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Monday, 31 March 2014

March Glossybox 2014: Beauty Blossom

The postman came the other week bringing me treats in the form of the March Glossybox.
This month the theme is all about getting us spring time ready and introducing us to the latest trends in hair and makeup.

Not super excited for the box but it is a good one and I can see how all of the products fit in with the theme for once rather than just one or two of them fitting in with it.

Before I get in to the content of the box I would just like to have a little rant about the new box size, I get that they made the box bigger so that it would fit larger products in it better than  the old size, but we have yet to have big products. The products that we (I) have been getting are small to medium size and when the tissue paper is all wrapped up and has the ribbon around it makes it look like you are getting nothing because it doesn't even cover the base of the box. And I got a full bottle of condition in the old box back in June and a razor in December and they both fit just fine.

Mitchell and Peach
Body Cream - English Growers
Full Size = 180ml - £36
Sample Size = 40ml - £8
I have so many body lotions and I don't use them as much as I should so it takes me forever to get through them so this being a smaller tube is going to make it more likely that I am going to use it up. It says that it contains honey, cocoa and Shea butter which makes me thing that it will smell like chocolate, it doesn't, it smells like lavender. What I think this will end up being is something that lives by my bed and is applied to help me sleep. Not too keen on the packaging, looks like something you would get in a hotel, but its the product that counts.

Sleek Makeup
Pout Polish - Bonaire
Full Size = 10g - £4.49
Sample Size = 10g - £4.49
Slight concern over this because it is from the Caribbean Collection which Im pretty sure came out years ago, but the pot says limited edition and it is still on the website so I think that they re-released the collection. This is going to be the perfect product to chuck in your bag and put on when you want some lip balm that also has some color to it. In the pot its a bright orange but when applied it is more subtle and just gives your lips that juicy effect. It smells like a mixture of both vanilla and plastic and it does give a bit of a plastic taste in your mouth if you get some in your mouth. I think this will make me want to try some other colors because I really like this, its smooth and glossy with out being oily and greasy.

Bellapierre Cosmetics
Shimmer Powders - Coral Reef
Full Size = £2.35g - £12.99
Sample Size  2.35g - £12.99
I'm actually more excited for this than I expected to be, I'm not someone for using pigments and I had seen everyone else get pinky ones of these so that's was I was ready to open my box and find but I was pleasantly surprised when I found this one in there. It is more gold than it is coral but I am fan of using both colors so its a winner with me, and when I am up to dealing with the fall out we know and love from pigments I'm sure this will get a use from it.

Vita Liberata
Luxury Tan
Full Size = 150ml - £37.50
Sample Size = 3ml - £0.75 (EACH)
Don't even get me started, I cant deal with how bad a sample this is. Firstly I don't even fake tan so even if these foil packets where a decent size I wouldn't use them. These are the sort of foil samples you get free in a magazine or department store, not what you pay £10 for thinking you are getting luxury sample size products. Although last month I saw the silver liner in the foil samples that they sent me I cant find one with these. Mainly because the point of this tan is that it is meant to last 3-4 weeks, however only if you apply it 3 times over 36 hours yet they have given me 2 samples, so I can get 2 uses and not see if the fake tan lives up to its claim. Also one sample is going to be enough for me legs and maybe arms.
The main thing that really annoyed me was that most the people I saw got a full size bottle of face serum worth £38.50 in their Glossybox and I got this, we all pay the same so should are boxes not all be of roughly the same value, that one bottle of face serum was worth more than my whole box.

Dove Hair Therapy
Intensive Repair 60 Second Treatment Shot
Full Size = 15ml - £1.49
Sample Size = 15ml - £1.49
No your not confused we did in fact get the same product from Tresemme in the August box, it is a highly concentrated hair conditioner that you apply after shampooing and leave it on for 60 seconds before washing off. These are meant to be really good for those who have a lot of heat and styling damage on their hair, but as Glossybox should know from my survey I super rarely use heat on my hair.

Box Value = £28.47
Hope you enjoyed