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Thursday, 19 December 2013

December 2013 Glossybox - Festive Treasures

I have been waiting for this box for a while, and truth be told Im not as blown away as I wanted to be, although its not like Im not going to use everything in this box, I will but they are not things that make go OHHHH AHHHHH.
I like the festiveness of the box with everything red and white, it was almost like opening, a slightly disappointing, Christmas present.

Beautiful Movements Cosmetics
Nude Lip Glass

This is a makeup line created by Kimberly Wyhatt, and in the tube it looks like a peachy color but on the lips it is a pretty (simple/basic) nude.Its not as glossy as I would have liked, but its really smooth and and not sticky. So for a nude gloss its pretty much a winner, although not sure that Im going to buy this full size.
Full Size = 8ml - £12
Sample Size = 4ml - £6

Wilkinson Sword Intuition
Naturals Razor

A razor. Yes a razor. Not super excited, but I guess everyone needs one and for the festive season of parties and short dresses you need smooth legs so this will come in handy. I tend to use disposable razors so it will be fun to try a 'real' razor.
Full Size = One Razor - £6.49
Sample Size = One Razor - £6.49

Maybelline New York
Color Tattoo 24hr Eye Shadow
Pink Gold

A super creamy cream shadow perfect for when you are in a rush, they last all day but if you put too much on they are a nightmare to get off, the glitter polish of the cream shadow world if you will, the down side if that although the color is a gorgeous pink I already own it, but I wear it all the time so Im sure this backup will come in handy.
Full Size = £4.99
Sample Size = £4.99

Seche Nail Lacquer
Pretty Little Heartbreaker

This is just what I look for in a nail polish, fast drying, only needs one coat and a pretty color that I will get a lot of use from. I have wanted to try this brand for a long time and Im so happy that I got a color that I will actually use.
Full Size = 14ml - £9.95
Sample Size = 14ml - £9.95

Sanctuary Spa
Active Reverse Resurface & Refine Ultra Polish

Not a fan of sanctuary products but I am going to give this a go, it is meant to be an ultra fine body scrub that's meant to improve skins appearance in just two weeks, wonder if thats true?
Full Size = 200ml - £12
Sample Size = 15ml - £1.90

Box Value = £29.33
Not the best box I have got, but I will use everything and it has allowed me to try new things.

I hope you enjoyed this post

Friday, 29 November 2013

Rimmel Scanaleyes Mascara

I have never had the best of luck with Rimmel mascaras in the past, I have always found that they have massive claims that they are going to do wonders for your lashes and they have never lived up to this.
So when I saw this advertised I was like 'here we go again, another mascara claiming to give me amazing volume without the clumps', so lets be honest I had no desire to try this.
One day in Superdrug I saw that they where having an offer of spending over £10 and getting this free, so I picked up a couple of things that I wanted to try and it gave me the opportunity to try this without buying it and feeling like a wasted my money if I didn't like it.
The packaging is super in your face bright orange with glitter but if you can get past this the product inside is actually really amazing.
The wand is shaped just like your classic mascara wand but a LOT BIGGER, which does make it hard to get those inner lashes without getting the mascara on you face, but it is really easy to wipe off once it has dried.
I found that it gave me a lot of volume as well as a bit of length so it was a balanced out look.
This stuff lasts a long time - Im talking daily use for a good few months - so if you are someone who finds they run out of mascara really fast you might want to give this a go
It doesn't flake of like some mascaras do and is easy to remove when you want to take it off. 

