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Saturday, 12 March 2016

MUA Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter

These where on my wish list basically since they came out but seeing as I was never that into highlighters I always put off the purchase, but I few months ago I gave in and brought them - I justified buying all three by saying that I am now a highlight lover and I wanted them for testing purposes.
As I said there are 3 in total, Iridescent Gold, Pink Shimmer and Opalescent Amber, and they retail for only £3 which is amazing to find a highlighter not only in the drug store but for so cheap (I know now highlighters are easy to find but when these came out highlighters where a rare breed in the drugstore)
I was really surprised but the texture of these highlighters, I have just got use to smooth powder products that when I first swatched these I was very taken aback by how hard and dry they feel, and because of this you do tend to just get glitter or feel like you havent picked a lot of product up when you probably have - although this does different between each shade so I am going to be talking about each highlighter separately.
Iridensent Gold
My favourite one :)
A yellow, gold simmer highlighter best suited to medium skin tones and people with yellow undertones. This is the easiest of the 3 to work with, saying that it is still possible to put too much on if you're not really careful, but for the most part it is pretty fool-proof.
Because it is pretty yellowy I'm not sure how well it will work on those of you girls who are really pale, you would be better off with pink shimmer.
Pink Shimmer
Upon first appearance this would look like it would be my favourite, in the pan it looks like it would be the perfect pink, princess highlighter, but sadly when you swatch it you basically just get pink glitter that is very easy to go overboard with, even if you are careful. Although I think with certain makeup looks this would actually look amazing, it is a product that I would recommend but with the warning that you are not just going to be able to pop it in your makeup bag and use it everyday, you will need to play with it and be patient to find the best look for it.
Opalescent Amber
My least favourite of the bunch.
I find with this one you actually get some of the color of the actual powder rather than just glitter (it is the newest to the collection of the three so it is possible that they reformulated this one). On a deep tan or a medium skin tone I think it would look amazing, but for me it is just too dark to work as a highlighter, no matter how light my hand I always end up stood for ages blending it out with a clean brush to make it look less weird - its not even that it is too intense a highlighter, it is that it is too dark.

They are worth considering for £3, but not without a little research or a swatch in store.

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  1. Are they worth getting? I don't wear highlighter either but they're so cheap that I really want to buy one

    1. Sorry for the late reply :) I would say they are worth getting, they are only £3 so you are not losing a lot if you end up not using them and because they are not too intense they are really good for people new to highligter - I have heard that if you work past the top layer they do get more pigmented x


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