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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Poundland Rimmel Haul

A couple of weeks ago I went into Poundland to see what make up they had on offer and was really pleased to find a selection of Rimmel products.
I got 4 things, pretty much there whole selection of stuff because although they had a lot of stuff there was only 1 or 2 shades of each of the 3 things.
I have heard the make up stock changes fairly often and all the stores have different things so it really is worth a look.

Apocalips Lip Lacqure - Celestial
I have already shared my thoughts on the apocalips before (if you missed it they are here) but unlike those which I loved but shied away from due to the messiness this is my current favourite lip product. This is the perfect nutral pink that you can apply without a mirror and not have to worry. I love this for school but have also found myself reaching for this to go into town or work.
Like all the apocalips its really long lasting and has a nice shine to it, but the smell is just as strange as all the others. If you found Nova to much of a baby pink for you this will probably work a lot better, it is a very universal shade because of the neutral undertones but I think its one of those colours that will have different effect on different people.
RRP= £6.49

Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Stick
After the fail that was the Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Paint (discussed here) I was soo excited to get my hands on two of the pencils to see if I faired any better with them. The light, shimmering taupe (Bluffing) seemed light a great colour for lazy school make up and I was really excited to try the turquoise (Teasing Turquoise) alone my lower lash line, either on its own or as the base for eye shadow.
So far I am really impressed, they really do last all day and are amazingly waterproof. I'm prone to getting stuff in my eyes which can make them water but the shadows will not budge. They go on really nicely and don't drag the eye, however they are not chubby enough to quickly cover the lid it did take some time, but it did mean you get some precision when applying alone your lower lash line.
RRP= £4.49

Lasting Finish Colour Rush Balm
I do enjoy a lip crayon as I have said before and this looked like such a me colour. Its a brighter baby pink with a bit of shimmer in it that smells just like vanilla. Another lippy you dont need to be looking in a mirror to apply you can just whip it on really quickly, but the crayon shaped 'nib' means that you can take a bit more time to apply it by lining your lips and then filling them in.
This is going to have to be a day time product for me because the colour really does last and your lips kind of get stained bright pink, which after a certain point you don't really want.  Although the colour lasts the shine doesn't last that long and the creamy feeling that it has when its on goes quite quickly as well so you are left thinking that it has worn off.
RRP= £5.99

Have you found some goodies in your local pound/dollar stores?
Let me know

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