Hope you liked this quick little review

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

November Glossybox - the Glossy Wishlist

I re-subscribed to GlossyBox at the start of the month after un-subscribing for a couple of months and I am really pleased to see that they have given themselves a bit of a makeover. I couldnt be more happy about the small A5 card explaining everything in my box replacing the A3 fold out which, just saying, lacked information like full size information.
I also love the glossy mag which is glossy and looks like a fun read for some makeup and beauty inspiration.
I am guessing that the theme of this months box is products that we should have on our beauty wishlist, maybe for the upcoming holiday season? Although most of these I can see as wishlist items (in some sense) others are just ones that no one is going to ask for. EVER
VichyIdealia Life Serum
Fully Size = 30ml - £29.50
Sample Size = 3x3ml - £7
This seemed to be a pretty exciting product for this months box, it was shown on the website as kind of 'look what you get' product but tbh I am still struggling to understand it. This first two bottles contain the 'skin idealizer serum', my main problem with this is that I have no clue what it is and how to use it but also I fail to see the point in sending me two 3ml bottles when yo could just send one 6ml bottle. The card says to apply to your face twice a day so Im guessing that it is similar to a lotion? And the second product is the 'smoothing and illuminating cream' which I am excited to use under my foundation in those places I just want more of a glow.
I can see this being a love for any skin care junkie but for me it will be fun to try, Im just not going to run out to buy it.

Emite Make Up
Micronized Eyeshadow
Full Size = 1.48g - £16.80
Sample Size = Full Size
This is a cream shadow which has a lot of shimmer to it. It seems really soft and pigmented and I can tell I am going to get a ton of use from this over the holiday season because it is just the perfect holiday natural shade. My card does say that I have the color 'Dams' which is a matte black and let me tell you I am super pleased about this potential mix up. Also it is nice to see that it is both full sized and high end.
This would be an amazing gift if you have a little more to spend on an eyeshadow, and you never know what santa will bring you so put it on your wishlist just in case.

Yves Rocher France
Hand Cream
Cocoa and Raspberry
Full Size = 75ml - £1.95
Sample Size = Full Size
I am really in to hand creams for the winter and this is a really nice one. It has a chocolate sent with some fruity tones to it, making it perfect for the whole year. It also is not greasy and sinks in to your hands nicely while leaving them smelling lovely.
It is a really good price and an amazing product who wouldnt want this.

Elegant Touch
Rapid Dry for Nails
Full Size = 125ml - £3
Sample Size = Full Size
I hate waiting for my nails to dry so this is just what the doctor ordered. It is spray which drys your nails in 60 seconds.
I mean who doesnt need this in their life, other than people who have all the time and patience in the world to wait for them to dry.

Dry Skin Exfoliator Skin Care
Full Size = 60ml - £4.49
Sample Size = Full Size
I mean what even.
No one would put this on to a wish list
I dont even have dry feet, nor have a I ever told Glossybox that I do, so Im not even sure if I will ever use this. My Mum might take it off me.

So all in all Im am very happy with this box, minus the last product.
Box Price = £12.95
Box Value = £33.24

I hope you enjoyed this box and who else is excited for the Christmas box?


Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Boots and Superdrug Haul

This is a collective haul of makeup that I have picked up from Boots and Superdrug over the last week or so, and how organised am I splitting it in to two separate sections (this has nothing to do with the fact that I already got photos of the stuff last week and didnt do a post)

October 20th
I went in to superdrug for a new foundation when I saw that Collection 2000 where running a promotion of every thing being under £4, so I took advantage and picked up a couple of things:

Collection 2000 Color Match Foundation (5 medium) - This is my third bottle of the stuff, and I had forgotten how much I liked it. I reviewed this last year so click here if you want to see what I think about this foundation.
Collection 2000 Big Fake Ultimate Mascara (17 ultra black) - I have heard really good things about this mascara, other than it dries up quickly no one has said a bad thing about it. I havent used it yet, and I am waiting until my other mascaras have been used up, I am going to review it for you once I have been using it a while.
Collection 2000 Eye Definer (2 brown) - I got this thinking that it was an eye brow pencil, but it turns out that it is just a regular eyeliner, although I have been using this to fill in my brows and loving it. Im not normally the sort of person to do anything to their brows, but lately I felt that I wanted to get into filling them in - so thats my new thing.
MUA Mascara (Shade 1) - I needed something to set my brows with, and rather than spending stupid amounts on a clear brow gell, why not spend a pound on this clear mascara?
October 29th
I went in to superdrug again today and by taking advantage of 3 for 2 that they currently have on treated myself to 3 MUA eyeshadow palette's. I have wanted to give these a go for a while now but picking up 3 as part of the 3 for 2 was slightly awkward, the woman said "You do know that the 3 for 2 is for all makeup, you dont just have to get the same product?". Had to tell her that I do in fact understand, and avoid bringing up the embarrassing addiction I have, and not mention that I wanted them because people on the internet told me to get them - some people might find that strange.

