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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Febuary 2014 Glossybox: Be Mine

Glossybox has definitely stepped up their game since last month, this month I got 6 products that for sure I would be using.
Im not super keen on the box design I think its a little tacky but it does go with with the competition they are running - kiss a post card, send them a picture and you could win a holiday. Also what makes you feel the love better around valentines day then a bunch of kisses sent your way, even if they are on a box.
Super in love with bright bright pink ribbon, and I dont care that it says Glossybox all over it still going t be wearing it in ma hair.

Lindor Treat Bar

The first little goodie was an 'extra treat' that we cant go without on valentines day, it was a bar off Lindt Lindor chocolate that anyone who knows me will know didn't last long, maybe 4 hours before I couldnt wait any longer and it was one of the best chocolates I have ever eaten.
Full Size - 38g = £0.79
Sample Size - 38g = £0.79

Giovanni Eco Chic Cosmetics
Chic Ultra-Moist Range
Shampoo, Conditioner, Deep Deep Moisture Hair Mask

The first foil samples that I have had in Glossybox and after getting over the initial disappointment and annoyance I felt how much was in the samples and I think I can get a couple uses out of the condition and hair mask, but only one from the shampoo because I have a lot of hair. I haven't tried this brand before and Im looking forward to giving my hair some moisture. 
Full Size - (Shampoo and Conditioner) 251ml = £7.99
Sample Size - 7.4ml (Shampoo and Conditioner) = 23p each
10.35ml (Hair Mask) = 32p

Nougat London
Sparkling Body Shimmer

This is going to be a through back for so many people, Im sure we all use to have that sticky body glitter that you had to cover yourself in before any school disco. Well this is the big, more glamours, sister of that.It is more oil based and with smaller shimmer. The shimmer is pink and it takes a while for the oil to sink and the cherry blossom scent isnt the best I have smelt but I this is one of those products that I am going to get a lot of use from, its right up my street.
Full Size - 250ml = £14
Sample Size - £100 = £5.60

Eyelashes - Style B158

Not often a false lash wearer but I do quite like this style, its dramatic buy wearable at the same time and I might rock them on my 18th. The card says that they are a professional brand and they do feel amazing quality, super soft and well made.
Full Size - One Set = £3.80
Sample Size - One Set = £3.80

Ciate London
Paint Pot - Pocket Money

In the bottle this doesnt look like the sort of color I would normally go for, but I put it on today and I am in love. It is a nude that I can see looking good on everyone. It isnt a beige nude its a brown nude and I love it. It does need two coats but it drys nicely and is the perfect all day, everyday shade.
Full Size - 13.5ml = £9
Sample Size - 13.5ml = £9

Maybelline New York
Big Eyes Macara - Black

This is one of the newest products to hit the shelves of out local Maybelline displays and I am looking foward to this. I love Maybelline mascaras and this one looks good. It has two ends, the first is for your upper lashes and it makes them wide and long, and the second end is a small brush for your bottom lashes and it magnifies tiny hairs, I also think this end is waterproof so that mascara isnt going anywhere. I have wanted to try a bottom lash mascara for ages but the only one I knew about was from Clinique but Im not paying those prices.
Full Size - 9.7ml = £8.99
Samle Size - 9.7ml = £8.99

This was a good box, and has given me hope for what we are going to see from Glossybox in boxes to come.
Box Worth 28.17

What did you think of this months Glossybox?

Sunday, 16 February 2014

ELF Cream Eyeliner - Black

This is one of the products from ELF that I don't think I have seen anyone talk about, everyone seems to have their top products from the Studio line but no one has ever mentioned this (from what I have seen). 
And with good reason this hasn't been talked about.
Its awful.
Its not awful from the moment you get it, it starts of pretty good but then after a couple of months it is not even usable.
Can buy from here
It has the same packaging that a lot of the Studio cream products from ELF have, the square acrylic jar with a matte black lid, and it because this is a small product it works really well because it isn't bulky and can be stored easily. It also comes with a small angled brush, that I use to fill in my eye brows, it is really soft, firm and good quality.
 But I didn't pay £3.75 for a little brush, I paid for the eyeliner.
An eyeliner that ended up letting me down.
When I first used it, the product was super creamy and amazingly black which made application really easy and it didn't take long to get a good wing, which was easy to clean up but didn't wear off or smudge throughout the day.
Although after about 3 or 4 months it started to dry up and stopped going on super black, and became messy and flaky during application. I have tried all the warming tricks to get it creamy again but nothing has worked on this, so in  a bid not to waste the product I have found that it can be used to set pencil liner in the water line.

So unless you can get through a whole pot of cream eyeliner in under 4 months I wouldn't suggest spending your money on this, there are better ones on the market that are around the same price. 

Talk to you soon