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Saturday, 28 June 2014

My Thoughts On - Model Co

Model Co is a brand of Australian origin that is available from Space NK or their website. They offer a wide range of products to match a range of different make up styles, you like natural they have natural, bright colors they have you sorted.
Glamour magazine often have make up freebies included and you can sometimes get Model Co free with the £2 magazine, all of the products that I am going to be going through in this post I got in the magazine.

Fibre Lashxtend Mascara - £16
This is a black mascara which contains fibres that are suppose to attach themselves to your lashes and make them appear longer and fuller. I found that for my first couple of uses of the product that really did happen, the fibres attached to my lashes without looking obvious and just made my lashes look amazing but after about 3 or 4 uses I no longer noticed the fibres and it just came to be like a normal lengthening mascara which also gave slight volume. The packaging is really simple and has a handy dandy mirror on the back which when you are in a stitch it is functional for applying things like mascara.
I'm not going to say you need to rush out and buy this but if you have the chance to get this with a magazine take that chance.

Eye Define Eye Pencil (Black 01) - £7.50
This is looks a little melted because I took the photos outside in the sun
OHMAGOSH I love this eye liner, the day this runs out will be a very sad day indeed. Its a creamy, extremely black eye liner which has a sharpener in the lid - that I normally don't like but this is a strong lid so I trust its not going to just 'crumble'. Its amazing on the lower lash line because it doesn't smudge and it lasts a good amount of time in your water line with out having to be set with shadow and if I am going to tight line my eyes this is the liner I reach for because it apply's without having to go over and over it which makes your eyes water.
Seriously this eye pencil is amazing and I would recommend it to you with out hesitation.

Shine Ultra Lip Goss - £12
Left -Berry Pink, Right - Strip Tease
These where what I was most excited for out of everything I got from Glamour because I love lip gloss, and other than the fact that these leak a little I love these. The colors are quite sheer but you can still tell that you have the pink one on or you have the nude one one, they have some gold shimmer to them which makes them look even glossier, they go on really smoothly and are not sticky in the slightest, and they have a sweet maoam like scent so what's not to love.
Left - Berry Pink, Right - Strip Tease
These are so good and as well as wanted to get some more colors for myself I would recommend them to all of you.

Lip Enhancer Illusion Lip Liner - £16
This isn't just your average nude lip liner, or it doesn't claim to be an average lip liner. Its suppose to made your lips look fuller but I only notice a slight difference in lip fullness when I have this on alone but after applying lip stick over the top your lip size looks normal. This is a matte nude pencil which is pretty creamy and works wonders for keeping your lipstick in place all day. Just like the eye pencil this also has the sharpener in the lid and I have using it a couple of times but it just makes the lid grubby.
Its a little pricey for what it is but if you are willing to spend a little more on a nude lip liner that's going to work for all make up looks than you might want to look into getting this.

Hope you liked my Model Co run down.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Eucerin Aquaphor: Worth The Hype?

I have been having a spot of dry skin (between my eyebrows) over the past few days and I know I complain about my oily skin but dry isn't any better, I hate the feeling of dry skin and I don't understand where it has come from. Although it gave me the perfect chance to dig this out of my sample box. You can get this on the books website for £8.50 for a 200ml tube however it is an American product so if you live in America I'm sure you can find this a lot easier - with perhaps more size/price options. I was interested to try it and pleased that I had a chance to because since I got this in a Gossybox I have noticed how big this is with American beauty bloggers/vloggers.
This is designed for very dry and even cracked skin which I know on a lot of people can be very painful but with this being fragrance free its's not going to 'burn' or irritate the area further than it might already be, the balm is so soothing and gentle on the skin it is safe enough so it can be used on babies. It doesn't instantly solve the dry skin like a hand lotion might but it works with the skin to speed up the process. The packaging is very clinical looking which many people might not like but I think it looks really nice and simple, I all appreciate that all of the information about the product that you will need, for example 'about the product' and ingredients, is on the tube as well as on the box.
The box doesn't lie it is a skin balm, it has the consistency of Vaseline which do you really want that on your face (or body) because not only does it just sit there and skin in really quite slowly but people can see it because it looks wet, so its ok for make up free days but don't put this on expecting to apply your make up right after.

