easy because the product is kind of thick so you have control over it, I do find it being mostly white does mean its get dirty and gross looking quickly which I don't enjoy so much but can live with.

I have been enjoying this, and will continue to enjoy it in the summer set all over with powder, and I know it is something others enjoy too do let me know what you think. And if you have yet to try it and fancy a matte cheap foundation I would say to give it a go, unless you have dry skin, the mousse formula I can imagine would cling to dry patches.

Talk to you soon

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Lent Project '10' Pan

I have for a long time been aware that I own far to much make up and beauty products so I've decided that I want to start working through what I have more and showing things more love. I seem to have a mind set where I forget that if I use something up and I really love it then it is perfectly okay to buy a new one. 

So I want to do a few project pans over the year to just get my moneys worth out of things, Im even going to do a declutter in the summer when I have access to all my makeup (most of its in storage at home while I'm at uni)

I've already posted a video on my YouTube channel showing 13 make up items I want to use up over the year
This first project pan does contain a couple products from this video as well as some others, both makeup and skin/body care that I know I also want to finish.

Although I really want to start making an effort to use what I have and that I don't just have product sitting in draws not getting used I will still continue to buy makeup and try new products out because I do love doing that.

I wanted to do a classic Project 10 Pan, although I have 13 products in it, but as you will see Im pairing some up as one item.
So, this Project '10' Pan will run over the period of lent, starting today and ending on Easter,  and during this time I will not be buying any new makeup or beauty products, the only exception will be essentials like shampoo, body lotion, face wash etc IF I RUN OUT.

Firstly we have some skin care, I don't have too much hear at uni but I know over summer when I get access to everything I own there will be a lot of product that I either need to use up in future project pans or declutter.
Kueshi - Pure & Clean Revitalizing Face Toner
I've never been much of a toner girl, its just one of those products that I don't understand what it is meant to do so I can never be bothered to reach for it (Im so lazy when it comes to skin care).
This claims to just balance out your skin by providing needed moisture but also controlling oil in more oily areas, I want to try and use this at least once a day to see if I notice a difference, and if not at least it wont be on my bathroom shelf anymore.
I will say that I do like it after the gym to just make my face feel a bit cleaner and I do notice it gets off any little missed bits of makeup.

hey honey - Honey Silk Facial Serum
I've yet to find a serum that I can use in the day time under makeup but I will give this one a go, if it doesn't work I will just continue to use it before bed.
It doesn't leave too much sticky/tacky feeling on my skin that I have found (and not liked) with previous serums and it sinks in nicely, which once it has my skin does a pretty smooth feeling to it, although I find it is easy to use too much because a little goes a long way.
I expected a honey type scent but it has a more herbal/lavender one - not my favourite but I guess good for bed time. 

Ted Baker - Body Lotion
This came in a little Christmas set with a body spray and lip balm in a little clear makeup bag, I think it was the handbag heroes set or something. I've only used it  once so far and found a little goes a long way so it should last me about 2 weeks, the formula is really nice, it sinks in quickly and leaves such a nice scent on the skin so Im going to enjoy using this and will be sad when its gone.
It has a pretty berry scent to it which is right up my ally and the packaging is so cute. Although it would be perfect for travel I don't travel enough to justify hording it for that reason.

All three of these shouldn't be too hard because there isn't a lot of the toner left, and the serum and lotion are pretty small - these are all more to get me into good habits and why not just use up what would otherwise just gather dust.

I have three perfume samples that Im counting as one item because I thought it was cheating not to. All of these are pretty scents and things I will enjoy using during this project and about about 1/3-1/2 left each, over the year I want to use all my perfume samples because I never naturally reach for them so Im going to kick things off with these three.
A playful yet sophisticated oriental fragrance mixed with fun fruits (think: Italian Mandarin, ruby red grapefruit, and Nashi pear
I find this is a very stereotypical perfume, this is just what you image perfume to smell of (or at least I do), I dont know if that makes any sense but I do like this and really like it on.

Ghost Eclipse
A fresh fruity floral with a sensual amber base
This is my last favourite of the three I'm using, I don't really get too much of the fruity notes, I get more the amber base which just isn't what I tend to lean towards.

