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Sunday, 29 January 2017

Miss Sporty Really Me

Personally, I believe Miss Sporty is such an underrated drugstore brand. 
Nothing costs more than £4, and for the most part the quality is on par with other brands.
When at the stand picking up a backup foundation I noticed a new range added to the line - the Really Me line - which I had to pick up, especially because there was three for two and I was already getting two things.

As with all Miss Sporty lines its fairly small, there is only 4 items:
Really Me Foundation Stick - £3.99
Really Me Volume and Tint Mascara - £2.99
Really Me Glossy Liquid Lip Balm - £1.99
all of which are perfect for those still in school - who are their target market because they aim their products at preteens.

I have done a first impression over on my YouTube Channel
but I've played around a little more with the products and formed more of an opinion since then.

Really Me Foundation Stick
Although initially shocked by the little amount of product you actually get, I really enjoy this foundation. The coverage is light but buildable, it has a cream to powder finish meaning less oily girls can get away with out setting it, and it lasts quite well.
This is something I'd reach for on more natural days when I want lighter makeup rather than for a nightout or just when I'm doing something where I want more makeup, like work or going out during the day or for dinner etc.
The application takes some getting use to because its a cream not a traditional liquid, but as you'll see in the video it was easy and blended really nicely.
I want to get a darker shade of this to try as a cream contour because I think the formulation of this because it is a foundation will look more natural and be a great base for a powder contour.

Really Me Volume and Tint Mascara
I don't really find it gives volume but the length I got was amazing and it was really black.
I especially liked this for my lower lashes because for a wet mascara, which I don't typically like, I found it wasn't messy and really enhanced my lower lashes which are naturally pretty long, it showed off their length but without making them clumpy so it was really natural.
As I said this is a more wet mascara which I don't tend to like because I find them a nightmare to remove and make your lashes crispy, but this kept my lashes soft and came off really easily.

Really Me Glossy Liquid Lip Balms Im a little bit in love with these.
They are really comfortable because their not sticky, they are kind of thick so last a long time but are still glossy.
I do find they are strange to apply, the shades are kind of milky so they look patchy until you rub your lips together and then they are really nice.
There is no need for a normal human to own both because the shades are not that different once they are on, personally I prefer the Really Pink shade because I think its prettier but they are both really nice.
Although marketed as lip balms I can't say how good for your lips they actually are, I would rather use a traditional lip balm and then keep these as a gloss.

Hope you enjoyed

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