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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Review: MUA Blushers

Recently I decided to pick up all of the MUA £1 single blushers, I already owned one of them and I wanted to test out all of the colors to see if they all work in the same way or if some have a different formulation to others and seeing as they only cost £1 I didn't feel too bad for buying 5 new blushers that I perhaps didn't need.
Left to Right, Top to Bottom; Cupcake, Lolly, Bon Bon, Bubble Gum, Marshmallow, Candyfloss.
As you can see there are a total of 6 blushers in the line.
I think the shade range is pretty good, they have peach/coral tones, pinks and even a slightly red shade so they have kind of covered every base.
However I think they could perhaps add a more neutral and a mauve one (alone the lines of NARS Sin maybe)
Cupcake: The most neutral of the bunch, this is a light peach matte blusher that I find to be too light for me and doesnt really show up, but on really pale skin could be really pretty.
Lolly: A brighter coral peach than Cupcake, I think this would be a great summer shade and the slight shimmer that the blush has would look great with a tan.
Bon Bon: This is a shade that I use to be really attracted to, it is a classic neutral toned redish shade that would suite a range of skin tones, especially in the autumn/winter time.
Bubble Gum: A bright redish pink that personally I find to be the hardest to work with out off all of the colors, but it still has the potential to be a fun all year round shade for light-medium skin tones (light skin tones will have to be very light handed with it but it will look really pretty).
Marshmallow: My favourite of the bunch and the original one that I owned, this is a bright pink color that I am very comfortable wearing. Again it is not the easiest to work with so it takes some practice/getting use to but for me it is so pretty.
Candyfloss: The only other blush that they have in this line with some shimmer Candyfloss is a mauve toned dusty rose pink color that is a great pale skin everyday color, but again I find that it can be a touch too light for me sometimes.
Left to Right, Top to Bottom; Cupcake, Lolly, Bon Bon, Bubble Gum, Marshmallow, Candyfloss.
All of the blushers have really good color pay off, however I find them to be lacking in the blendability department. You really have to make re not to have too much on your brush when you go to apply these as once they are on you are very limited to how much you can blend them, I find the best way to apply them is in thin layers.
Unlike most powder products where matte formulas are harder to blend than those with shimmer the matte and shimmer blushers are both as hard to blend. 

I find that they last pretty well, they get me through a day at uni and most the time that all I want, so for school they would also be prefect.
Despite them not blending very well I would still say check them out, especially the lighter colors. I think they look pretty on and for £1 having 1 or 2 will be handy for travel or carrying around with you because it wont matter if they brake or whatever.

Hope you enjoyed the review

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Recent Empties November-December 2015

It's been a while since I shared my rubbish with you all and recently I have finished some products that I wanted to share what I thought of them with the internet.
Teoxane Perfect Skin Refiner, Skin Renewal Cream
So sad this is gone, I got this sample in a Glossybox and I loved it. It was a night cream containing a few different acid based ingredients to resurface, renew and help clear your skin. Because of the acids it is really good for people with oily skin like myself. I also found it light enough that I didn't have to worry about putting too much on and could still wake up to really soft skin. If it wasn't so expensive I would definitely buy the full size.
TRESemme Freeze Hold Hair Spray
This is my favourite hair spray, it has such a strong hold but you can still brush your hair, although it does go a little crispy if you use a lot. I like to pick this up when it's on offer because otherwise it is about £5-£6 a can, however it's kind of worth it because it lasts so long.
St Ives Apricot Scrub
As a face scrub I hate it.
As a body scrub it wasn't too bad.
I found this far too abrasive to use on my face, which is where it is meant to be used. Even after I had fully cleaned it off and washed my face I was left with peeling skin, and that's not pretty. But like I said is was a nice body scrub I just wouldn't buy I again.
Sass Intimate Purifying Cleanser
Not something I would buy myself, I got it in a Glossybox. I felt it was kind of pointless, I have never had an issue with normal shower gel and it is just effort to use this and then a regular shower gel for the rest of your body. It didn't smell pretty, it was really thin and it didn't make many bubbles, I'm happy it's gone.
Body Shop Mango Whip Body Lotion
I'm all about the mango scent, it just smells amazing and you are left smelling just as good. It sinks in pretty face which I'm a fan off. The only think I hated was the travel sized packaging because it was so hard to get the product out.
TRESemme Volume & Fullness Shampoo
I didn't find this gave me any volume, however my hair felt so clean and not just on the first day but also the second.
TRESemme Luxurious Moisture Conditioner
This made my hair really soft and manageable, it just felt so nice and hydrated with a great shine.
I will for sure buy both the shampoo and the conditioner again when i find them on offer.
LOreal Mythic Oil Hair Mask
Won't be buying this in full size, I just didn't enjoy it. My hair didn't feel nourished in any way - conditioners do a better job. It DoD leave my hair smelling like the product,but I hate the smell - this was just a sample fail.
Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish
Everyone raves about this and now I can see why. It removes makeup like a dream, doesn't hurt my eyes and leaves my skin feeling so clean it's crazy. It was more work than a cleansing water and I was fairly messy with it so I only used it when I was going to wash my hair but regardless of that I really liked it and would want to use it again.
Side note: I only used the muslin cloth once and found it wasn't for me, because it was white it just got covered in makeup and even after going in the washing machine it is still stained orange/brown.

