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Friday, 7 August 2015

ELF Hypershine Lip Gloss

These are such an iconic ELF product, they are old school ELF and I picked up 3 a few months ago.
Top to Bottom: Bubble gum, Fairy, Joy
ELF say these are sheer glosses with a super glossy finish.
They are definitely sheer, although this does vary depending on the colour you get. As you can see from the swatches Bubble gum comes out with a slight peach/coral tint to it whereas both Fairy and Joy appear to both be clear with the slightest hint of shimmer in them. Although typically I prefer a more pigmented gloss I do find these come in handy for when I want a more natural look or just a simple gloss.
I wouldn't say these are the most glossy glosses I have ever used, they are average. For me this isn't a bad thing, I tend to find if a gloss is too glossy it just feels greasy and slippery but these are super comfortable and not sticky, they also last fairly well which is nice.
Top to Bottom: Bubble gum, Fairy, Joy
I enjoy the packaging, it's simple but effective.
I don't think its cheap looking, and I think the brush applicator is perfect - it's soft but the bristles are still sturdy enough to not fray out.
So far the writing is going strong, but I can imagine that it will start chipping off at some point.

Top to Bottom: Bubble gum, Fairy, Joy
I think these are perfect if you are just starting with makeup because these are fuss free, cheap and smell good.
I also think they would be a good staple to have in your handbag.

Hope you enjoyed my review

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