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Thursday, 23 April 2015

First Impressions: MUA Spring Break Palette

I seem to have a bit of an addiction to buying these MUA palettes so when my brother told me to pick something to go in the new make up bag that he was getting me for my birthday I had to get this.
MUA's latest limited edition palette tells us to:
"Leap into spring with this wearable, combination colour palette. The mix of stunning shimmers in neutrals, pinks and soft green hues encapsulates the revitalised colours of the new year and are perfect for  creating a fresh, enchanting look."
I totally agree that the shades are all wearable and practical, but also (and most importantly) perfect for the spring time. The soft colours can be mixed with the neutrals for day time looks, just what you need to skip through a flowery field on a springs, or even a summers, day.
There is a a good shade range, and a good mix of light, mid and dark tones so that you can create a whole eye look.
The shadows are pigmented, although the one matte shade that the palette has is lacking some of the pigmentation that the other shimmer shades have but this is somewhat expected with a cheap drug store palette.
As with the majority of shimmer shadows these blend with a lot of ease, BUT I do find the lighter shades blend away to nothing, so I had to reapply them after I had blended my crease because my lid shades had blended away.

If you are looking to update your make up bag this spring but your on a budget I would recommend this. So far it seems to be one of the better MUA Limited Edition palettes.

Hope you enjoyed

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