I would say that if you are looking for something thick that's going to work with your skin to deal with areas of really dry skin I would say that this is worth the hype, however I will say that this is best to apply at night rather than in the morning so that you give it all night to sink in.

Hope you enjoyed

Sunday, 22 June 2014

My Thoughts On - Jemma Kidd

Jemma Kidd was huge in the beauty community a couple of years ago and people still talk about it today so last summer when I stumbled across some of the products in TK Maxx last summer I was really excited to try them, especially as they where doing sets of 2 items for about £3 and seeing as Jemma Kidd is kind of a high end brand that is amazing. When the brand was released it was sold in Boots stores as well as in America and Hong Kong but I'm fairly certain that Boots no longer stock it however you can sometimes find it on discount make up sites. My expectations where high for this brand seeing as they where created both by and make up artist and for the use in a make up school and there are quite some initiative products within the range which aim to give you the most for your money as well as be convenient to make up artists with little space in their kit.

Glitterati Shadow Dust Duo - Premiere
This is a double ended eye product with a taupe cream shadow that has a slight metallic hint to it that's long lasting with a soft sponge tip applicator. It doesn't say the amount of product that you get but it seems like a good amount which will last you sometime. Its drying time is really fast making it a good product for those days where you have no time and you need a cream shadow that dry's quickly so you can apply your liquid liner. The other end of this duo is a taupe roll on glitter shadow that although its really pretty on and looks amazing over the cream shadow for an effortless daytime glam look that will last you from morning till night the roller ball sucks. It gets stuck so you have to force it and I don't want to be doing that on my eye lid.
The cream shadow would get 4/5 where as the roll on glitter shadow gets a 2/5 so really this isn't worth it, you can find other taupe cream shadows I think everyone does them.

Hi-design eye color - Dramatic
This is a mermaid blue eye shadow containing standard amount of shimmer. For my complexion this isn't the best lid shade because its just a bit too much, however I as a lower lash line color or run through the crease with a pencil brush and blended out with soft brown it looks really pretty. But I just don't find it that exciting and nothing different from what you can find in the drug store where you will most likely find something cheaper that has more consistent pigmentation.
I'm in love with this packaging, its just a clear acrylic pot that's no bigger than it needs to be with space wasted for sponge tip applicators that most people end up getting rid of. The front of the container has a red JK and Jemma Kidd printed on it in a 'material' that's not going to chip off, the eye shadow pan is sat in a pink plastic tray to add an extra pop of color. You get 3g of product which is fairly average for an eye shadow and I really cant see myself ever using a whole blue shadow.

I would give this 3/5 because although I like it but I don't think its worth being a high end product seeing as its not that special.

Ultimate Lipstick Duo - Rita
Another double ended product that's really good for travel and space saving. I mentioned this in my Lip Product Addict Tag Post, I talked about how much I love this nude because its brown toned so on me there isn't the chance of that dead lip look. Its a really creamy lipstick that doesn't have to be applied with a mirror. It says that its a matte finish however I find it to be more of a cream but I like that too so I'm not to bothered about the misleading box information. There is a lip primer on the other end which is pretty much a vanilla scented lip balm that I will reach for when its in my bag and I don't have another option, the only thing that this has different to a regular lip balm is that it gives your lips a white tint making the lip stick pop more.
I give this a 4/5 because I would rather than this having the primer it just being a full size lipstick.

Hi-Shine Silk Touch Lip Gloss - Oyster
As a lip gloss lover I was really excited for this and my word did this deliver. Its a really nice nude that has gold shimmer in it that looks nice over a range of different nude lippies. Its not sticky and just gives the lips a really nice shine. I like my lip glosses to have a scent to them and this ones is really different it smells sweet but quite sharp at the same time.
Really recommend this and out of everything that I have tried this is what I most recommend with a 4.5/5.

