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Monday, 9 February 2015

MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquers

These are matte finish liquid lipsticks from MUA's Luxe range, they come in a frosted tube and a wide range of colors that they forever seem to be adding to.
For £3 each they well worth the money making them something that every matte lip fan should try. I also find they go down really well as gifts because you are sure to find a shade someone will at least like to try.
Left: Reckless, Right: Funk
These dry to a matte finish really quickly and wear comfortably on the lips because they don't dry out your lips or leave them with a weird stickiness. I find them to be really long lasting and that I only need to slightly touch them up after I have eaten, but that is out of habit than anything.
Although I find the packaging to be a bit to try hard and tacky looking I like that they tried to make it fancy. The applicator is a dough foot applicator, common of these types of things, and I really like it. I find it apply's the product easier and cleaner than I had expected, if you take a bit of time - I'm talking a couple of minutes - to apply it your not going have a mess all around your mouth to clean up.

A perfect mid-tone bright spring/summer pink for paler skin tones.
For some reason I can see Barbie owning clothes in this color pink, if that sways your wanting to buy this.
Personally I don't find this suits me, as much as I love the swatch on my hand I don't feel  the same when it's on my lips. I have quite strong yellow undertones to my skin which I don't think work with this shade of pink, I have had issues in the past with other lippies in this sort of shade.
For me pretty as it is it's a no, but honestly if you have a pale skin tone, with a rosy undertone, this would look stunning.  especially when worn with a mint dress.

This is a darkish red that's perfect for adding some drama to a fall or winter look.
I love this for when I want a really dramatic, dark, strong lip. Because I shy away from, and can't pull off dark purple vampy shades this is great for me because it has the same effect but in my comfort zone of a red.
During this time of year I find myself reaching for this the most because it really tops off the bundled up look, but it is also great for a night out.

Hope this has helped you decided whether or not to try these

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