Dusk til Dawn - this contains mostly neutral shades in a mix of matte, metallics and glitter finishes. There are a couple of brights in there as well which are going to be perfect for adding a pop of color, this would be perfect to take to work with you so you can deepen up your look if you are going for after dinner drinks.
Undressed - just like the palette beforet his has a mixture of matte, glitter and metallic neutral shades, but these are mostly browns, not too many darks and gray sort of colors. I got this one for school and everyday wear.
Ever After (Matte) - we are just going to ignore the fact that the main reason for me buying this was the fact that all of the colors actually have names rather than 'shade 5' 'shade 7', they have have proper names, fun names, names that make face of the day posts easier.
You only get 10 shadows in hear rather than the 12 in the other two palettes, but these ones are bigger. All of the shades are wearable, and you can get some good looks, and a range of different looks from this, it just looks like it is a bit highlighter heavy. But one of the reasons that I got this is my lack of matte highlighters so yeah....
I went in to Boots with the sole intention to pick up my pressed powder and concealer, and what to I leave with, 4 other things that I totally don’t need of course. (£1.99 or 3 for £5)

Pressed Powder (warm) – LOVE, soft, not cakey, perfect color, and keeps take makeup in place all day.
Cover Up Cream (fair) – this actually has really good coverage, and it doesn’t make you look like cake face, even when you put it over your powder.
Coveer Up Stick (fair) – I like to have a cover stick handy for when I have a monster spot that is a nightmare to cover, I put some cover stick on it, apply my foundation and the sport is pretty much gone. I got this one because the cover stick I have at the moment is on the tail end of its life, and I wanted to try something new.
Correction Stick (green) – I don’t really know why I got this, I do have some pretty red sports right now, so I can try this for you lot and let you know what I think about it.
Sun Tint Bronzing Pearls (sahara sun) – these pearls look like they are going to give a natural bronzed glow to the skin. It contains, a mix of pearls that are rose tan, and dark brown tan, and comes with a sponge but Mr sponge isn’t going to get used is he?
Moisture Shine Lipstick (apple blossom) – this looks like it is going to be a classic, slightly concealer lips nude – which I do love  - so I had to pick it up.
Hope you liked this makeup haul

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Maybelline Rocket Volume Express Mascara

So I have a slight negative Nancy review for you today. It is on Maybelline's newest mascara, 'The Rocket Volume Express' I have tried most of the mascaras from the volume express line in the past and have loved them all, but this is the one I have liked least.
This claims to give you 'massive volume in rocket time, clump free' - did it live up to this, in a word NO.
For me I found that I needed a couple of coats to give me the volume that I look for - which is a lot, but just one coat did give me a noticeable amount of volume addition, and a small amount of length. But if you work with it and build it up you can get a good fake lash look. And as far as the 'clump free' claim goes, I found clumping, and their where big clumps too - sometimes it made me look like I had one super fat eyelash and a few normal ones.
The two main problems that I found with this mascara is that I made my lashes feel crunchy and it was a total nightmare to take off, my lashes felt crunchy the next day, so when I put it back on it wasn't good., but I did like this for 'special occasions' just not for every day. The other thing that I didn't like was that I couldn't put it on my bottom lashes because it would transfer under my eyes and I would look like I went to school as a panda.
I did find that this didn't dry up fast which is a bonus for me because I didn't want to use this daily and saved it for weekends. Also as much as I try not to I am one of those people who have more mascaras than they should on the go at once.
It has my fav type of wand, a plastic one, and this one is off medium size, and I came in to no problems using this, other than getting those pesky baby lashes on the inner corners of the eyes. 

