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Sunday, 2 April 2017

Rimmel Stay Matt Foundation

I think many people will agree that Rimmel is one of the best brands for affordable foundation, and as a drugstore girl I love it because they mot only offer a range of both finishes and coverage levels, but also a pretty good range of colors (which I know is something other brands have as well I've just dabbled less in those but am interested to test out more)
I just mentioned this is my most recent favourites video so I thought it was fitting to do a review for you all.
This is (I believe) Rimmel's cheapest foundation costing just £5.99 for a 30ml tube.
Rimmel claims it is a feather-light, liquid mousse which blends flawlessly providing a natural looking all-day shine controlled look, with a light-weight, non-greasy feeling.
Personally I don't find it keeps me shine-free all day unless I set it with a powder, which is something I am trying not to do while it is still not super warm so I can use cream highlighters over the top - something I find works really well. However, after about 4 hours wear I do find I look a little shiny but it is nothing compared to how I'd look with a traditional liquid foundation with no powder.
It applies really smoothly if you make sure to not use too much - a little goes a long way - I have found in the past using too much makes it hard to blend in and causes it to clump up in areas. I'd say a stippling is your best bet for application, it seems too think for a sponge and it's just a mess with your fingers, not to mention being a nightmare to wash off them.
I assume most people by these mouse type foundations with the intention of not setting them with powder. But I have found, although it is long lasting without powder it doesn't really set so you still will get product transfer off it (but I mean most powders still transfer on to clothes when you hug people so this might not be an issue for you) but like I said, for me it doesn't keep me shine free and I do tend to feel greasy towards the end of the day and I wouldn't say my skin is too oily at yet because like Iv'e said it hasn't been too warm so I think for me I'd enjoy it more set with powder.
The coverage is medium but can be easily built up to high.
I find it perfect for university wear because I'm only in for a few hours a day and it lasts well for that, as well as being super quick to apply in the mornings.
The main issue I have found with the application process is setting under eye concealer, up close you can see the powder and it looks cakey but I wouldn't say this is something you notice unless you are really inspecting your face, and it only occurs after a few hours once your natural oils have been working away.
Although I don't mind the tube packaging, for me it makes the application easy because the product is kind of thick so you have control over it, I do find it being mostly white does mean its get dirty and gross looking quickly which I don't enjoy so much but can live with.

I have been enjoying this, and will continue to enjoy it in the summer set all over with powder, and I know it is something others enjoy too do let me know what you think. And if you have yet to try it and fancy a matte cheap foundation I would say to give it a go, unless you have dry skin, the mousse formula I can imagine would cling to dry patches.

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