Hope you liked this little look through my emptied products,
Talk soon

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Love it or Leave it: Gosh Growth Mascara

The current mascara that I am trying out and laying around with is this growth mascara from Gosh, in the past I have tried one other Gosh mascara with little success, but regardless I was still really excited to get this out my un-opened mascara collection and give it a go.
I'm so happy I didn't let that bad experience put me off the brand because (spoiler alert) I'm in love with this mascara.
The formulation is kind of wet but not to the messy hard to work with point, it is just wet enough to really cling to your lashes. I find my lashes look super long when I use this and I can thank the plastic wand for that because it really grabs the lashes. However it does still add volume and you can build it up to give your lashes more volume, but it can look a little clumps after a while, I don't mind it (I quite like it tbh) but I know it isn't for everyone. It lasts all day long but also is super easy to remove.
It is advertised as a growth mascara with "Visible Results, Longer Lashes In Only 2 Weeks" but sadly after using this for just over a month I have not noticed a single bit of difference in the length of my lashes, however I have heard that lash growth products work differently for everyone so although it didn't help my lashes grow that is not to say it won't for you :)
I for sure love this mascara and would repurchase it at some point, but right now I have so many mascara that I need to finish up before I even think about buying more.
But if you are looking for a new mascara and you like the sound of this I would really recommend it.


Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Review: Invisibobble hair ring

When Glossybox popped these in our box last month it seemed like they where on to a winner, a hair band that doesn't leave kinks in your hair is like a God send.
Or it would be if they worked.
They look like an old phone cord but their design is supposed to be the reason they leave your hair kink free if you have it up and want to take it down.
This excited me because often if tie my hair up before taking a bath or shower and doing a pony tail for work was so easy but then I just find I have to leave it up until carwash it so I dont have kinks, could this solve that problem? No, it couldn't.
I tested one out in the shower yesterday and although it was easy enough to put in that is kind of when it's 'benefits' wore out.
It did not sit right in the hair, the ring spread itself out so it looked really bad, but if it was just for the shower who cares? Then I had to take it out maybe 5/10 minutes later and that's when we got into real problems. Now just keep in mind my hair had been washed the night before and all the knots had been brushed out before I put it up, but somehow the hair ring managed to get beyond knotted in my hair and once I finally got it out and looked at my hair there was a kink there.
So although these come in the cutest stocking stuffer box giant I would say they are worth your time or money.

Hope you found my review helpful
Talk to you soon

Review: MUA Pro-Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit

Current favourite eyebrow product
It is so easy and everything you need is in this handy dandy hand bag size kit
What you get are 2 eyebrow powders (I have the fair-medium kit) which are pigmented, soft, bendable, and are easy to mix -which is what I do.
The other powder is a very peach toned highlight for the brow bone, although cnn I dent reach for this as a highlight because it isn't bright enough but as a transition shade for the crease.
The final product is a clear wax which is nice to set the brow hairs with.
The kit also comes with a great mirror, a duel needed brush (that's actually use for both the powders and the wax) and a baby pair of tweezers.
I love this kit, it's a great buy for £3.50 and I love that you get the 2 different brow colours so you can mix your perfect shade and change up your look depending on your mood.

