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Friday, 9 January 2015

ELF HD Blush - Headliner

These are a really fun concept, a highly concentrated, long lasting cream blusher in mess free packaging.

But sadly this little guy hasn't really worked out as expected.

Now its not a total loss, the packaging is mess free which is nice to see from a cream blusher and these really do last. I like to wear them under my face powder for a subtle blush, or over it for a more dewy finish - you can layer a powder blush over this for a more matte finish which I like to do also.
Its the formation that is the main issue with this blusher.
This separates like no other, I have tried to store it in different ways and nothing stops it. You can shake it up in the morning and by the next day it will be separated again. 

I also find these way way way to pigmented, especially for a cream product. No matter how little you pump out you will find it too much. The best application I have found is with a brush lightly tapped into the product with a couple of taps to get some excess off on to a paper towel (or your hand).
I think these are about £4.50 which for ELF is a little pricey and I just dont think they are worth the stress, I would recommend the cream blushes that they have in the pots - there way better.

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