I don't think I will be buying this again because I didn't find that I got alone with it, but I know that a lot of people love it.

If you are interested in it, you can pick it up from Boots or Superdrug for £7.99.

I hope you enjoyed,
Lots of Love

Thursday, 12 September 2013

17 Wild Metallics Cream Eyeshadows

If you have been ANYWHERE in the beauty community over the recent months, then I am sure that you will know cream shadows are a huge thing right now. A mixture of easy, fast application, great staying power and colors to please everyone has made these little beauty's a makeup bag must have for everyone.

Being a bit (coughing) of a makeup addict have tried a range of brands and my current favs are these ones from 17. These are part of their 'Wild' range which pretty much means that they come with leopard print on the packaging, Im not complaining. Oh and they have 'Wild' included in the color name (creative!)
Top - Wild Bronze
Bottom - Wild Nude
Currently I only own 2 of the shades, but my little eyes are on some of the other shades, like I believe a navy and a plum/purple. I think in total there is 5 or 6 shades which is enough if you ask me, any more and they are at risk of getting silly with the shades, no one needs a bright green.
The shades are all shimmery ones but other than that are pretty safe, and simple - no duo chrome sort of shades like Maybelline.

Out of my two shades the one I like the best is Wild Nude, it is a nude taupe. The consistency smooth, creamy and yet not liquidly and likely to spill. It seems to be super versatile, use it as a base, a color or its own or even blend it in to brighter colors to make them more wearable, is there nothing this shade cant do?

Left - Wild Bronze
Right - Wild Nude
 My other shade is Wild Bronze, just as easy to blend and apply as Wild Nude, but not as solid, seems much more likely to make a mess if it falls on to its side, so I have to make sure that it is sitting upright at all times and travailing with it is a bit of a worry.

Although I said that they have shimmer in them, it is just that - no chunky monkey glitter to irritate your eyelids. Being Fragrance free and Dermatologically tested means that even those of you with sensitive skin (and eyes) can give them a go.

The packaging compact and made of plastic. It doesn't look cheap, but doesn't look expensive, I think you can tell that it is a middle level drug store brand, but it is still fun and appealing to younger people - who doest love some leopard print?

I really would recommend these to you lovely lot, especially if are in school and want something that is quick to apply so to give you an extra few minutes in bed. 

These cost £3.99 from Im pretty sure all Boots stores, but for Advantage card holders who get coupons sent through the door faster than you can use them, will most likely get a coupon to get one of these shadows for a £1 (I have had a couple - hence how I got my two)


I hope you enjoyed this little review

Talk to you soon



Monday, 19 August 2013

Glossybox August 2013 - High-flyers

We are well in to August and that can only mean one thing, the knock on the door signalling the arrival of the latest Glossybox. August is the 'High-flyers' box, which has the same concept as last August. Basically it is giving you a chance to try 'hero' products from different countries. The whole point of Glossybox is to try products that you normally wouldn't have, so I love the concept for this month because there are things that I would never have tried before. Although I was sceptical after seeing what people said about last years, but this one was a lot better. 

 The first thing that I got is the 'TRESemme Platinum Strength 60 second treatment shot'. This comes from the USA but you can find this in all TRESemme selling stores. From what I have read, this is a very concentrated conditioner which you use once a week on the damaged ends of your hair to help nourish them. My hair is very split but I wouldn't say that it is damaged because unless it have to for a party or something, I don't use heat on my hair. I am worried about the cap situation because it seems to be a snap off one, but this isnt a one use product so I hope I can put the cap back on so it doesn't dry up.
Im sure I will repurchase this, because it is a  bargain and a nice little treat for my hair. 
Full Size - 15ml - £1.49
This is full size, which I was pleased to see, they could have given us a foil sample.

