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Saturday, 21 March 2015

Love it or Leave it: Natural Collection Coverup Stick

I have said before that I really like to use these sort of cover stickers for really obvious spots that need a bit more coverage.
What I like to do is take a good amount on a concealer brush, apply it right on the top and blend out the edges and them apply my foundation over the top.
Really creamy to apply. However I find the blendability only goes so far, before you are left with half blended concealer that is not going to blend anymore.
I find that the shade light is perfect for my skin tone, but because there is only three shades it is going to be a bit limited for some. They offer a green which is sometimes hard to find for really budget friendly brands, but it is a bit of a fail green because it seems to just blend to being white, and does nothing for correcting redness.
As with their lipsticks (reviewed here) the packaging sucks, the ids crack and the conclear snaps or often you are left feeling that they are more trouble than they are worth.
The formulation is odd, I know I said they are creamy to apply but it is the finish that is not right. I think Natural Collection wanted them to be matte because they seem to be really powdery and dry looking on the skin.
I know this was just a quick one today but I have been using these lately and just wanted to let you know my current thoughts with you.

I am fairly undecided about whether or not you should love or leave these, I am leaning more towards leave just because of the finish and the packaging. But if you wanted something to keep in your bag and not have to worry about messing up then these might be worth a shot.

Hope you enjoyed

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