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Monday, 26 January 2015

My Thoughts On: Bellapierre

Thanks to Glossybox I have been able to try a few products from the brand Bellapierre. I had never heard of it before but find myself often reaching for the items I have gotten in my boxes.
Bellapierre is one of the worlds fastest growing mineral make up companies, by producing and manufacturing their own products they  are able to quickly respond to new trends and they work to create natural looking products that make the skin glow.

Shimmer Powder - Coral Reef
The 100% mica powder is said to work to produce beautiful shimmer and long lasting vibrant colour.
Loose eye shadows often seem too much faff but this is completely worth the slight fall out. It is one of those beautiful shades that I just want to swatch and look at all the time, it is a really pretty gold, coral with a load of small shimmers that catch the light without being too glittery. Because of the softness of the pigment it does blend away so when it is used as a lid shade with something blended into the crease or outer corner you do need to reapply to get the vibrant colour back, but it is still really long lasting.

Mineral Lipstick - Ruby
Formulated with natural waxes and mineral pigments this is designed to be a silky smooth lipstick that will deliver 'long-lasting moisturising and nourishing colour.'
The colour is really bold but does stain the skin a little, so it's best to apply a lip liner to stop colour bleed or use some kind of lip stick sealer. It has a fairly shiny finish so you don't have to wear a gloss over the top if your not into gloss but still want a nice shine, however for lip gloss lovers you can still put some over the top without it being too wet looking. The staying power is no longer than that of the average lipstick but you win some you lose some. My one main issue with this is the packaging, for the price I would expect something really classy but this is just cheap, cheap, cheap.

Cheek and Lip Stain - Coral
The oil free formula aims to be easy to blend and takes away issues found with traditional stains.
I love things like this for a base for powder blush or for when I want a more natural look, for application of this I like to use a stippling brush and apply it over my foundation onto the apply's of my cheek and then apply my face powder, or do the same thing over my face powder. The colour is a lot prettier in person than it is in the pot - its a pink coral that I really like for winter but think it might be a bit too dull for me in the summer. As expected with a stain it really will last but it isnt one of those stains that dries before you can blend it, it actually gives you some time to work with it before it sets. I don't like the colour on my lips but it felt just like a balm but it looks pretty bland. I really the finish of it because it has a light dewiness to it but nothing to much that makes you look oily.

I know that the price point for these products are a little high but I do think they are worth the money because especially the shimmer powder and cheek stain because you get a lot of product compared to the amount you have to use.

Hope you enjoyed seeing what I thought on the product, let me know if you have tried any Bellapierre products and what you think about them.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Poundland Rimmel Haul

A couple of weeks ago I went into Poundland to see what make up they had on offer and was really pleased to find a selection of Rimmel products.
I got 4 things, pretty much there whole selection of stuff because although they had a lot of stuff there was only 1 or 2 shades of each of the 3 things.
I have heard the make up stock changes fairly often and all the stores have different things so it really is worth a look.

Apocalips Lip Lacqure - Celestial
I have already shared my thoughts on the apocalips before (if you missed it they are here) but unlike those which I loved but shied away from due to the messiness this is my current favourite lip product. This is the perfect nutral pink that you can apply without a mirror and not have to worry. I love this for school but have also found myself reaching for this to go into town or work.
Like all the apocalips its really long lasting and has a nice shine to it, but the smell is just as strange as all the others. If you found Nova to much of a baby pink for you this will probably work a lot better, it is a very universal shade because of the neutral undertones but I think its one of those colours that will have different effect on different people.
RRP= £6.49

Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Stick
After the fail that was the Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Paint (discussed here) I was soo excited to get my hands on two of the pencils to see if I faired any better with them. The light, shimmering taupe (Bluffing) seemed light a great colour for lazy school make up and I was really excited to try the turquoise (Teasing Turquoise) alone my lower lash line, either on its own or as the base for eye shadow.
So far I am really impressed, they really do last all day and are amazingly waterproof. I'm prone to getting stuff in my eyes which can make them water but the shadows will not budge. They go on really nicely and don't drag the eye, however they are not chubby enough to quickly cover the lid it did take some time, but it did mean you get some precision when applying alone your lower lash line.
RRP= £4.49