Again this is a USA product and I am super excited to try it, no joke. This the the 'Eucerin Aquaphor soothing skin balm'. This is designed to sooth dry and cracked skin. I don't have year round dry skin, but in the Winter I get dry patches on my face, and when I have a cold, which I all Winter, round my noise is dry so this will be good to sooth that and make it look less noticeable under foundation. This is one of the products that I love the most from this box, which is odd because I tend not to care about the skin care and want more of the makeup,but this will help make your makeup loot better. It doesn't seem like a lot of places stock this in the UK but it can find this on the Boots Website.
I don't know how fast I am going to get through this because it is a good size sample, but Im pretty sure that I will buy this once I have finished it.
Full size - 200ml - £8.50
Sample - 40ml - £1.70

This product caused a lot of commotion in the blogging world, because people didnt like the fact that this is something that you can get in the UK right now. I like that we cant get this because there is no way that I would ever have got this without it being in my Glossybox. This is the 'Oceane makeup remover pen', Simple has a very similar product that I have never been able to find to try, so I am over the moon that I got this. This pen contains makeup remover and is used to get makeup mess ups from your eyes and mouth. It comes with 3 extra nips that you can put in when the current one gets to gross looking, but I think you can flip the each nip, so each provides two uses. This is from Brazil.
This is a full size, but I dont know how much it costs.

This is the UK representative product and it is the 'Jelly Pong Pong 2 in 1 shadow and liner' my one is in the color plum and I know that some people got black, and others got a deep green which I would have wanted the deep green, but Im happy I didnt get the black. I have always wanted to try Jelly Pong Pong but after trying this Im not too impressed. This is not the deep plum I would have wanted so used as a liner it looks odd, it also says that you can smudge this into a shadow but I didn't find I could smudge it at all :(
I will not be trying other colors of this but I was nice that I got a chance to dip my toe in to the pool of Jelly Pong Pong
Full size - £10.50
This is full size, wooooo

This was the 'main' product in the box, the one that everyone was so happy to get this. This is an eyelash curler from Sweden by a brand called 'Emite'. I am pleased that we got a makeup tool which will last a super long time, it is really well made and sturdy. This is a brand by makeup artists for makup artists, im not a makeup artist - I hope its ok to use this.
I dont use eyelash curlers, I can use them on my left eye but not my right one, also I tried these and they didnt do anything, so not going to use these, sorry.
Full Size - £20
This month my box is worth £33.69,

I hope you enjoyed,
What did you get in your Glossybox?

