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Thursday, 12 September 2013

17 Wild Metallics Cream Eyeshadows

If you have been ANYWHERE in the beauty community over the recent months, then I am sure that you will know cream shadows are a huge thing right now. A mixture of easy, fast application, great staying power and colors to please everyone has made these little beauty's a makeup bag must have for everyone.

Being a bit (coughing) of a makeup addict have tried a range of brands and my current favs are these ones from 17. These are part of their 'Wild' range which pretty much means that they come with leopard print on the packaging, Im not complaining. Oh and they have 'Wild' included in the color name (creative!)
Top - Wild Bronze
Bottom - Wild Nude
Currently I only own 2 of the shades, but my little eyes are on some of the other shades, like I believe a navy and a plum/purple. I think in total there is 5 or 6 shades which is enough if you ask me, any more and they are at risk of getting silly with the shades, no one needs a bright green.
The shades are all shimmery ones but other than that are pretty safe, and simple - no duo chrome sort of shades like Maybelline.

Out of my two shades the one I like the best is Wild Nude, it is a nude taupe. The consistency smooth, creamy and yet not liquidly and likely to spill. It seems to be super versatile, use it as a base, a color or its own or even blend it in to brighter colors to make them more wearable, is there nothing this shade cant do?

Left - Wild Bronze
Right - Wild Nude
 My other shade is Wild Bronze, just as easy to blend and apply as Wild Nude, but not as solid, seems much more likely to make a mess if it falls on to its side, so I have to make sure that it is sitting upright at all times and travailing with it is a bit of a worry.

Although I said that they have shimmer in them, it is just that - no chunky monkey glitter to irritate your eyelids. Being Fragrance free and Dermatologically tested means that even those of you with sensitive skin (and eyes) can give them a go.

The packaging compact and made of plastic. It doesn't look cheap, but doesn't look expensive, I think you can tell that it is a middle level drug store brand, but it is still fun and appealing to younger people - who doest love some leopard print?

I really would recommend these to you lovely lot, especially if are in school and want something that is quick to apply so to give you an extra few minutes in bed. 

These cost £3.99 from Im pretty sure all Boots stores, but for Advantage card holders who get coupons sent through the door faster than you can use them, will most likely get a coupon to get one of these shadows for a £1 (I have had a couple - hence how I got my two)


I hope you enjoyed this little review

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