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Friday, 31 July 2015

Makeup Faux Pas

We have all been through periods of makeup mistakes and rather than being embarrassed about mine I thought I would share some of my faux pas with you all.
Feel free to let me know your own stories in the comments so we can all have a laugh together.

Colour block eyeshadow
When I was about 13/14 I would go to school with colour blocked eyeshadow applied either with a rubbish brush of a sponge tip applicator, needless to say that blending was minimal so you could really see I had one colour in the inner half of my eye and one on the putter.
Popular colour pairings where:
Pink and purple
Orange and blue
Green and purple - that one got a lot of compliments

Too dark face powder
Still in year 9, I started to wear face powder, and aside from the fact that I'm pretty sure i would wear it out any foundation underneath, it was definitely not my shade. I remember because it came in a kit I wore it, even though it was orange and a friend told me it was too dark.

Concealer lips
Who isn't guilty of this?
I actually do still do this from time to time because I love concealer lips nude. I know it's wrong and I should hate it but I don't.
Back in the day I would apply cover stick to my lips, as a lipstick, the blended it out so my lips matched my face. Or I would apply layers of liquid concealer.

Pink eyeliner
Don't get me wrong I'm all for a spot of coloured liner, but some colours should never be used and pink is one of them.
I use to use a pink eyeliner that must have made me look like I had pink eye, thankfully it was only a cheap Primark one that I insisted on using in my waterline so it didn't show up too much, and wore off pretty quickly.

Green nail polish
I do love me a mint mani but when I say green polish I mean proper neon green.
Again it was during year 9, clearly I was just a mess, I brought myself a bottle of neon green polish that's wore all the time on my toes - thinking back I must have looked like I had some kind of infection. I actually still have the bottle and I have nearly finished it, I must have loved that stuff.
I also had a greeny gold polish that I wore once without a basecoat so I was left with yellow stained nails - I now live in fear of stained nails after being asked for weeks what was wrong with my nails.

Frosted lipstick
I am quite the lip product fan, I always have been really, and if you where to look in my lipstick draw today you would see not just a range of colours but also finishes. But back when I was about 13 (year 8) all I wore was frosted pink hippies - super baby pink with a lot of silver frost/shimmer was my favourite. I didn't just have one of these, I had 2 or 3 and each one got a lot of love, I think my most loved was one from 2true.

Hope you all enjoyed reading about my past in makeup.

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