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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

First Impressions: Model Co More Brows Fibre Gel

This came in my September Glossybox and if you saw that blog post (linked here) you will know I was unsure about this and how it would work.
I gave it a go yesterday and was very pleasantly surprised and I can see this being my new go to brow product because it is so quick and easy.
This gives you the perfect natural brow. The color match is perfect for me and it has a really light application that I found can be built up in more sparse areas but still have the same natural perfect brow look that you get where you do a quick light brush.
I didn't notice the fibres did anything for me. Not too many come out on the brush when you take it out the tube and I dont think they blend in to your brows, however I wasn't too bothered about the fibres I was just looking for the tint and the hold that it provided.
The finish of this I love, it doesnt leave your brows crunchy they honestly just feel like your normal brows with no product in them. It keeps your brows in place and drys quickly so there is no color transfer if you touch them of something.

Really excited to get more use out of this

Monday, 15 September 2014

September Glossybox 2014

With it being Fashion Week Glossybox has teamed up with Karen Millen to create this months box. I love the design of this box, the water color London skyline is just beautiful and the gray color scheme is both simple and pretty.
I was really excited to see products relating to upcoming beauty trends but found I was a touch disappointed at first but after going through the products a second time I am looking forward to tying most of them but some are a little scary to me.

Model Co
I have really been trying to get into doing my brows and this seems like a perfect quick fix for your brows. As well as being a tinted brow gel it also contain fibres which will help fill out your brows if they are little on the thin side or you have some areas with less hair than others.
I am a little sceptical about just because it will either look amazing and give you perfect brows, or it will look really bad with the fibres making your brows look a mess.
Full Size: 3.5ml - £14.95
Sample SIze: 3.5ml - £14.95

L'Oreal Professionnel
Mythic Masque
Despite my initial disappointment to have gotten a hair product I realise that this might come in very handy in the winter time (or even the summer) when my hair is feeling a little on the dry side, or I just fancy a bit of a pamper and I want to give my hair a bit of a luxury treat.
The scent of this is awful, I was expecting a salon type smell but what I got was cheap soap smell. But thankfully I tend not to find my hair holds on to the scents of products so I should only have to put up with this for 3 minutes before I wash it out.
Full Size: 200ml - £15.50
Sample SIze: 75ml - £5.96

Skin Pep
Enzyme and Acid Peel
This multi use peel can be used on both your face and body and contains glycolic and lactic acid as well as a range of different fruit extracts to target dark spots and leave beautiful, bright, vibrant and exfoliated skin.
Frankly using an acid peel anywhere on my body scares me but I am really interested to see what all the hype surrounding them is so maybe on a brave day when I don't need to see anyone I will give this a go.
Full Size: 180ml - £89.99
Sample SIze: 3.5ml - £3.05

Dark Circle Eraser
Like I have said before I am pretty luck in that I don't suffer from dark circles but if I am to find I wake up one day with some this is the perfect side to have waiting in the wings, and I can put what I don't use in to a little pot for another day.
There is a load of really 'good for your skin' ingredients in this like vitamins E and C as well as cucumber and witch hazel - so it sounds like it will be super smoothing.
Full Size: 15ml - £44.99
Sample SIze: 2ml - £6.49

Nails inc
Westminister Bridge Matte Top Coat
Out of everything in the box this month this for sure is my favourite. I love to get nail polish in my boxes but sometimes the color that you get might not be totally right for you, with this product your not getting a color but a finish. I understand that not everyone likes the matte finish but love it and this will save me money on buying all the matte nail polish I want.
All you need to do to take your favourite nail polish from shiny to glossy it apply a coat of this over the top.
Full Size: 10ml - £12
Sample SIze: 10ml - £12

Normaderm Night Detox
Apply this before bed to wake to find your skin looking purified, it is also meant to balance out sebrum production - whatever that means.
Not going to lie I probably wont use this purely because I don't understand what it does, and when I don't understand what a product does I'm not going to be likely to use it.
Full Size: 40ml - £15.50
Sample SIze: 3ml - £1.16

Normaderm Hydrating Care
Perfect for sensitive skin this lotion is to be applied in the morning and works to reduce the appearance of blemishes and give a radiant complexion.
I really can see myself using this. However not for a few months yet just because this doesn't say it is oil free and while my skin is still on the oily side I don't want to be using 'oily' products. But I am excited for when I can use it to see how well it works.
Full Size: 50ml - £12
Sample SIze: 3ml - £0.72

Over all not to bad a box and this will help me get out of my beauty product comfort zone and try what I think to be some scary products.
Box value £47.38

Hope you enjoyed

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Back To School 'No Makeup' Makeup Look, High School