Yves Rocher - So Elixir Purple
A unique combination of an incredibly feminine infusion of tuberose with essential oils of vetiver and patchouli in a floral-woody elixir
Based on the scent description I would not gravitate towards this but it smells so good, I cant even describe it it's just so nice.

And finally on to the makeup.
Im again counting both of these as one item because they are both on their last legs and when I use them now I do layer them to get the most out of each.
For some reason mascara takes me so long to get through, I don't understand why - and I only have a couple on the go at once. But like I said both are on their last legs and just need to be finished, if they aren't finished by Easter (which I'm sure they will be) I'm just calling them quits and tossing them.

Manna Kadar - Conditioning Lash Primer - this is just a white lash primer that is meant to condition your lashes while also providing a nice mascara base, I did really like this because it almost enhanced my mascaras but particularly helped give a new life to those almost gone/dried up.
Essence - I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara - I love this, one of my favourite mascaras, in its prime it gave amazing volume, kept my lashes soft, and didn't flake off during the day. I now find (when used with the primer) it just gives a your lashes but better effect, still adds volume but less, the wearing of this is still just as good.

Emite Make Up - Diamond Heart Base Primer (Illuminating)
I can only apologise for how grubby and gross this looks, I tried to clean it honest.
I've never fully played with primers, this is one of the very few I've tried but I do like it.
I don't find it is super illuminating, although if you just wore this with maybe a bit of concealer where you needed it it could be a nice, very very natural, glowy look because it does have a glow on the skin but it doesn't shine through foundation.
It gave my skin a smooth base for foundation and didn't hinder how long/well my makeup lasted, although I don't know if it make it last any better.
I don't think I love this enough to buy the full size, but I want to finish it because it is just one of those things that I seem to be scared to use up so I want to try and break that.

Lollipops - Delicieuse Lip Balm
I keep this lip balm in my handbag which might make it hard for me to finish because I do sometimes forget about it. I have about 1/3 left so as long as I remember this is something I want to use and actually reach for it when Im out and about, for example when I'm travelling home or are just popping out without makeup/lip product on and have my bag with me.
This smells and tastes amazing, like icing.
It's what a call a pretty lip balm, because it looks really nice on, really glossy and makes your lips look hydrated and healthy. It isn't going to save super dry lips but will maintain current moisture levels.

The last couple makeup items are from my 'products I want to use up in 2017' challenge.

Benefit - Highbeam
Although this is super pretty on, I find that because I have to set my face with powder this doesn't work as well.
While its still cold out I thought I would pick up a matte foundation that I might be able to get away without setting when I go to into uni, so I can use this and not have its effect either covered by powder, or applied over powder where I find it removes product and makes me look patchy..

Model Co - Illusion Nude Lip Liner
I have lip liners in similar colors that I prefer the formula of because I find if I apply too much it looks a bit waxy and weird. Most the time this does look really nice but it is just getting old so I would rather finish it and start working on other, similar, liners.

ELF - Brightening Eye Color (Brownstone)
This is such a nice basic, neutral eyeshadow quad but because I've already hit pan in all the shades and have been really enjoying using this as part of my everyday uni makeup look I didn't see it being a problem to use up.
Although I find they kick up a lot of powder which I think is one of the reasons I've made so much progress on them.

Hope you enjoyed this post
Talk to you soon

Friday, 10 February 2017

Natural Collection Eye Brow Range

It seems lately Natural Collection, Boots budget friendly brand, has realised a collection of new products all of which are following current makeup trends.

I decided, seeing as I like to do mine when I have the time, that I'd test out the brow products and let you all know what I think.
Snaps to them for the product options, they've tried to do something for all tastes, however the shade range is basic to say the least.

As with everything from Natural Collection all the products are priced at £1.99 each and the brow range contains:
Brow Pencil (Available in 2 shades)
Brow Gel (Available in 2 shades)
Brow Kit (Available in 1 shade)

Brow Pencil (Available in 2 shades)
I got both shades of the pencil because there was no testers available for me to see the consistency. I knew that if it was really creamy I'd want both shades so that I could mix got get a lighter softer effect. However I was pleased to discover this has a drier formula, which although is something I don't want from an eye or lip liner, a brow pencil however I prefer to be drier so I can get a more natural looking application because you can make more the look of hairs.
One end is obviously the pencil, which is one the requires sharpening but I don't mind that because then you can always have the sharp point that you'd want, the other end is a spoolie which is the just the most practical thing that should be on the end of all brow products because it's just perfect to blend everything out/together and make things look more natural, it also means I don't have to worry about packing one with my brushes when I go home from uni or whatever.

