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Monday, 16 February 2015

Feburary 2015 Glossybox - Love Edition

This has to be one of my favourite box designs to date, the white with LOVE in red is super pretty and will be a great storage item in my room.
This month we have a selection of treats perfect for getting us ready for that valentines date you might have lined up. Or you could just use your products to get your self all dolled up for an evening in by yourself watching movies and eating junk food like I will be doing.

Wilkinson Sward
Hydro Silk
This razor has a water-activated Moisturising Serum bar that hydrates your skin for up to 2 hours after shaving, it also has 5 blades to leave your legs silky smooth.
Being a girl who uses disposable razors this is a nice treat to have, I dont know if I could bring myself to buying the replacement blades just because they tend to be a bit pricey but I am looking forward to using this. It comes with a wall holder which I quite nice if you keep the razor in a shower because I would be a bit worried about keeping it on the floor - if its attached to the wall I know I wont stand on it. I actually am saving this is a box until I go to uni so it will be a few months until I can use it but still, excitement.
Full Size = 1 Razor - £9.99

Mineral Eyeshadow - Fifty Shades
A 100% natural, highly pigmented eye shadow that packs a punch. The color is inspired by 'that' film and can be worn in two different ways, either blended over the lid or packed on with a wet brush to intensify the look.
Im not the biggest fan of pigment eye shadows like this, I find them far to messy and unless I really have the time to play around with my makeup and clean up the fall out I don't reach for them especially dark shades like this. The fact that when I opened the eye shadows box I found the pot with eye shadow on it and it hadn't even been opened and had the seal removed scared me about how messy it would be. With all that said I would still like to give this a try, maybe in place of an eye liner.
Full Size = 1.2g - £14.49

Royal Apothic
Tinties Tinted Lip Balm - Coral
A balm inspired by an old apothecary manual is not a celebrity favourite, containing shea butter, and argan, grape seed and almond oil to nourish the lips ... its rumoured that Victoria Beckham is a fan.
I was hesitant about this but I tried it on and feel in love, it feels really moisturising and gives a coral toned your lips but better shade that seems like it will be quite pretty to apply when your running out the door and just want something quick, simple and natural. It smells like coconut and OMG the packaging is just the most stunning thing.
Full Size = 3.4g - $14 (£9.10)

So Susan
Rose Quartet Lip & Cheek Palette
Pretty pinks and bold crimson, this is a versatile palette that will match any mood.
Just pipping the lip balm to the post this is my favourite product in the box.
Although this is super small and Im sure if you used this daily it wouldn't last you more than a few months but that doesnt stop it being a cute and amazing product. You get 4 cheek and lip stains in a bright pink, baby pink, red and nude peach. The bright pink and red look like they will be nice for blushers and all four colors will be really nice for the lips. This seems like the perfect thing to carry in your handbag or take on holiday with you because it is so small and compact.
Full Size = 4g - £8

Repstyle Polish - Crocadily
This cult nail polish brand has taken on a new snakeskin texture with the use of the magnetic cap.
Im really excited to try this out, I never got round to trying out magnetic nail polishes and this crocodile green looks promising.
Full Size = 13ml - £9.99

Happy Valentines day to you all

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