For me high school meant a make up freedom that middle school didn't. Although we were told to keep it fairly natural you could still wear it and that's what counted.
A lot of high school still enforce the no make up rule which is why I a going to share with you how I would recreate the celebrity favourite, and school suitable 'no make up' make up look.
Depending on how good your skin is will depend on what you use on your face, if you have amazing skin with just one or two spots you can get away with a light layer of BB Cream or Tinted Moisturiser and some Powder.
However those of you have more discoloration and/or acne might no feel comfortable with some BB Cream or Tinted Moisturiser, I know I would prefer a foundation for back to school and the winter months, I would recommend a light to medium coverage one like the Rimmel Stay Matte because it will provide coverage and keep you looking matte but still look natural an non cakey. You can put some concealer over more problem areas if you want to but that's optional.
Once your foundation is in place you are going to want to set it with a powder, I like to use the MUA Pressed Powder (shade 2) because its cheap and works really well on my skin to keep my foundation on all day and those oils at bay. If your skin is dry you might be able to skip powder all together or just apply it to your T Zone but if you have oily skin (like me) it's probably best that you just put it all over your face.
An optional step would be to give your eye brows a bit of love, I'm not saying we need to fill them in because we want the natural look, but there is no harm in taming them by running some clear mascara through them, it doesn't have to be expensive and I find the MUA Mascara (shade 1) is perfect.
If you want to do eye shadow - I always did - you are going to want to keep it subtle. I like to take a light champagne pink shadow with some sheen to it across the lid, like the Bourjois eye shadow in Beige Rose, and then to add slight definition to the crease take a matte mid toned brown, I love the Natural Collection eye shadow in Chocolate Brown for this.
Keep the liquid line thin so it gives subtle definition and the illusion of thicker lashes. It is easy to create this by using a liquid liner with a think applicator, My choice is the Miss Sporty Studio Lash Eyeliner (extra black). 
One of the main things to avoid is so much mascara that your lashes clump together. One or two light coats of a not too extreme mascara, Miss Sporty Fabulous Lash Extra Black Mascara, will give you lashes a pretty fluttery effect without being over powering.
For the water line I like to stick with white eye liner, Natural Collection Eye Lines in Pure White (reviewed here), so open the eyes and make them brighter.
I don't really think you need to worry too much about contouring but if you have a really round face you want to add so dimension to then taking a light matte bronzer, like the Soap and Glory Solar Powder, lightly contour your face using the 3E method.
Blusher is key to this look because it will add back the color we took out at the start of the look. Avoid bright pinks and reds, anything that is not a natural flush color. What you use as your blusher is going to be personal to you and your skin color/tone just pick something that is similar to your natural flush - I like the No7 blusher in Coral Flush - take this on the apples of you cheeks blending it back.
For the lips kept it subtle, save the bright pink for the weekend. A tinted balm for a sheer lip gloss are what your looking for. I find I always get the back to school sickness so I would go for a tinted balm that will hydrate my lips and give me color, I like the Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach Kiss (reviewed here), but it is up to you what you use.
Hope you liked this look, and have fun going back to school

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Back To School Barely There Makeup Look, Middle School

I remember back when I was in year 7 and 8 and I was starting to get into make up and wanted to start wear it school, the problem was my middle school much like a lot of others, and high schools from what I have been told, had a strict no make up rule. Just like many of the girls I found a few simple ways around these rules which leave you with the confidence of some make up but with nothing that the teachers will notice.
I am going to show you how to go from this....
... to this 
I know the difference is only subtle but that is the point, you want to look just like your bare natural face but with just a few touches to feel more confident :)

If you are just starting to wear make up make sure your parents are okay with it and while you are still so young keep it super simple and natural because trust me you don't need to be running around with a full face of make up at your age.

The products I'm using today might look super basic and like they are not going to do anything but this look is more about accentuating your natural beauty and allowing you to become more comfortable in your own skin.
This is going to be a very 'chatty' blog post as I will be showing you how I did/would do my middle school make up as well as explaining why I have done everything.

 When your still in middle school your skin is still in very good condition and the last thing you are going to want to do is spoil it with foundation, however if you find you do have a spot or two you want to put some tea tree oil them before you go to bed and within a few days they should clear up. If you are finding they are making you very self conscious you can take a small amount of cover stick, like this one from natural collection (in fair) and apply it to the spot making sure you really blend it out using a clean finger or a sponge.
If you find that you have some dark circles under your eyes just take a few dots of your concealer to cover them.
Waking up early for school often means your eyes are left looking tired. Other than making sure that you get enough sleep there are a few small things you can do to make you eyes look more open and awake.
Firstly take an eyelash curler, you can get these for as little as £1 from places like Primark and Savers, and curl your lashes. How I like to do it for best results is to curl the base of the lashes for 10 seconds, move to the middle for 10 seconds and then 10 seconds at the ends.
And to make sure that this curl holds through out the day at a couple coats of clear mascara, I am using the MUA Mascara in Shade 1.
Just try to to jab yourself in the eye with the mascara like it did
To counteract the redness in your eyes which is often the result of staying up too late, take some white or skin colored/nude eye liner, I'm using the Natural Collection Eye Lines in Pure White (reviewed here), in your water line this will really help to make yours eyes seem brighter and more awake while also making them seem wider.
 Honestly you will be surpised at the difference these steps make but it is still subtle and natural looking.
Like I said before you don't want to be clogging your skin up with lots of different face products and because this is such a natural look it is probably best we skip out check products altogether. I know at my middle school unless it was raining or snowing you had to be outside at break and lunch time no matter how cold, on the beauty plus side this does help give your skin a healthy natural flush.
For your lips I would just recommend a clear lip balm, not only will this keep your lips really moisturised and soft a balm is not high metancence so you are free to apply it without a mirror during the day and as you are eating and drinking stuff its not going t make  mess on your face. I am using the Mint Fresh Baby Lips (reviewed here) because it kind of helps keep me mint fresh but also being in stick form means that I can apply it from the tube and no have to stick my fingers - which might not be clean - into it. I would recommend you keep your lip balm in your pencil case because then you always have it with you, and I don't know about you but when I am bored I like to apply lip balm so it is handy to have it in your pencil case.
I hope you enjoyed this look and it has helped you solve your middle school make up issues you might have.