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Thursday, 26 March 2015

17 Ultimate Volume Lip Gloss - In The Nude

"Colour Intense Lipgloss For Fuller Looking Lips
Not your conventional nude, more of a sun kissed, tan brown.
Looks, in the tube, to have a lot of fine shimmer, but on the lips this actually works to catch the light and create the illusion of having slightly fuller lips.
Has the slightest tingling sensation for about a minute, during this time your lips feel a bit more plump but once the sensation wears off your lips feel normal size.
The longevity is hard to explain.
Although the colour lasts for a while the shine wears off fairly quickly.
Other than the little tingling feeling, it is a fairly comfortable wear, not sticky, but not so glossy that it feels greasy.
If anything it feels a little bland - like nothingness.
Not my favourite lip gloss, but not the worst that I have ever tried.
They have other glosses that I am interested to try, and hopefully they make more of an impression with me.

Hope you enjoyed

Sunday, 22 March 2015

March Glossybox 2015 - Step into Spring

This box is all about getting ready for spring, and although it is still quite cold here in England Im looking forward to the warmer weather and getting some use out of these products.
Something that I am really happy about it that the products really go with the theme.
Moisturising Peeling
Im quite interested in giving this a go actually. It seems to be a soft exfoliant for the face the removes dull skin to brighten the complexion to get your skin ready to work the 'luminous' skin trend and perfect for 'minimal' make up.
NAOBAY is a natural and organic brand, and it smells like it - I just cant deal with these natural sightly herbal scents. I love that the lid is wooden but Im not sure I see the point... can you recycle it when you have finished with it?
Full Size = 100ml - £13.71
Lash Princess Volume Mascara
Again with the mascara, its another one to add my draw of backups.
Although it will be a while before I get into this I am really interested in the 'cobra' head shaped wand it has but I haven't opened it to see what it actually looks like.
The packaging is cute, if not a bit kiddish. And obviously I love the name.
Full Size = 12ml - £3.30
Dove Advanced Hair Series
Youthful Vitality Shampoo & Conditioner
I really appeachiate that they sent us both the shampoo and the conditioner so we can try them out together, and not just that they are in travel friendly 50ml bottles so you can either save them for a summer get away, or put them in your shower/bath and use them a few times to see how you like them.
I don't really understand the whole ageing hair thing, but whatever.
Full Size = 250ml - £5.99
Sample Size = 50ml - £1.19 (each)
Nail Lacquer - Like...Totally Valley Girl
Before opening my Glossybox I had never heard of this brand but it seems to be a 5 free brand, and Im not going to sit here and pretend that I know what that means but it seems to be a good thing.
The color is a beautiful bubblegum, baby pink that Im sure will not just be something I will wear in spring and summer but can see it becoming one of my when in doubt nail polish's.
And for some reason the bottle is really pleasing for me.
Full Size = 15ml  - £13
Sleek MakeUP
Pout Paint - Lava
A drug store alternative to the OCC Lip Tars, these are crazy pigmented lip stains that you can mix with one another or wear alone.
The color I got was a bright orange that I am going to try to brave on its own, but if that fails Im sure I could mix it with a nude lip stick.
Full Size = 8ml - £4.99

I hope you liked your Glossybox as much as I liked mine

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Love it or Leave it: Natural Collection Coverup Stick

I have said before that I really like to use these sort of cover stickers for really obvious spots that need a bit more coverage.
What I like to do is take a good amount on a concealer brush, apply it right on the top and blend out the edges and them apply my foundation over the top.
Really creamy to apply. However I find the blendability only goes so far, before you are left with half blended concealer that is not going to blend anymore.
I find that the shade light is perfect for my skin tone, but because there is only three shades it is going to be a bit limited for some. They offer a green which is sometimes hard to find for really budget friendly brands, but it is a bit of a fail green because it seems to just blend to being white, and does nothing for correcting redness.
As with their lipsticks (reviewed here) the packaging sucks, the ids crack and the conclear snaps or often you are left feeling that they are more trouble than they are worth.
The formulation is odd, I know I said they are creamy to apply but it is the finish that is not right. I think Natural Collection wanted them to be matte because they seem to be really powdery and dry looking on the skin.
I know this was just a quick one today but I have been using these lately and just wanted to let you know my current thoughts with you.

I am fairly undecided about whether or not you should love or leave these, I am leaning more towards leave just because of the finish and the packaging. But if you wanted something to keep in your bag and not have to worry about messing up then these might be worth a shot.

Hope you enjoyed

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Primark P.S.Love Makeup Review & Tutorial: Bring on Spring

I was really excited to get my hands on some of Primarks make up line, P.S. Love.
Everything in the line is supper cheap and affordable, and considering the price you pay you're getting quality in not just the product but also the packaging - some of the products come in cute secondary packaging that has a sweet lace effect on them, and the main packaging on everything is really smooth and matte feeling.
Although some products are lacking, for the most part their pretty good and I think you should give them a look if you are in a Primark. They are fun to try and Im very impressed with the line as whole.
So much so that I have created this fun look for you that will be perfect for when spring and summer rolls around, I think this will be especially fun for festivals.

