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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Sleek Solistice Highlighting Palette

One of Sleeks many many new products and when I started to see reviews pop up all over the place I just had to pick one up for myself.
I have also been loving highlighting lately and this looked amazing so there was no question about it.
The packaging is amazing and just so pretty
Its gold and mirrored, and gets very finger printy which I don't mind because it just looks so high end and not like it costs £9.99 at all.
It is just as breathtaking when you open it to reveal the 4 highlighters inside.
You get a beige/pink gold cream highlighter (Ecliptic), two backed ones, one which is a purple/pink shade with silver shimmer (Hemisphere) and on orange toned one, still with silver shimmer (Equinox)). The final highlight is a regular powder one with a yellow tone to it (Subsolar)
The quality is  amazing, they all just give such a stunning glow. The two baked ones have the most intense highlighting effect - they do take some getting use to. The 'normal' powder one is just like your average highlight, it is the most user friendly one in the palette.
The cream is pretty dewy but doesn't look right either over or under powder, it is something that needs to just be used over cream/liquid foundation without being set, so for someone like me who has to powder their whole face it is a bit of a waste.

For the highlighting fans out there I really recommend this, I think it will make a great addition to your collection and the shade range makes it suitable for different skin tones because you can mix the highlighters. However for makeup newbies, or people not use to highlighting, I think that it might be a bit too intense because even with a light hand they can seem a little strong.

What do you all think of this palette?

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