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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Love it or Leave it: Balmi Lip Balms

For about a year now I have had these lip balms in my collection and over that time have yet to form a solid opinion on them in terms of whether or not I actually like them.
I really like the concept, they are very similar in the design to the EOS balms (before they repackaged them they where almost identical).
Rather than being in a round ball like container the Balmi's are now sold in cubes and have a pyramid shape to them.
I love how practical they are for on the go, because of the pyramid shape you don't need to twist them up or down like most stick lip balms, and for the most part you don't need to put your finger in the product like you have to do with a lip balm in a pot - which isn't always the most sanitary thing :/
As far as fragrance range Im not 100% on how extensive it is, but I do know that as well as the Raspberry and Blackcurrant (both of which I have) they also have Coconut, Mint and Strawberry. They do smell rather strongly which personally I love and although the two I have dont have the most natural scent they are still very identifiable as to what they are.
All the Balmi's have an SPF of 15, and this is where my on the fence relationship really starts, lip balm with an SPF is something you cant be without especially in the summer time. My issue with the SPF (this is something that I find with other lip balms too, not just the balmis) is that it is really uncomfortable on my lips, I am very aware that I have the product on and I feel tingling for about 5 minutes after my application. I don't know if Im the only one who experiences this but I would keep it in mind.
I also find that after a while the packaging breaks, my Raspberry one can no longer be taken on the go because the lid doesn't like to stay on, but the Blackcurrant one is still in full working order, although I haven't used that one nearly as much.
If you are looking for a really moisturising lip balm that actually smells really nice and looks super cute in your makeup bag I would really recommend these. They do last pretty well on the lips and, I find, actually moisturise them long term - not just till the product wears off. However if you are a bit sceptical of spending £4.99 on a lip balm I wouldn't make the purchase just because the packaging does break and there is the potential for a lot of wasted product if you dont want to stick your finger into the container to get at the lip balm the fills the base.

Personally I cant see myself repurchasing these but while I still have them I will enjoy using them :)

Hope you enjoyed

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