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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Maybelline Color Tattoo's

When these came out they where one of those many recent (Last couple of years) drug store products that took the world by storm.
For me these where never something that I jumped in the deep end with a brought a ton of and still to this day I cant see myself owning every shade like some people do but there are some shades I still want to try. Rather I got one a few months after they came out and 2 more fairly recently.
The shade range is crazy, especially in America where I think there are a load more shades (and collections) but still in England we can get a fair few.
This wide color range means that there are so many different things you can do with them. They can be used as a base for eye shadows, can be worn al over the lid as they are or as liner either along the top or bottom lash line.
As the name "24 hour color tattoo" would suggest these bad boys have some lasting power. A lot of time the hour lasting power statement that products have is somewhat questionable, but let me tell you I don't doubt these last 24 hours. They can be a nightmare to remove and often you are left with some still on your eye and it will be there when you wake up in the morning.

Pink Gold
I know a lot of people are scared to wear pink but this is a surprisingly easy pink to rock.
Its a light baby pink with a lot of gold tone to it because of the shimmer it has. The shine reflects the light to give a really glossy finish making this one of my top go to 'Im too lazy to do a proper eye look' products.
I found this dried up on me a little after about a year of being open so I just mixed it up with a tooth pick and smoothed it back out and now it is as good as new.

Metallic Pomegranate
For a product that has the word metallic in the color name this isn't particularly metallic, or even shimmery. It has a very solid base color of a pomegranate/burgundy with a fine sprinkling of gold sparkle.
I like that this isnt a really bright pomegranate color like I was expecting but rather it is kind of dark, which makes it really wearable - especially in the fall and winter.

On-and-on Bronze
Just like Pink Gold this has that gold shimmer that really reflects the light. This just has such a beautiful effect on the eye when it is worn alone, you can do just a thin layer for a bit of sheen but if you layer some more on for a more bronze color and more shine.
I think this is a makeup bag staple especially if you have a lot of cream shadows. Because obviously this would be a great base for a neutral eye but if you want to do a bright/bold cream shadow on the lid but don't want the harsh line you can use this to blend it out a little into the crease to soften the look.

All of a shadows are super creamy and they just glide on a dream. Unlike other cream shadows I have tried these dry really quickly so you can do liquid/gel liner over them without having to wait ages.
Finally just a word on the packaging, I love it. Its just a simple glass pot with a plastic lid and you can really screw it on tight to keep your shadows creamy for as long as possible - but like I said before they are really easy to bring back to life.

Are there any shades of these you guys would recommend?

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