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Thursday, 26 March 2015

17 Ultimate Volume Lip Gloss - In The Nude

"Colour Intense Lipgloss For Fuller Looking Lips
Not your conventional nude, more of a sun kissed, tan brown.
Looks, in the tube, to have a lot of fine shimmer, but on the lips this actually works to catch the light and create the illusion of having slightly fuller lips.
Has the slightest tingling sensation for about a minute, during this time your lips feel a bit more plump but once the sensation wears off your lips feel normal size.
The longevity is hard to explain.
Although the colour lasts for a while the shine wears off fairly quickly.
Other than the little tingling feeling, it is a fairly comfortable wear, not sticky, but not so glossy that it feels greasy.
If anything it feels a little bland - like nothingness.
Not my favourite lip gloss, but not the worst that I have ever tried.
They have other glosses that I am interested to try, and hopefully they make more of an impression with me.

Hope you enjoyed

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