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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Pop Beauty Kajal Pen - Sooty Black

I have such a love hate with this liner, although it's pretty soft so you don't feel bad for your eyes like I sometimes do when using dryer liners, but it just doesn't pack the punch of black intensity that I want.
For something named "Sooty Black" I would expect rich, deep black, and although you can build it up to get a more black shade when you blend it out - which is really easy to do - it goes quite gray and light.
The smudger on the end is nice to have on the end because they are not something everyone owns, it is not the softest but it still serves its purpose.
I have given up on this as something I can use in my waterline and finding works best as a day time lower lashline liner because it is quite subtle.
I have found that if you warm it with a hair dryer it does go blacker but really that is just a faff and who really can be bothered with that.
I'm sorry to say that is just a so so product, I will continue to use to but I don't recommend you run out to purchase it any time soon.

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