Given the limited availability of Jemma Kidd I would recommend that you get it when you can and let me know what you think.
Hope you enjoyed

Monday, 16 June 2014

June Glossybox 2014: Summer is here

I was really look forward to the arrival of this months Glossybox and when I got home to find it waiting for me I was slightly disappointed at the contents. We had been promised at least three of our five products being full size and each box having a minimum value of £45. I got 3 full sizes and one of my samples is still really big, and I'm really pleased to see that although 2 of the products everyone got - and one brand that everyone got one of two products - there is good variation between the boxes they sent out, but I still don't think they are fully reading the beauty profiles of people based on one of the products I got.
Without further waffle lets look in my box.
3-in-1 Base/Topcoat & Nail Strengthener
Full Size = 15ml - £13.50
Sample Size = 10ml - £9
I have never heard of this brand and my card says that the product is a new release. Although I would have liked to see a fun bright summer color, this is quite a safe product because everyone needs this type of thing and I'm forever running out of these 3-in-1 type products so I'm pleased with it, but I'm just confused as to why we couldn't have had a full size because this is such a generous sample where is the harm in the giving me the extra 5ml to make it full size is.

Teeez Trend Cosmetics
Beautiful Flat Stiff Brush
Full Size = 1 Brush - $19 (£11.19)
Sample Size = 1 brush - $19 (£11.19)
Another Brand that is new to me this is a fairly soft eye shadow brush which is very firm so you can use to pack color onto the lid and blend it out as well as use it for the application and blending of cream shadow. I think I have said before that I love to get make up tools because they last longer than a sample would and they are good things for people trying to build up their make up collections. The bristles are made of natural hair which is nice to see because it makes it seem more of a luxury product and different from what I tend to buy and that's the point of Glossybox.

Qi Gong-Spray
Full Size = 50ml - £3.50
Sample Size = 50ml - £3.50
The only brand in the box I had heard of and as much as I have been wanting to try something from Rituals because the brand is spoken so highly of this just isn't a product for me. I'm not an spray antiperspirant girl - I have a fear of getting freeze burn - and it doesn't smell great so I think I might pass this on to someone who will use it.

QV Skin Lotion
Full Size = 250ml - £6.60
Sample SIze = 15ml - £0.39
Ignoring the dry patch I'm currently suffering with I don't have dry skin, so why I keep getting products for dry skin types is beyond me. Its a good size sample because it allows you too see if you like it/it works for you or if your like me its small enough to not take up any space so you can save it for the odd dry patch. This is also one of those lotions that can be used to remover your eye make up, personally I don't like the feeling of doing that but if I was away with this and had no other option its good to know.

So Susan Cosmetics
Universal Blush
Full Size = 4g - £18
Sample Size = 4g - £18
So excited to see this, when I saw in the spoiler post that everyone would either get this or the concealer quad I was really looked forward to seeing what I got, to be honest I wouldn't have minded the concealer but I am such a blusher girl, needless to say this is the star product of the box for me. The packaging is really compact, they haven't wasted space with a stupid little brush no one is going to use and the color is so nice, its a mauve rosey color with shimmer that is meant to give a natural flush to a range of different skin tones.

The total value of my box is £42.08, so either my math is wrong or Glossybox has lied to me but I dont have the minimum £45 value, but what ever its worth more than my boxes normally are and I have some really good products.

Hope you enjoyed

Saturday, 14 June 2014

First Impression: Kiko Smart Shade Lipstick

When I was in Rome in February I picked up two of the Smart Shade Lipsticks from Kiko which can only be purchased from through the website in England, but being in the store and being able to swatch the products and see everything in person is so much better than looking online and hoping that the photos on the website are 'true'.
Left - 911
Right - 912
The packaging of the lipsticks is really nice and sleek which makes it look like a high end lippy that you picked up for under £4. There is a sticker on the bottom of the tube, which is made of that material which seems to pick up every bit of dust and dirt in your makeup bag, although the sticker says that shade number I would have liked the sticker to have been the color of the lipstick rather than silver just so if you have a few you know which is which without having to remember what number correspond with what color.
From reading about the product on the website it seems that its very much designed around the application and they claim that this is a very easy to apply lipstick which gives you careful control while using it, however I felt the application to be not different from other ones that I own. They have also said that you are the one who is in control of the color intensity but becuase it feels so glossy and nourishing I found that when I tried to layer it up to make the colors bolder but I just didnt like the feeling when I did that.

