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Monday, 26 January 2015

My Thoughts On: Bellapierre

Thanks to Glossybox I have been able to try a few products from the brand Bellapierre. I had never heard of it before but find myself often reaching for the items I have gotten in my boxes.
Bellapierre is one of the worlds fastest growing mineral make up companies, by producing and manufacturing their own products they  are able to quickly respond to new trends and they work to create natural looking products that make the skin glow.

Shimmer Powder - Coral Reef
The 100% mica powder is said to work to produce beautiful shimmer and long lasting vibrant colour.
Loose eye shadows often seem too much faff but this is completely worth the slight fall out. It is one of those beautiful shades that I just want to swatch and look at all the time, it is a really pretty gold, coral with a load of small shimmers that catch the light without being too glittery. Because of the softness of the pigment it does blend away so when it is used as a lid shade with something blended into the crease or outer corner you do need to reapply to get the vibrant colour back, but it is still really long lasting.

Mineral Lipstick - Ruby
Formulated with natural waxes and mineral pigments this is designed to be a silky smooth lipstick that will deliver 'long-lasting moisturising and nourishing colour.'
The colour is really bold but does stain the skin a little, so it's best to apply a lip liner to stop colour bleed or use some kind of lip stick sealer. It has a fairly shiny finish so you don't have to wear a gloss over the top if your not into gloss but still want a nice shine, however for lip gloss lovers you can still put some over the top without it being too wet looking. The staying power is no longer than that of the average lipstick but you win some you lose some. My one main issue with this is the packaging, for the price I would expect something really classy but this is just cheap, cheap, cheap.

Cheek and Lip Stain - Coral
The oil free formula aims to be easy to blend and takes away issues found with traditional stains.
I love things like this for a base for powder blush or for when I want a more natural look, for application of this I like to use a stippling brush and apply it over my foundation onto the apply's of my cheek and then apply my face powder, or do the same thing over my face powder. The colour is a lot prettier in person than it is in the pot - its a pink coral that I really like for winter but think it might be a bit too dull for me in the summer. As expected with a stain it really will last but it isnt one of those stains that dries before you can blend it, it actually gives you some time to work with it before it sets. I don't like the colour on my lips but it felt just like a balm but it looks pretty bland. I really the finish of it because it has a light dewiness to it but nothing to much that makes you look oily.

I know that the price point for these products are a little high but I do think they are worth the money because especially the shimmer powder and cheek stain because you get a lot of product compared to the amount you have to use.

Hope you enjoyed seeing what I thought on the product, let me know if you have tried any Bellapierre products and what you think about them.

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