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Thursday, 19 December 2013

December 2013 Glossybox - Festive Treasures

I have been waiting for this box for a while, and truth be told Im not as blown away as I wanted to be, although its not like Im not going to use everything in this box, I will but they are not things that make go OHHHH AHHHHH.
I like the festiveness of the box with everything red and white, it was almost like opening, a slightly disappointing, Christmas present.

Beautiful Movements Cosmetics
Nude Lip Glass

This is a makeup line created by Kimberly Wyhatt, and in the tube it looks like a peachy color but on the lips it is a pretty (simple/basic) nude.Its not as glossy as I would have liked, but its really smooth and and not sticky. So for a nude gloss its pretty much a winner, although not sure that Im going to buy this full size.
Full Size = 8ml - £12
Sample Size = 4ml - £6

Wilkinson Sword Intuition
Naturals Razor

A razor. Yes a razor. Not super excited, but I guess everyone needs one and for the festive season of parties and short dresses you need smooth legs so this will come in handy. I tend to use disposable razors so it will be fun to try a 'real' razor.
Full Size = One Razor - £6.49
Sample Size = One Razor - £6.49

Maybelline New York
Color Tattoo 24hr Eye Shadow
Pink Gold

A super creamy cream shadow perfect for when you are in a rush, they last all day but if you put too much on they are a nightmare to get off, the glitter polish of the cream shadow world if you will, the down side if that although the color is a gorgeous pink I already own it, but I wear it all the time so Im sure this backup will come in handy.
Full Size = £4.99
Sample Size = £4.99

Seche Nail Lacquer
Pretty Little Heartbreaker

This is just what I look for in a nail polish, fast drying, only needs one coat and a pretty color that I will get a lot of use from. I have wanted to try this brand for a long time and Im so happy that I got a color that I will actually use.
Full Size = 14ml - £9.95
Sample Size = 14ml - £9.95

Sanctuary Spa
Active Reverse Resurface & Refine Ultra Polish

Not a fan of sanctuary products but I am going to give this a go, it is meant to be an ultra fine body scrub that's meant to improve skins appearance in just two weeks, wonder if thats true?
Full Size = 200ml - £12
Sample Size = 15ml - £1.90

Box Value = £29.33
Not the best box I have got, but I will use everything and it has allowed me to try new things.

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