Brow Gel (Available in 2 shades)
Being a fan of lazy beauty products I was so excited for this, I hoped this would be a good everyday brow product that I could quickly brush through them and get a nice look without a lot off effort. But sadly this just wasn't something that worked for me.
I found the brush to be too big, and was shocked at how little control I had when sing it. The formula didn't help either, it was on the thinner side and I found it hard to apply without making a mess, and because it dries so ridiculously fast, honestly I've never know something dry so fast, it's hard to clean that mess up.
I have dark brows, but I feel this is too dark for me and looks a touch off when I wear it, I can't explain it but you know when you can see something in your makeup looks off, this is that.

Brow Kit (Available in 1 shade)
After falling in love with my Rimmel Brow This Way Eyebrow Kit (which looks identical to this) I was the most excited for this out of the three products. Its is a duo of a tinted brow wax a brow powder both in a darkish brown. You also get a double ended, angled, synthetic brush and a baby spoolie that's super cute.
I have yet to from a complete opinion of this, I think it's because I want to love it so much that I can't accept there being a change that I don't like it.
The powder is on the powdery side and the wax is harder than I'd like but if you really take your time using this your brows can look really nice, it isn't really something tat you an use if you are in a hurry, although when I'm in a hurry I don't do brows but that's just me.

For £1.99 a piece you can't go wrong with trying one or two of them out if you're someone thats brow crazy, I would say if you are new to doing your brows I'd just go for the pencil as its the easiest and most foolproof to use.

Natural Collection also came out with blusher and highlighter sticks that I also want to get to try out for you all so keep a look out for that and I will talk to you all soon

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Miss Sporty Really Me

Personally, I believe Miss Sporty is such an underrated drugstore brand. 
Nothing costs more than £4, and for the most part the quality is on par with other brands.
When at the stand picking up a backup foundation I noticed a new range added to the line - the Really Me line - which I had to pick up, especially because there was three for two and I was already getting two things.

As with all Miss Sporty lines its fairly small, there is only 4 items:
Really Me Foundation Stick - £3.99
Really Me Volume and Tint Mascara - £2.99
Really Me Glossy Liquid Lip Balm - £1.99
all of which are perfect for those still in school - who are their target market because they aim their products at preteens.

I have done a first impression over on my YouTube Channel
but I've played around a little more with the products and formed more of an opinion since then.

Really Me Foundation Stick
Although initially shocked by the little amount of product you actually get, I really enjoy this foundation. The coverage is light but buildable, it has a cream to powder finish meaning less oily girls can get away with out setting it, and it lasts quite well.
This is something I'd reach for on more natural days when I want lighter makeup rather than for a nightout or just when I'm doing something where I want more makeup, like work or going out during the day or for dinner etc.
The application takes some getting use to because its a cream not a traditional liquid, but as you'll see in the video it was easy and blended really nicely.
I want to get a darker shade of this to try as a cream contour because I think the formulation of this because it is a foundation will look more natural and be a great base for a powder contour.

Really Me Volume and Tint Mascara
I don't really find it gives volume but the length I got was amazing and it was really black.
I especially liked this for my lower lashes because for a wet mascara, which I don't typically like, I found it wasn't messy and really enhanced my lower lashes which are naturally pretty long, it showed off their length but without making them clumpy so it was really natural.
As I said this is a more wet mascara which I don't tend to like because I find them a nightmare to remove and make your lashes crispy, but this kept my lashes soft and came off really easily.

Really Me Glossy Liquid Lip Balms Im a little bit in love with these.
They are really comfortable because their not sticky, they are kind of thick so last a long time but are still glossy.
I do find they are strange to apply, the shades are kind of milky so they look patchy until you rub your lips together and then they are really nice.
There is no need for a normal human to own both because the shades are not that different once they are on, personally I prefer the Really Pink shade because I think its prettier but they are both really nice.
Although marketed as lip balms I can't say how good for your lips they actually are, I would rather use a traditional lip balm and then keep these as a gloss.

Hope you enjoyed