Friday, 6 November 2015

First Impressions: Miss Sporty Mission Correction Foundation

I picked this up (for £3.99) because I couldn't find the ' So Matte Perfect Stay Foundation", I was very interested to see how the two compare - turns out they are very different.
(One day I will review the "So Matte" one to let you know what I think of that one)
The packaging reminds me of a superhero and I think over all, for the price you pay, it's really nice. I like that all the information you need is right there, easy to find/see seemingly perfect for makeup beginners.

I was very surprised at how thin the consistency was, it was like a thin lotion - not a fan.
Worse than the thinness of the foundation is its application, although I have said that this is my first impressions I have actually used it a few times and have yet to find a good way to apply it. I have tried a brush, a sponge and my fingers but I always seem to be removing product faster than I'm applying it.
The staying power could be better, but saying that I have experienced worse.
Although it is a 3 in 1 foundation (foundation, concealer and highlighter) I would say that the coverage is average and definitely not as high as I expected - it's also not as glowing on the skin as I thought.

I can't say that I can see my self using this anymore than I already have, no even as a last resort when im out of my other foundations.

Hope you liked my review, sorry it was so negative I was really let down if I'm honest

Friday, 7 August 2015

ELF Hypershine Lip Gloss

These are such an iconic ELF product, they are old school ELF and I picked up 3 a few months ago.
Top to Bottom: Bubble gum, Fairy, Joy
ELF say these are sheer glosses with a super glossy finish.
They are definitely sheer, although this does vary depending on the colour you get. As you can see from the swatches Bubble gum comes out with a slight peach/coral tint to it whereas both Fairy and Joy appear to both be clear with the slightest hint of shimmer in them. Although typically I prefer a more pigmented gloss I do find these come in handy for when I want a more natural look or just a simple gloss.
I wouldn't say these are the most glossy glosses I have ever used, they are average. For me this isn't a bad thing, I tend to find if a gloss is too glossy it just feels greasy and slippery but these are super comfortable and not sticky, they also last fairly well which is nice.
Top to Bottom: Bubble gum, Fairy, Joy
I enjoy the packaging, it's simple but effective.
I don't think its cheap looking, and I think the brush applicator is perfect - it's soft but the bristles are still sturdy enough to not fray out.
So far the writing is going strong, but I can imagine that it will start chipping off at some point.

Top to Bottom: Bubble gum, Fairy, Joy
I think these are perfect if you are just starting with makeup because these are fuss free, cheap and smell good.
I also think they would be a good staple to have in your handbag.

Hope you enjoyed my review

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Me Now Generation Long Lasting Lip Glosses

First things first, these are not lip glosses by any means.
Although they are called lip glosses they are in fact liquid lipsticks with a matte finish 
In all the photos the glosses are in numerical order - 1, 8, 9, 12, 15, 16, 17, 18, 25, 26, 36 - from left to right, top to bottom.

In total there are 36 shades so it's more than likely that there is a shade for everyone.
Although they dry matte, in the tube some look to have shimmer or frost in them, but this doesn't show on your lips.   
The packaging I love, it reminds me of test tubes and I just think it's super cute. I have found on a couple that the plastic 'stick' (I don't know what it's called) that the applicator is on doesn't feel quite secure in the lid so when applying them they feel a little wobbly.
Their formulation for the most part is fairly thick, and this allows for a clean, opaque coat of colour. Whoever some have a thinker consistency which makes application harder because the colour doesn't apply smoothly and ends up looking patchy.
They are not the most comfortable thing to wear, their a little drying and ball up if you run your lips together, b it their staying power is amazing and they look stunning.
For just £1 from Ebay these are great and I would with out a doubt say you need to try them if you love a matte lip, a touch of lip balm is all you need underneath to make them more comfortable.

