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Saturday, 27 June 2015

So Susan Flutter Mascara

This is a slight negative Nancy review, which I don't love to do, but I think it's important that you see not just what works for my but also what doesn't.
At £14.95 for 4ml it is definitely on the pricy side, however the fact that it is hypoallergenic, 100% cruelty free and suitable for contact lens wearers is going to be appealing for some.

The brush claims to be "long with extra stiff bristles" so lashes are left voluminous and separated.
I find the wand to be fairly basic and no longer than any other mascara I have tried.
As for my lashes being separated and voluminous, I can't say I find this to be true. It clumps my lashes if I put too much on, or just leaves them looking longer but with no volume.
These is something in here called "hyaluronic spheres" which are suppose to give you the "darkest, curviest lashes possible."
My lashes are left really black but there isn't much of a curl provided, although if you curl your lashes once it's dried the curl will hold.

Formulation wise this is a really wet mascara.
I'm not a wet mascara fan, because I find your lashes are left crispy, they take ages to dry so they just make a mess whenever you blink and this is no different.
I am trying to make this work for me, I will finish it up because I don't just want to give up on it. I got this in a Glossybox (thankfully) and will not repurchase.

So sadly this didn't work for me but I hope this post still helped you make a decision about whether or not this is something you would want

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