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Saturday, 25 April 2015

April 2015:Glossybox VS Birchbox

This month both Glossybox and Birchbox themed their boxes, Glossybox went for a Classic Hollywood Glamour theme with through backs to Hollywood Royalty and their beauty tricks. While Birchbox took advantage took advantage of the upcoming birth of the new royal baby with a blue or pink Royally Good box. 

I was so excited to get my Glossybox, but to be honest was disappointed with the content. Had those not been a themed box with so much hype I think it would have been okay, but sadly I don't think the products live up to the Hollywood Glamour name.
The first thing in the box is my favourite item from the box and it is the Lord and Berry lipstick Pencil in Kiss, it is a matte orange toned red that is suppose to be the 'perfect Marilyn Red'. I found it really comfortable to wear and (because of those orange undertones) perfect for the day time. It lasted really nicely but did start to flake after about 7 hours - can you complain after that long? I guess not. 
Astral Original Face and Body Moisturiser has caused quite a stir with those who have recieved it, and I can see why. The packaging is cheap and nasty, and the scent is even worse, like really cheap soap. However the lotion itself is pretty good. It is a really thick cream that would be perfect for dryer skin, I cant apply this in the day on my face because it is so thick that it makes my skin look really shiny, so I apply it before bed and when I wakeup my skin feels really soft. Because it smells so bad I have yet to use it on my body, but I think it would be good for knees and elbows.
I love a good eye liner pencil but sadly I found this POP Beauty Kajal Eyeliner Pen in Sooty Black to only be average. It was pretty pigmented on my lower lash line but gave me almost no colour in my waterliner, but I will still use it because it will be good enough for the day time.
Color Club Barely There Nail Polish, this is a pretty peach toned nude that Im sure I can get away with for work, and because its nude you don't have to worry about chipping as much as with color.
Another body lotion, IDC Body Lotion in Warm Lavender. Im not the biggest lotion person because Im too lazy to apply them so Im not too thankful of seeing two in my box. Personally I think this looks like something a Grandma would have in their bathroom, from trying it out on my arms I cant say it is the best lotion I have ever applied.

Birchbox was a lot better than I expected and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Birchbox seems to always send a good mixture of makeup, nails, hair, skin and body care which is good for those really wanting to try a wide range of product, although they are more sample size than Glossybox products.
This month we got to pick from three Laura Mercier samples so I selected the Volume Mascara in Black because the foundation sample was no longer available and from looking at online swatches the eyeliner looked a little patchy, so I got this but you do always need mascara.
I'm really excited for this Lola Barcelona Nail Polish in Born, it is a super pretty lilac toned gray nude with shimmer it it, I have never seen anything like this and can't wait to paint my nails with this next. Not only is this a really pretty color, exclusive to Birchbox but this is a new brand to me.
The Percy & Reed Smoothed, Sealed & Sensational Voluminous No Oil, Oil is something I have tried before and don't find it works for me but it might be fun for others.
Everyone and their mother in the beauty world raves about the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish so I am really happy that I finally have a chance to try it out, and it comes with the muslin to really get a feel for the product.
I love a good multi purpose beauty balm like this Pommade Divine Nature's Remedy Balm because they are great for a range of dry skin problems. This smells like Christmas when applied to the skin and it feels really nice on, so Im looking forward to it.
This month we got a beauty bonus, and in my box I got the Befine Warming Clay Mask, it says that it is good for unclogging pours and dealing with unwanted oils which is really exciting for me, and I have never used a warming mask before so it should be a interesting experience.

For this month I have to say that Birchbox was better, purely because of how over hyped Glossybox was. Although both of them have brands I have never tried/heard of in them, there is something about Birchbox that is just better.

Which box do you think is better?
Talk to you soon

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