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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Review: MUA Pro-Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit

Current favourite eyebrow product
It is so easy and everything you need is in this handy dandy hand bag size kit
What you get are 2 eyebrow powders (I have the fair-medium kit) which are pigmented, soft, bendable, and are easy to mix -which is what I do.
The other powder is a very peach toned highlight for the brow bone, although cnn I dent reach for this as a highlight because it isn't bright enough but as a transition shade for the crease.
The final product is a clear wax which is nice to set the brow hairs with.
The kit also comes with a great mirror, a duel needed brush (that's actually use for both the powders and the wax) and a baby pair of tweezers.
I love this kit, it's a great buy for £3.50 and I love that you get the 2 different brow colours so you can mix your perfect shade and change up your look depending on your mood.

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