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Monday, 18 May 2015

I caved: Tanya Burr Lip Glosses

Everybody and there mother has been raving about these since Tanya launched them a year or two ago and finally I caved and got them.

Back in the day I use to be such a lip gloss fan, then I went through  a stage (around year 11/12) of doing gloss over lipstick but then that got too much so I then I would just wear lipstick. But lately, pretty much since I got these the other week, I have been loving gloss on its own rather than lipstick - I still find it too much over certain lipsticks so for the most part I keep the two separate.
top to bottom: Just Peacy, First Date, Exotic Island, Picnic in the Park

I must admit for the longest time I assumed the hype around these was partly because of the fact that Tanya had 'made' them and I do still think that is part of the case but they are deserving of the hype they have been given.

The packaging is really nice, basic and not to try hard with a cute little heart on the lid, and the square shape means they are not going to roll away so the are going to be easier to store and harder to lose.
Their pretty sweet smelling, like maoam but I don't think they have a taste although some people have said they taste sweet so that may be pretty personal.
Strangely the tube has a 3 mouth usage time, where as the outer packaging says 12 months, for me this was an issue the production people need to sort rather than something that is going to stop me using them, I know my glosses have gone when the scent and texture changes.
top to bottom: Just Peacy, First Date, Exotic Island, Picnic in the Park

The wands are really unique, the are sponge applicators but rather than the dough foot shape they are flat, like a paddle so they pick up a lot of product. Some people say this helps them apply the gloss better, I haven't noticed this - just that they pick up more product.

Just Peachy
When it comes to trying out new lip products I seem to be a sucker for peach colours, typically I go for bright peaches but this is more of a milky toned down peach, still super pretty.
BUT because these glosses are quite pigmented I find this takes a lot of work to get it to look right on the lips, if you just apply it as a normal gloss it looks patchy and odd. If you want to wear this alone I think you have to apply it a little at a time and build it up, so I think it would be best over a nude lipstick to add a bit of color to it and make it more wearable.
First Date
Another of the milky colors, this is a cool, almost blue toned baby pink that I was instantly drawn to. I think it is the milkyness of the shades that makes this and Just Peachy hard to work with, although this is easier than Just Peachy.
I did wear this over a lip liner the other day and I liked it, didn't love it so I will try it over a nude or a pink lipstick.
Exotic Island
This has a thinner consistency than the others so when I wore it alone the other day I found it was a little messy, but I think over a lip liner it might do better at staying in place.
SIDE NOTE: I have noticed that the consistency varies from gloss to gloss, so you might find some thinner than others.
It is an amazing purple magenta which will be good for all seasons, unlike others of her glosses that only work for one of two seasons.
Picnic In The Park
Having been Tanya's favourite gloss for a while I knew I had to try it.
Aside from my wand being a bit doge, I love this gloss. It is pinky color with a coral hint with just enough color to show up on the lips without being too crazy or hard to work with. I love it with my skin tone and find it perfect for the day time because it is so easy.
For £6.99 they are the average drugstore lip gloss price, and without a doubt I would recommend them. They are non-sticky, have good color pay off, give a nice shine/gloss and are pretty long lasting for a gloss.
However, I would suggest picking these up in store, or at least swatching them in store before buying on line so you can get a feel for the colors and consistencies.

Hope you enjoyed
Talk to you soon

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