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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Review: MUA Blushers

Recently I decided to pick up all of the MUA £1 single blushers, I already owned one of them and I wanted to test out all of the colors to see if they all work in the same way or if some have a different formulation to others and seeing as they only cost £1 I didn't feel too bad for buying 5 new blushers that I perhaps didn't need.
Left to Right, Top to Bottom; Cupcake, Lolly, Bon Bon, Bubble Gum, Marshmallow, Candyfloss.
As you can see there are a total of 6 blushers in the line.
I think the shade range is pretty good, they have peach/coral tones, pinks and even a slightly red shade so they have kind of covered every base.
However I think they could perhaps add a more neutral and a mauve one (alone the lines of NARS Sin maybe)
Cupcake: The most neutral of the bunch, this is a light peach matte blusher that I find to be too light for me and doesnt really show up, but on really pale skin could be really pretty.
Lolly: A brighter coral peach than Cupcake, I think this would be a great summer shade and the slight shimmer that the blush has would look great with a tan.
Bon Bon: This is a shade that I use to be really attracted to, it is a classic neutral toned redish shade that would suite a range of skin tones, especially in the autumn/winter time.
Bubble Gum: A bright redish pink that personally I find to be the hardest to work with out off all of the colors, but it still has the potential to be a fun all year round shade for light-medium skin tones (light skin tones will have to be very light handed with it but it will look really pretty).
Marshmallow: My favourite of the bunch and the original one that I owned, this is a bright pink color that I am very comfortable wearing. Again it is not the easiest to work with so it takes some practice/getting use to but for me it is so pretty.
Candyfloss: The only other blush that they have in this line with some shimmer Candyfloss is a mauve toned dusty rose pink color that is a great pale skin everyday color, but again I find that it can be a touch too light for me sometimes.
Left to Right, Top to Bottom; Cupcake, Lolly, Bon Bon, Bubble Gum, Marshmallow, Candyfloss.
All of the blushers have really good color pay off, however I find them to be lacking in the blendability department. You really have to make re not to have too much on your brush when you go to apply these as once they are on you are very limited to how much you can blend them, I find the best way to apply them is in thin layers.
Unlike most powder products where matte formulas are harder to blend than those with shimmer the matte and shimmer blushers are both as hard to blend. 

I find that they last pretty well, they get me through a day at uni and most the time that all I want, so for school they would also be prefect.
Despite them not blending very well I would still say check them out, especially the lighter colors. I think they look pretty on and for £1 having 1 or 2 will be handy for travel or carrying around with you because it wont matter if they brake or whatever.

Hope you enjoyed the review

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