Firstly taking the 8 Shade Day Eyeshadow Palette (£2.50) apply pale pink all over the lid up to the brow bone for a transition shade and then take the darkest brown  just above the crease for a subtle cut crease look.
With the shimmery nude pack that over the lid, up to the cut crease, it intensify the shimmer in it you really want to pack that color on but you can just apply a light wash of the color if you want a more subtle shimmer.
This would be perfect for travel because of the range of shades and finishes that you are getting as well as a really god sized mirror.
I find that the more shimmer the shadow has the more pigment it has to it, so although some of the shades in this palette are lacking Primark does have a metallic palette where all the shades are shimmery and their singles seem to have a lot of shimmer to them so you might be better off with those.
Using the Felt Eye Liner Pen (£1.50) draw a basic line and wing, length and thickness are up to you.
The tip of this is really soft so it has a really nice application.
The formulation is a little on the wet side which makes the color not the deepest black. I dries really quickly and doesn't smudge, and I find that I naturally go over my eye liner line a couple times which helps to deepen the color.
To brighten out eyes for the spring I like to apply a white liner, this is just the white Primark Eye Liner (£1 for duo), it came in a pack of two with a champagne one.
Above the black line we have done I put the Eye Liner duo with the sky blue and sea foam green, I put the green on the inner half and the blue on the outer half.
Out of everything that I tried these are the more inconsistent, in terms of both color pay off and formulation.
Creamy but not as bright a white as I personally enjoy. It still acts as a brightener in the water line but in a more natural way, which I'm sure some would rather, especially those in school.
The biggest disapointment, in the pencil this is stunning but it let me down. The formulation is quite waxy and their is minimal color pay off.
Sky Blue and Sea Foam Green
Creamy, pigmented and really long lasting - just amazing.
For a fun touch, that would fit right in at a festival I did a star next to each eye with the blue and green eye liners.
Just finish off the look with a Lip Stick (80p), I tried both the bright pink and the peach.
As much as I enjoyed the pink, for me it was too much so I settled with the peach, which by the way I have fallen in love with.

I was the most pleasently surprised with these.
I picked up two of the brighter shades, and their pay off is just amazing which is making me even more exciting for the spring and summer.
The formulation is on point, they apply like a dream and feel like a balm on the lips. Although they are not going to be lasting you all day, you will get a good few hours before needing to reapply.
Have you guys tried anything from the Primark Make up range?  If so what do you think about it?
Let me know in the comments.

I hope you liked this look

Friday, 13 March 2015

Superdrug Dry Shampoo

At £1.99 each for a 150ml bottle, and honestly they are always on offer for 2 for £1 of buy 1 get 1 free, these are such a bargain the can seem like a very tempting choice when you are in need of dry shampoo. But, from trying these out a few times I have to say I am not a fan.
 I love the packaging, each can is its own color with their own girl sketched onto it and there is a slight shimmer to all of the cans.
And trust me these smell amazing, especially the volumising one, it smell like holidays.
Although the blend into the hair well, which I expected from the cocoa brownie one but was surprised to see how easy the white from the volume one blended in without leaving any ashy patches.
I hate how they make my hair feel.
It leaves it feeling kind of waxy and gross, not clean and fresh.

I avoid using these as much as possible.
Not having to use these is an incentive to wash my hair.

If you want to see if these work for your hair  would recommend one of the travel size bottles you can get.
Considering how cheap this was I don't think it was too much a waste of money and Im happy I gave them a go because I love trying new things to find cheaper alternatives for basic products.

Talk to you soon

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Love it or Leave it: Natural Collection Single Eyeshadows

I have used natural collection eye shadows for years now, currently I only have four but in the past I have had some other shades that I have either finished or got rid of because I didn't like them.
But now is the time to see whether or not these are worth your time
Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Milk Chocolate, Aqua Shimmer, Lilac Shimmer, Spring Green
Perfect if you are just getting into make  because they are super cheap - £1.99 - so you can afford to get a few colors to see what you really like. The packaging is very practical, its really compact with no space wasted for a little sponge tip applicator that your not going to use and unlike some other natural collection products I have never had any issues with the packaging braking. With a base they have good staying power and they blend really nicely on their own or into other shades.
Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Milk Chocolate, Aqua Shimmer, Lilac Shimmer, Spring Green
Your not going to find any bights, every thing is very natural and neutral toned .... even the colors. And I find that the pigmentation is a bit hit or miss, but they have testers so you can swatch them before buying something that doesn't have a good color pay off.
Left to Right: Milk Chocolate, Aqua Shimmer, Lilac Shimmer, Spring Green
My final verdict is with out a doubt love, they have so much going for them for cheap little shadows. I would recommend Milk Chocolate the most because it is a mid tone matte brown that you can use for blending out the crease, adding slight definition or even contouring down the nose if you wanted.

Hope you enjoyed