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Friday, 6 March 2015

17 Supreme Shine Lipsticks

I first stumbled upon these lipsticks when  had a money of coupon and Im so glad I did because I would never have got found them other wise - for some reason I always seem to by pass the 17 lip products.
Left: If You Please, Right: Rich
For the most part I really like the formulation, they apply so smoothly I feel comfortable applying them without a mirror. They have a cream finish so there is a bit of shine but nothing like I would expect for something branded as Supreme Shine, but Im more into the cream than the shiny finish so its all good for me. I will say that after a few hours on the lips and the color has started to fade they get really dry feeling which is a bit uncomfortable so I do need some lip balm.
Left: If You Please, Right: Rich
I got two of the brighter, bolder shades and honestly have no clue what the other shades are like but Im sure theres some pinks, nudes and a red - the normal.
If You Please - this is a standard fuchsia lippy it is a touch sheerer than some others I have but it is still bright and bold, and perfect for summer and winter.
Rich - A bit more of a brave shade than I normally go for, Rich is a vampy red with a touch of purple about it - even through it looks a brown in the bullet. 
Left: If You Please, Right: Rich
The chrome effect packaging is beautiful, and shockingly doesn't really get finger printy. But the ugly stickers that are a pain to remove take away from them somewhat.
Doing this review has reminded me how much I enjoy these, well the pink one the vampy shade is a bit out of my comfort zone, I really need to make an effort to not just use these more but see if there are any more shades in the range that appeal to me.

Hope you enjoyed

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