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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Love it or Leave it: Barry M Lipsticks

Barry M Lipsticks where seemed to be a cult favourite back in the day on YouTube, but is seems that in recent years they have been given little attention, most likely because of all the new product releases that Barry M has been having.
I have had a couple of these in my collection for a few years now, and recently felt that I wanted to get some more and my love have for sure been rekindled,
Spoiler alert, this is going to be a love product.
The shade range is super fun and very aesthetically pleasing, a lot of candy colors and brights. Although they have a couple of super duper nudes there isnt really any natural colors, your not going to find a everyday, office/school suitable brown nude, the closest you will get is a peach.They cater more for those wanted to make more of a statement with their lips and those who want something a bit different.
Left to right: 52,100, 129, 101
The packaging is super compact and sleek looking with the color swatched on a sticker at the end with the shade number on it, however it is only the shade number, that name isn't on it and I have found that on the one I already own the number wears off so you may have to remember your shade numbers. The packaging is made of that black waxy material that gets ready dirty in your make up bag and finger printy when you use them :( 
Their longevity isn't great, they are not going to last you through eating and drinking but they are so compact that you will be able to carry them round with you, even in a little clutch bag and for £4.49 I feel you are getting more than your moneys worth with how nice and creamy they feel on the lips that having to reapply them is not an issue.

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