Talk to you soon

Friday, 31 July 2015

Makeup Faux Pas

We have all been through periods of makeup mistakes and rather than being embarrassed about mine I thought I would share some of my faux pas with you all.
Feel free to let me know your own stories in the comments so we can all have a laugh together.

Colour block eyeshadow
When I was about 13/14 I would go to school with colour blocked eyeshadow applied either with a rubbish brush of a sponge tip applicator, needless to say that blending was minimal so you could really see I had one colour in the inner half of my eye and one on the putter.
Popular colour pairings where:
Pink and purple
Orange and blue
Green and purple - that one got a lot of compliments

Too dark face powder
Still in year 9, I started to wear face powder, and aside from the fact that I'm pretty sure i would wear it out any foundation underneath, it was definitely not my shade. I remember because it came in a kit I wore it, even though it was orange and a friend told me it was too dark.

Concealer lips
Who isn't guilty of this?
I actually do still do this from time to time because I love concealer lips nude. I know it's wrong and I should hate it but I don't.
Back in the day I would apply cover stick to my lips, as a lipstick, the blended it out so my lips matched my face. Or I would apply layers of liquid concealer.

Pink eyeliner
Don't get me wrong I'm all for a spot of coloured liner, but some colours should never be used and pink is one of them.
I use to use a pink eyeliner that must have made me look like I had pink eye, thankfully it was only a cheap Primark one that I insisted on using in my waterline so it didn't show up too much, and wore off pretty quickly.

Green nail polish
I do love me a mint mani but when I say green polish I mean proper neon green.
Again it was during year 9, clearly I was just a mess, I brought myself a bottle of neon green polish that's wore all the time on my toes - thinking back I must have looked like I had some kind of infection. I actually still have the bottle and I have nearly finished it, I must have loved that stuff.
I also had a greeny gold polish that I wore once without a basecoat so I was left with yellow stained nails - I now live in fear of stained nails after being asked for weeks what was wrong with my nails.

Frosted lipstick
I am quite the lip product fan, I always have been really, and if you where to look in my lipstick draw today you would see not just a range of colours but also finishes. But back when I was about 13 (year 8) all I wore was frosted pink hippies - super baby pink with a lot of silver frost/shimmer was my favourite. I didn't just have one of these, I had 2 or 3 and each one got a lot of love, I think my most loved was one from 2true.

Hope you all enjoyed reading about my past in makeup.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

First Impressions: Givenchy Noir Couture Mascara - Black Satin

Glossybox sent this as a sample over 2 years ago and I have had I just sat, completely unopened, in a box waiting for me to try it. And seeing as I was sick of my current mascara I decided to give this little guy a go and tell you my first thoughts from just using it once.
This is supposed to be a 4 in 1 mascara that adds volume, length, curl and care to your lashes.
I didn't notice thicker lashes, I felt they looked more fluffy. I think this was thanks to the hourglass Esq shaped brush - the maps between the balls of bristles helped stop the lashes stick together, also the fact that although it looks wet but actually isn't helps.

Naturally I like to think that I have long lashes they just seem to be quite fair towards the ends, but this really enhanced the length and made them look amazingly long.

I have to say that I did notice a curl added to my lashes which held for most of the day.

So far I have only used this once so i can't rate it for care but I found it really easy to remove which was a bonus for my lashes.

From first use I think I will really enjoy this sample and if I could justify it I think I would splurge on the full size.

Lots of love

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Pop Beauty Kajal Pen - Sooty Black

I have such a love hate with this liner, although it's pretty soft so you don't feel bad for your eyes like I sometimes do when using dryer liners, but it just doesn't pack the punch of black intensity that I want.
For something named "Sooty Black" I would expect rich, deep black, and although you can build it up to get a more black shade when you blend it out - which is really easy to do - it goes quite gray and light.
The smudger on the end is nice to have on the end because they are not something everyone owns, it is not the softest but it still serves its purpose.
I have given up on this as something I can use in my waterline and finding works best as a day time lower lashline liner because it is quite subtle.
I have found that if you warm it with a hair dryer it does go blacker but really that is just a faff and who really can be bothered with that.
I'm sorry to say that is just a so so product, I will continue to use to but I don't recommend you run out to purchase it any time soon.

Hope you enjoyed