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

First Impression: MUA Merged Trio Eyeshadow - Emotions

Bit naughty on Saturday, I popped into Superdrug to see my friend and we all know that I our friends  can talk us into buying anything makeup wise. My friend was stocking the MUA so as I was just swatching some eyeshadow while having a little chin-wag with her. She saw some eyeshadow on my hand and one thing lead to another and I left with this
MUA Merged Trio Eyeshadow (Emotions) 
 MUA have had trios as part of their professional line since they launched that line but for some reason I have never picked one up because I didn't think that they would be very good. I don't know when these came out but they know have these backed ones which still have a new sticker on them, but I don't know how long they have been out for, but anyway I picked up this on in Emotions and used it the other day and wanted to share with you what I felt about it. 
So before I talk about my first impression I wanted to explain what you are getting, the 3 colors all have that classic multi tone, vained look to the shadows. The lightest shade is a vanilla with almost a rose gold and  bronze running through it so when you use it, it is a light gold. The middle shade is a plum with yellow gold and a little deep plum, goes on as a plum with yellow gold shimmer. The third color is a bronze/copper shade with bronze and silver running throughout, this is defo the strongest pigmented color out of the three and comes out as a very strong copper/bronze shade. 
Being a backed these shadows have a lot of shimmer (can you get matte backed shadow?) and lets be honest this did worry me because I find that the MUA single shadows have a lot of fall out and I didn't think I would be able to deal with lots of shimmery fall out from these. But, to my surprise there was practically none, and what did fall was nothing that a makeup wipe wouldn't fix (I put them on before foundation) Although there was minimal face fall out, there was a tone on to the packaging. It was insane, this wasn't helped by the fact that you really have to work to get any product on to your brush. So after one use the pretty black package just looks a mess, I cleaned it up before taking pictures, but in person it sill looks messy. Because it takes effort to get it on to the brush I wouldn't recommend it as a product to use if you don't have a lot of time.
I find that with all shimmer eyeshadows they are easy to blend, and these are no different, they also apply pretty well, by that I mean getting product from the brush to your eyelid is easy. The only color that I was a bit disaponted with when I use it was the plum, I put it in my outter corner and it didnt really show up to well over the copper, although that  might just be because that was such a strong shade. 

So that was my fist impression of the MUA Merged Trio Eyeshadow in Emotion,

You can get this for £3 from superdrug or the MUA website

Have you tried these? If so what do you think about them?

I hope you enjoyed
Lots of Love

Saturday, 13 July 2013

July 2013 Glossybox - Seaside Splash

I have never been so excited to get a Glossybox before, but this one was so hyped up that I was super inpatient for it to get here. I stalked my emails waiting to be told that it had been dispatched, I was on their twitter everyday looking for information about the box. So if you follow them on twitter (linked here) you will know that the boxes where dispatched yesterday, and what did the wonderful courier man drooped my box off to me this morning, so much for 3-5 days shipping.
So this months box is called seaside splash, and is all about products that you will need to create a beach babe look, all of the products are meant to be perfect for a beach holiday. I love this box, it is so bright and fun and makes me just want to jet off on holiday.
I am going to saving some of these for when I go on holiday at the end of August because they are perfect sizes for travel.

Alterna Haircare
Bamboo Style Waves Tousled Texture Mist
Full Size 125 ml - £23.00
Sample Size 25ml - £4.70
This is a salt spry type product, it is meant to give you sexy, beachy waves to make you look like you have just come straight from the beach. It says to spray trough wet or dry hair and shape around fingers to get those beachy waves that are super hot for summer. I cant wait it and the sample is pretty go size so I can get a lot of use out of it. This contains organix bamboo and blue yucca root, so it is a sustainable products - no need to feel bad about using this then.

Sleek Stickers
05 a to zebra
Full Size 'One Set' - from £9.99
Sample Size 'one ste' - £9.99
It seems that I cant get away from nail products, in every glossybox I have got there has been a nail polish product. I have tied nail stickers like these in the past from 17 but they didnt even last a day on my nails, I have more hope for these because they are a well known nail polish bran and these stickers are quite expensive. Im not to keen on the design that I got, it is a brown base with a black zebra print, over the winter time I will use these but they are not very summery, and looking at the other designs that I could have got I seem to have got the worse, although you can never go wrong with a bit of animal print.

Sleek Makeup
Pout Paint
163 Peek-a-bloo
16 Milkshake
Full Size 8ml - £4.99
Sample Size 8ml - £4.99
I have wanted to try these for so long but I have never seem to be able to get my hands on them, Milkshake is a pretty pink coral shade and I cant wait to try this out, but I am a little bit more worried to try peek-a-bloo because it is an electric blue shade but I do think that mixed with the pink it might make a pretty purple shade. These will be perfect for a day on the beach or by the pool because they will last a long time after frying to a satin finish. These don't have to just be mixed with other pout paints apparently they can also be mixed with other lip products. Just remember that a little goes a long way so I am sure that these will last a long time. I'm super happy to have the chance to try these two different shades but I don't know if that is just a packaging error or if it was meant to happen, because the product card asks if you got the blue or silver, so does everyone have 2 or is it a happy accident.

