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Sunday, 19 October 2014

October 2014 Glossybox - Pop Art

This month we have another special addition Glossybox and I love it. The design is pop art (inspired) and is so pretty - it will be a really nice box to have for storage.
And the products inside aren't half bad either.

24HR Soothing and Rehydrating Fresh Mask
This is a super hydrating mask for the driest of skin, full of soothing ingredients including 8 plant milks and aloe vera leaves your skin hydrated and radiant for 24 hours.
I do find dry patches around my nose and eyebrows in the winter so I'm really looking forward to using this for a bit of a weekend pamper.
Full Size = 50ml - £19.50
Sample Size = Full Size

Etre Belle
Liplift Peel
As many of you know I am all about the lip balms and this is a lip scrub balm. As well as removing dead skin cells from the lips it also moisturised them to create perfect soft lips.
I have never had a lip scrub before but it is something that I really should have seeing as I am the worse for picking at my lips but having a scrub will mean I have nothing to pick - I hope...
Full Size = 15ml - £10.27 (€12.95)
Sample Size = Full Size

So Susan Cosmetics
Flutter Mascara
This seems to be all singing all dancing, it claims to give you the blackest, curviest lashes possible in just one stroke using hyaluronic spheres. Another mascara that needs a first impression post - when I get around to using it.
Another mascara to add into the ever growing and never shrinking collection of mascaras that Glossybox is creating for me. The packaging is really cute is a little cheap feeling and Im looking forward to trying this, I have a feeling it can live up to its claims.
Full Size = 4ml - £14.95
Sample Size = Full Size

Paint Pot - Talent Scout
Ciate offer a wide range of nail polishes, 88 to be exact, that offer full color coverage in just one coat.
As a complete nail polish junkie I am always happy to find one in my Glossybox and this classic purple from Ciate was a welcome surprise because its not a color I would pick for myself but I love it and all you need is one coat and you are good to go which is a bonus for me.
Full Size = 13.5ml - £9
Sample Size = Full Size

Yves Rocher
Quelques Notes d'Amour
Yves Rocher describe the scent as 'encapsulates the feeling of falling in love' with notes of damascus rose, patchouli and guaiac wood.... no clue what they are.
This is a good size sample is a very cute bottle, it smells similar to other Yves Rocher perfumes I have smelt and used but I love the smell so its all good. Cant say for sure that it smells like falling in love because for me that has yet to happen.
Full Size = 30ml - £33
Sample Size = 5ml - £5.50

Rimmel London
BB Cream Matte - Light
A 9 in 1 skin perfecter which creates a flowless matte finish using witch hazel, salicylic acid and kaolin.

Fairly sure I have tried this before and hated it. It left my skin feeling hot, gross and oily after a days wear and my skin looked as bad as it felt. But Im willing to give it another go and might find that I love (or at least like) it in the winter as rather than the summer.
Full Size = 30ml - £6.99
Sample Size = 8ml - £1.86

I really liked the box this month and am excited to try these out.
Lots of Love

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Love it or Leave it: Miss Sport Fabulous Lash Mascara

I picked this up from Superdrug to use for the back to school session, and I thought with the price tag of £1.99 some of you might be tempted so I decided to share my view about it with you.
So many of this mascaras elements are amazing. The wand is a basic shape but the perfect size to coat all your lashes without being intimidating and seeming too big for your eye. It really does add some drama to your lashes, it gives them a very spider leggy effect when you do more than one coat but for a more natural look, like the one I got in my High School Make Up Look (linked here), a single light coat will make them look fluttery and natural. Staying power with this little guy is amazing, it really does last all day - even if you are like me and you pick at your mascara or touch your lashes a lot - and doesn't go flaky if you pick at it.
My biggest issue with this is that it makes my lashes really crunchy and its a nightmare to remove - even after you have taken off your make up it is still there. Im not sure how I feel about the formulation. It is pretty wet so it makes a bit of a mess when you apply it to your lower and inner lashes, but it isn't so wet that it takes a while to dry it actually drys pretty quickly.
Purely because of the crunchy finish it gives you lashes I would suggest you leave this on the shelves and spend a little more on something else.
Hope you enjoyed

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

MUA Dusk Til Dawn Eyeshadow Palette

The mixture of different neutrals with a couple of pops of color really drew me to this palette and it has seen a fair bit of use over the past few months, but as you will see in this review I am a little on the fence about it.
Its a very multi season palette with shades that will work well for different times throughout the year as well as different times of the day - lighter shades for the day and darker colors to deepen the crease and outer corner.
As with the majority of MUA shadows pigmentation exceeds the expectations you would have for dirt cheap shadows, and with them being shimmer and metallic finishes blending is super easy for seamless color transition.
I find it really hard to get a complete eye look with this palette, it has some really nice colors to add in to other looks but I struggle to use just these for a look because they seem to all be medium or dark tones and for me they are not different enough to wear together.

However it is really nice to have if you own the basic shades because these shadows are super pretty both on the lid and in the pan and the 3 colors add a really nice pop.
For £4 its really nice to have and a good buy (as with many MUA products) but unlike a lot of palettes it isnt something that I would recomend to begginers with make up because you might be stuck for looks to create, its a nice palette to add in to a well formed collection.

Hope you enjoyed

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Maybelline Baby Lips Electro

Left to right: Strike a Rose, Pink Shock
Despite my falling in love with the regular Baby Lips (reviewed here) I never intended to get any of the Electro ones but then when I found them for 'buy one get one half price' it seemed rued not to pick up a couple.
Left to right: Strike a Rose, Pink Shock
Consistency and benefit wise they are exactly the same as the regular line ones, which I'm so happy about. I was a little concerned that because the colors are more vibrant they would be less moisturising. They are a perfect 'back to school' item - the dry lips which come with the 'back to school' sickness are no match for these, they sort it out in just a few application. When they are on they don't feel like a classic lip balm, the thickness of them makes them feel more like a lipstick. More sore areas don't feel treated right away they do take a little more time, but on the whole they are really fast acting.
Left to right: Strike a Rose, Pink Shock
The pigmentation is a lot stronger than I expected and I was so surprised when I first applied them at the color I got. For me this makes me both love them and also fear them, the pink, orange and red will be quite nice with a lot of pigmentation (especially if they are a red which will suit you, or a good orange for your skin tone) but something like the purple from seeing it in the tube I don't know how a person would get that to work for them.

Strike A Rose
Im still not sure what color this is. Sometimes I think it is orange and others pink. For this time of year I'm not crazy into the shade but come spring and summer I can see this getting a lot more love.
Left to right: Strike a Rose, Pink Shock
Pink Shock
This is a great autumn fushia because of the slight purple undertones it has. I have been wearing this so much lately because it is a great quick bold lip that you can just put on as you run out the door without worrying about lip liner.
Left to right: Strike a Rose, Pink Shock
As well as the colored balms there are two clear ones but for some reason Maybelline decided to make them Green and Yellow in the tube, not appealing for me but they might be fun for little kids who want to play with make up.

Super happy with the two I picked up but I cant see myself getting any of the others from this line.
Have you guys tried them?

Much Love