Lasting Finish Colour Rush Balm
I do enjoy a lip crayon as I have said before and this looked like such a me colour. Its a brighter baby pink with a bit of shimmer in it that smells just like vanilla. Another lippy you dont need to be looking in a mirror to apply you can just whip it on really quickly, but the crayon shaped 'nib' means that you can take a bit more time to apply it by lining your lips and then filling them in.
This is going to have to be a day time product for me because the colour really does last and your lips kind of get stained bright pink, which after a certain point you don't really want.  Although the colour lasts the shine doesn't last that long and the creamy feeling that it has when its on goes quite quickly as well so you are left thinking that it has worn off.
RRP= £5.99

Have you found some goodies in your local pound/dollar stores?
Let me know

Sunday, 18 January 2015

January Glossybox 2015 - Fresh Start Must Haves

Glossybox have definitely kicked the year off on the right foot with this box of 5 full size treats to update and add to your beauty regime.

Eye Line Pencil - Clay
Long lasting, extra soft and glides on without pulling on the skin this is the perfect day to night staple.
Im kind of over the whole brown eye liner thing for now, but I will try this more for formulation to see if this is something that I am going to want to get other shades off. I hope it works better on my eyes that it does on my hand because I was able to rub the swatch right off even after leaving it 10 minutes to set.
Full Size = 1 Pencil - £4

Kicka K New York
Colorluxe Powder Blush - Romantic
A loose powder blush - without the mess. An easy to apply loose blusher with a soft, powder puff applicator to stop the powder explosion at the bottom of your bag.
I dont know about mess free, mine seems to be leaking the pretty pink coral powder held within the cheap feeling pot. The powder puff is super soft but I cant seem to work out how to get product out. This is not packaging everyone will like because some will see it as unhygienic, and you cant really but this right over liquid/cream foundation.
Full Size = 5g - €8.95 (£7)

Jelly Pong Pong
All Over Glow
Perfect for problem free with its oil free formula this is a gel packed with micronized pearlescent pigments that catch the light without being overly glittery.
I really want to get in to highlighters more and have been looking to find some good ones, this sounds really promising and the packaging is super cute. It is a touch gold toned but I think it will look really nice with pink blusher.
Full Size = 15g - £10

Kueshi Natural & Pleasant Cosmetics
Revitalizing Face Toner
Chamomile, aloe vera and caldendula all work to calm and rehydrate the skin in this natural toner.
In the past I have never really seen the point in toners but I don't want to use this fairly consistently for at least a month to see if I notice any changes with my skin as a result.
Full Size = 200ml - €10.70 (£8.36)

Naked Lips
Orgaic Lip Balm - Superfruits
Sweet tasting and full of anti-oxidant rich fruits to leave the lips nourished and subtly sheeny.
A organic lib balm seems to be something that everyone gets from a beauty box at some point or another and this is my box to get one. The smell Im not super keen on but other than that it seems just like your basic lip balm. Nothing about this seems unique or unlike anything I already own.
Full Size = 1 Lip Balm - €5 (£3.91)

Happy New Year to you all

Friday, 9 January 2015

ELF HD Blush - Headliner

These are a really fun concept, a highly concentrated, long lasting cream blusher in mess free packaging.

But sadly this little guy hasn't really worked out as expected.

Now its not a total loss, the packaging is mess free which is nice to see from a cream blusher and these really do last. I like to wear them under my face powder for a subtle blush, or over it for a more dewy finish - you can layer a powder blush over this for a more matte finish which I like to do also.
Its the formation that is the main issue with this blusher.
This separates like no other, I have tried to store it in different ways and nothing stops it. You can shake it up in the morning and by the next day it will be separated again. 

I also find these way way way to pigmented, especially for a cream product. No matter how little you pump out you will find it too much. The best application I have found is with a brush lightly tapped into the product with a couple of taps to get some excess off on to a paper towel (or your hand).
I think these are about £4.50 which for ELF is a little pricey and I just dont think they are worth the stress, I would recommend the cream blushes that they have in the pots - there way better.

Talk to you soon