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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Love it or Leave it: Gosh Growth Mascara

The current mascara that I am trying out and laying around with is this growth mascara from Gosh, in the past I have tried one other Gosh mascara with little success, but regardless I was still really excited to get this out my un-opened mascara collection and give it a go.
I'm so happy I didn't let that bad experience put me off the brand because (spoiler alert) I'm in love with this mascara.
The formulation is kind of wet but not to the messy hard to work with point, it is just wet enough to really cling to your lashes. I find my lashes look super long when I use this and I can thank the plastic wand for that because it really grabs the lashes. However it does still add volume and you can build it up to give your lashes more volume, but it can look a little clumps after a while, I don't mind it (I quite like it tbh) but I know it isn't for everyone. It lasts all day long but also is super easy to remove.
It is advertised as a growth mascara with "Visible Results, Longer Lashes In Only 2 Weeks" but sadly after using this for just over a month I have not noticed a single bit of difference in the length of my lashes, however I have heard that lash growth products work differently for everyone so although it didn't help my lashes grow that is not to say it won't for you :)
I for sure love this mascara and would repurchase it at some point, but right now I have so many mascara that I need to finish up before I even think about buying more.
But if you are looking for a new mascara and you like the sound of this I would really recommend it.


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