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Friday, 6 November 2015

First Impressions: Miss Sporty Mission Correction Foundation

I picked this up (for £3.99) because I couldn't find the ' So Matte Perfect Stay Foundation", I was very interested to see how the two compare - turns out they are very different.
(One day I will review the "So Matte" one to let you know what I think of that one)
The packaging reminds me of a superhero and I think over all, for the price you pay, it's really nice. I like that all the information you need is right there, easy to find/see seemingly perfect for makeup beginners.

I was very surprised at how thin the consistency was, it was like a thin lotion - not a fan.
Worse than the thinness of the foundation is its application, although I have said that this is my first impressions I have actually used it a few times and have yet to find a good way to apply it. I have tried a brush, a sponge and my fingers but I always seem to be removing product faster than I'm applying it.
The staying power could be better, but saying that I have experienced worse.
Although it is a 3 in 1 foundation (foundation, concealer and highlighter) I would say that the coverage is average and definitely not as high as I expected - it's also not as glowing on the skin as I thought.

I can't say that I can see my self using this anymore than I already have, no even as a last resort when im out of my other foundations.

Hope you liked my review, sorry it was so negative I was really let down if I'm honest

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