911 - Watermelon
The first color that I tried was number 911 (watermelon) - side note hate the number of it, it just feels wrong - its a bright pink with some shimmer in it. I expected this to be really bold but in reality it is bright but just think more Baby Lips Pink Punch rather than MAC Girl About Town. I didn't find this to be too long lasting but I did wear this without a lip liner because when I put on the nude lip liner I often wear for a bold lip it looked really odd under this, like you could kinda see it.
Left - one coat
Right - three coats
912 - Crimson Red
The other color is 912 (Crimson Red) and I feel like this is going to become one of my top bold lipsticks which surprised me because when I brought this I accidently got this lipstick rather than an orange that I wanted but I'm so glad because I love it. The name would suggest that it is a true red however as you might be able to see in the swatch bellow it is actually more of a fuschia toned red so its more wearable for the summer when your looking for something with the affect of a red with out actually being a true red. It is slightly less shimmery than 911 so it lasts longer and for a such a strong/bold lipstick color it is really easy to apply, doesn't need a lip-liner because its not going to bleed or smudge.
Left - one coat
Right - three coats
Hope you enjoyed seeing my first impressions of these lipsticks, I will defiantly be getting some more of these are some point because they are such good value for money
Talk to you soon

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Emite Micronized Eyeshadow - Nect

This was my star product from the November Glossybox, it comes from the brand Emite which is a Sweadish brand that can only be brought from their website.
Looking at the color you would think, bar a black or a white, could you have been sent a more boring color. And granted in the pan this looks no different from your average vanilla shimmery eye shadow. But when you swatch this thing OMG will you change your mind. It is a shade that everyone needs to have in their collection because it works for literary every occasion,  it can be blended out for a subtle shimmer look perfect for work or school, it can be used as a highlight, as a base shade for any look, used to help blend out other colors, the uses are endless.
The consistency is very soft so you get good pigmentation without having to apply loads, and their is also no fall which is perfect if you have an all matte face that you don't want shimmer falling on. Emite say that this can be used for those who have sensitive skin and wear contact lenses because through the absence of oil, parabens, perfume and nickel it wont cause irritation to the skin - or the chance of irritation will be highly reduced.
Packaging is nice and compact with a clear plastic window so you can see the eye shadow color without having to open it. The packaging is really sturdy so the hinge isn't going to break and leave you with the worry that the lids going to fall off and make a mess of your make up bag.
These cost roughly £16.80 for a 1.48g 'pot' so just a little bit more than what you would pay for a MAC eye shadow, I know for me that's not a price that I would pay on a regular basis but for an eye shadow like this that is a very versatile shade I might be willing to buy it.

Hope you enjoyed, let me know if you have any drug store dupes for this product

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Stila Lip Glazes: Worth The Hype?

