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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Review: Invisibobble hair ring

When Glossybox popped these in our box last month it seemed like they where on to a winner, a hair band that doesn't leave kinks in your hair is like a God send.
Or it would be if they worked.
They look like an old phone cord but their design is supposed to be the reason they leave your hair kink free if you have it up and want to take it down.
This excited me because often if tie my hair up before taking a bath or shower and doing a pony tail for work was so easy but then I just find I have to leave it up until carwash it so I dont have kinks, could this solve that problem? No, it couldn't.
I tested one out in the shower yesterday and although it was easy enough to put in that is kind of when it's 'benefits' wore out.
It did not sit right in the hair, the ring spread itself out so it looked really bad, but if it was just for the shower who cares? Then I had to take it out maybe 5/10 minutes later and that's when we got into real problems. Now just keep in mind my hair had been washed the night before and all the knots had been brushed out before I put it up, but somehow the hair ring managed to get beyond knotted in my hair and once I finally got it out and looked at my hair there was a kink there.
So although these come in the cutest stocking stuffer box giant I would say they are worth your time or money.

Hope you found my review helpful
Talk to you soon

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