Coola Organic 
Suncare Collection
Full Size 50ml - £29.99
Sample Size 7ml - £4.20
This is a mineral SPF for the face, I am in need of a face suncream for when I go on holiday but this one you have to wait half an hour before it will give you two hours of protection, I am wondering if I can be bothered with this, I mean dont judge but I lightly apply suncream for your body on my face and Im fine.

Spray misty for me facial spritz
Full Size 100ml - £6
Samle Size 100ml - £6
Firstly this is not high end, and secondly it is not refreshing. Im not super excited for this, I tried it but it didn't make me feel refreshed, also the sent it not minty like it says, it has a herbal sent. I will use this but Im not in love.
Overall I am very happy with this box, some sample could be bigger but when I get four full size products I dont care, I dont know if I love this one or Junes one better, its close. I will be trying all of these products and I am very happy with the box, i was worth the wait and anticipation that I had for it - and trust me I was worried, Pixiwoo did a blog post about it and I was hoping that I didnt get everything that they got because they where not things that I would want after such a wait so I'm so happy that I didnt get the things I didnt want.

Like always I paid £10 plus £2.95 for this box
and it is worth £34.77
Totally worth it

I hope you enjoyed

Sunday, 9 June 2013

June Glossybox: Summer Looks

This is my third Glossybox, I finally caved and subscribed in April after watching videos and reading blog posts about these on a monthly basis. 
I had typed up a whole post on the April box but I got it in May so I didn't see a point in publishing it, and lets just face the fact that I couldn't be bothered to do a post for the second birthday box from May because I was stressed out with exams.
Without a shadow of a doubt this months box is my favourite of the 3 that I have got. All of the products that I got where full size which I am happy with, but I think that all but one are drug store, so not good on the whole high end luxury sample front. The thing I love most about this, aside from the full size products, is the fact that all of these products are ones which I will actually use because I want to not just because I have paid for them.

The first thing is what I think to be the only high end product.
Monu Hand and Nail Cream
Im always keep a hand cream in my bag but Im not the biggest hand cream girl in the world, but I do use it. Im pleased that this is full size because I wont lose it to the bottom of my bag and I can get a good feel for the product and how much I like it. This has a mint mixed with herbs sent and sinks in to the skin really fast and doesn't feel greasy. Over all I really enjoy this so far and will defo be using it.
Full Size 50ml= £10.50
Figs and Rouge Cherry Blossom Tinted Lip Balm
I love a good lip balm and this one has it all, cute packaging, great smell and feels amazing. This gives my lips a subtle pink tint and is easy to apply. This is one of those products that I would love to carry in my bag and pull and be like "thats right I have super cute lip balm."
Full Size 12.5ml=£5
GOSH Growth Mascara
This is one of those mascaras which clams to make your lashes grow and has visible results after 2 weeks, I havent tried this yet and am waiting to use up the mascaras I have on the go at the moment but when I use it I will keep you guys updated.
Full Size 10ml=£8.49
Organic Surge Volume Boost Conditioner
This smells so good, when I opened my box I was hit but an amazing minty lime sent, I was like oh great something has leaked, but it hadn't this just has a great sent. I have yet to try this because I am more than happy with my current conditioner but this is waiting for when I need a new one.
Full Size 200ml=£5

In all of my glossybox's I have got a nail polish which I love because I am a nail polish lover.
ME ME ME nail polish 57 Elegant
This is a green and gold with shimmer but it seems a bit separated in places, but Im sure its going to be fine.
Once again I haven't used this because I got the box yesterday and couldn't paint my nails because I had work.

My total box value was £38.99 which is pretty good for a box that cost about £13 with p&p
I hope you enjoyed