Ever since I first stumbled across the beauty community 5 years ago I have seen people talk about these in hauls, make up collections, gift guides, what's in my bags etc. Stila is one of those brands that is hard to get in the UK and when this trio was in Boots a couple of years ago at Christmas.
You can get the trios for £12 for 3 lip glazes each 0.9ml off being full size, or you can buy a full size lip glaze for £15 - Not hard to work out what the better deal is.
I have the trio in cool, which contains grapefruit, seashell, and raisin, but if these aren't the shades for you they have a range of different trios so you can find the perfect one for you, you could even split the cost with 2 friends and each get one for £4 each.
Left to Right
Seashell, Grapefruit, Raisin
They have a range of colors so there is something for everyone, however all of the colors seem to be more day time nudes and brights rather than bold night out shades and this is the only problem that I have with the shade selection because not everyone wants a nude pink of a watermelon shade they want a vampy color.
Seashell is very slightly dusty mauve toned nude which looks really good over just a classic nude lipstick or one that is more brown toned.
Grapefruit's a muted baby pink which is slightly difficult to work with, it doesnt look nice (for me) over a baby pink lipstick but through trille and error I have found it gives a conciler lips nude lipstick a nice pink tint making them more wearable.
The closes shade they make to a vampy color is raisin, its a dark purple with some glitter which although the color shows up when swatched it doesnt translate on to the lips and it just gives a really slight purple tint, but this does mean that it is a nice shade for day to day wear but for me thats good because I dont think this is a shade I would reach for on a night out.
Left to Right
Seashell, Grapefruit, Raisin
The packaging is very simple, its a plastic tube which you wind to get the product to the brush applicator, I really like this formate for a lipgloss because you can see how much product you have and not as much is wasted as with a conventional lip gloss tube. For the price I would expect the packaging to be slightly better quality and by that I mean, the writing is 'chipping' off the tubes and I think this makes them look really cheep.
The consistency is thick, and not the good thick where is thick and creamy, its the bad thick where it is thick and sticky. I know I just said that these are the bad kind of thick but I have used lip glosses that are more sticky than this and if you go wear this on a windy day or your hair is out the way than the stickyness is bearable.
Left to Right
Seashell, Grapefruit, Raisin
I do think these are worth the hype and I can see why so many people have them, they are not something that I can see being any everyday product but I enjoy reaching for these when I want something that is a little more luxury than my normal drug store lip gloss picks.

Hope you enjoyed this post

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Skin 79 Super Plus BB Cream

As with the Stila Tinted Moisturiser (reviewed here) I picked this up last summer in a bid to find something that worked for my oily skin. I was interested to try this after seeing CosmeticCharlotte72 rave and rave about this I had to get it from ebay.
The one that I got is from the VIP Gold Collection so it is in a light gold container and Im not going to lie other than the color of the container I dont know what the difference is between the BB Cream that I got and that the regular one.
Out of all the BB creams that I have tried this is the best by far. It works really well for my oily skin because although it have kind of thick with good coverage its still light and lets me go the whole day without greasy patches on my face which I found the Rimmel one did when I tried that one. Skin 79 say that this contains both gold and caviar extracts which have positive benefits for your skin to care for it and give it a healthy shine. Dewy foundations I tend to avoid because in my books dewy = oily, however healthy shine I am open to because it tends to be in all the right places. The healthy finish of this BB cream is what makes it really good for people who are just getting in to make up and still have really good skin because BB cream isnt as harmful so it will keep your skin nice, and it will look more natural because you have that natural healthy glow.
A sponge is the best why to apply this because unlike the western BB creams that have a foundation like consistency Asian BB creams are thicker, and this one in particular might work if you stipple it on but using your fingers or a foundation brush just moves the product around rather than allow the product to 'stick' to your skin. A word or warning cream products are fine to put over the top of this but liquid products (for example (MEMEME Beat the Blues highlighter - reviews here - or Benefit Benetint) need to be used sparingly because they can wipe the BB cream off a bit.
My BB Cream is in the shade 1 but I dont know if they have other colors, this was the one I was sent when I brought it I had no choice, it may be a tiny touch light but really with some powder over the top its all good. Before I powder I tend to do my eyes because I find for best results you need to let this sit on your skin for a few minutes - the reason I do this is because after I have applied and blended this with my trusty sponge its looks a smidge patchy an just a bit hmm is this right but after a minute or two it looks perfect.
So I love this stuff and it is a summer staple, I would go as far to say other than for reviewing purposes there is no need for me to buy another BB cream.

I hope you enjoyed this review
Talk to you soon

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Love it or Leave it: Stila Sheer Color Tinted Moisturizer

I picked this up from Ebay last summer during my hunt for something that would get me through the day with out looking like a hot oily mess. I was worried because I had to match my shade on-line using a few different websites to make sure that I got the best shade for me I settled on the color medium (01) and I think that is a good match for me, it may be a touch dark for my natural skin tone but its nothing some blending cant fix and its good for when I have a tan. Like a lot of tinted moisturisers this does have an SPF in it, great for the summer, and this one;s is SPF 30 and I don't think I have seen that many products which such a high SPF in them - warning don't wear this (or anything with a high SPF) if you are planing on undergoing flash photography because it will just reflect back and give you a white face.
This is an oil free tinted moisturiser so its perfect for all you girlie's with the oily skin this is something for you to look into. I also find that the application of this product is much more foundation like than moisturiser like and by that I mean when you put it on it doesn't feel like its just sitting on your skin and it needs to 'sink' in, it just feels like a foundation to apply and it blends really nicely. Its really light weight which helps in the summer and stops it being cakey, it does say that's it 'shear color' so the coverage is light to medium but you never expect a tinted moisturiser to have loads of coverage because it just wouldn't be as light to wear. 
This has a hefty price tag of $34 from Sephora (sorry I don't know what that is in pounds) and I don't think your getting your moneys worth with this. Firstly the packaging isn't great, they have improved upon the old packaging that I have that's a squeeze tube made of a really strong gray plastic meaning that once the tube is about half full it is almost impossible to get any product out, the tinted moisturiser is still in a squeeze tube but it looks easier to use. I may have mentioned before but I really don't like foundation products that are in squeeze tubes because I fine that you waste so much product because you always get more out than you need. This is also quite thick so you have to get use to working with it and putting on a little bit at a time and seeing how far you can get it before going in and adding more product.
Over all I would say to leave this, its just far to expensive for what it is, it doesn't even look like a luxury product in the packaging so save your money and find a better priced and packaged tinted moisturiser. Honestly if this was in a bottle with a pump and cost (a lot) less I would really recommend it, but if you can find your shade on ebay and your interested in this than I would recommend you get it from there because you can get it for under £8.

Hope you enjoyed
Talk to you soon

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Nocibe Jungle Addict Palette

I got sent that palette a couple of summers ago from my dear friend Ellen, who also writes a blog which is for sure worth a read, and I just think this is such a good little palette for touch ups or if you don't like a load of different color options and just want one look you can put on this is  the palette for you.
This is perfect to keep in your handbag for touching up throughout the day because it is super light, really thin and contains that basic colors that you will need, and the large mirror makes it perfect to take on the go with you. The packaging is cardboard which I know you will think isn't going to be up to much and wont last in your bag for more than a week or so, but this stuff is strong. I have had this in my make up bag, I've travelled with it and their is the smallest smallest dot of wear on one of the corners.
The design isn't going to be for everyone but I love the zebra print because it fun and doesn't show up messy marks at all.
As for the product in the palette you get 4 blushers and 4 eye shadows so if you want to take this on your travels with you your set for blush but might want to bring some extra eye shadows so you have a few more options.
All of the blushers have shimmer in them and are nice and soft with out being powdery messes. The blushes are best for pale to medium skin tones. The two brown shades are good to use as a contour - despite the shimmer - you can use the lighter one just wear you would normally contour and then take the darker shade to add more definition to any areas that you feel you need to. There is a baby pink blush which of course won my heart and I think it looks really nice when you have tan and I reach for it when I want to do a more natural look. The final blusher is a peachy coral and out of all of them, for me, this is the one that will see the least action, although its really pretty and would be a perfect summer color I just don't reach for these sorts of colors.
The four eye shadows all have varying levels of shimmer in them and can be used together to create a nice daytime look - the white and the brown have the most in them while the purple and the black just have some subtle touches of sparkle.
The white is perfect for the inner corner and brings some nice light into the eyes, the purple is a fun twist for a daytime lid shade, then we have a really nice rich brown shade with shimmer that is really nice for the crease and for making the purple more wearable for those of you who don't like to rock the colored eye shadow. Finally the last of the eye shadows is a black and this is the disappointment of the palette because when you swatch it the pigmentation isn't that bad but it doesn't translate and doesn't give the outer v definition that I hoped it would.
The final two things that the palette has in it are a sponge tip and mini brush applicator - which I dont keep in the palette however I saved them to use with other things. 
I really would recommend this if you can get your hands on it, try a look on ebay, but I think you can only find it in France.

Hope you enjoyed