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Monday, 24 November 2014

November 2014 Glossybox

One of my favourite boxes of the year is this months, and the reason for that is a simple one - they actually followed my beauty profile for every product not just one or two like previous boxes.

Lollipops Makeup

Eye Pencil - Goodbye Moon
A retractable long lasting, high color eye liner with vitamin E and Anti-Ageing action.
I will be honest I had no hope in this being any good, for some reason I just assumed that it would be bad but when I swatched it for the first time I was pleasantly surprised. It is a super creamy, smude proof liner in the cutest packaging I have ever seen.
Full Size - €14 (£11.08)
Sample Size = Full Size - £11.08

Burt's Bees

Lip Shine - Wink
100% natural with moisturising Apricot wax make up this sheer color glide on gloss.
I'm not really one for squeeze tube glosses but I do like this so far.The color is an amazing sheer pink which I think will be great with a nude lip stick, and its not at all sticky dispite being really thick. Thanks to the Apricot wax it not only smells but tastes great.
Full Size = 14g - £6.99
Sample Size = 14g - £6.99


Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment
An oil free moisture gel to provide deep hydration and reduce the appearance of fine lines.
Finally a moisturiser for oily skin, I find in the summer, when my sin is at its oiliest, I can get one or dry patches and now I can try something that should really work for me. I'm going to save this for summer as much as I would like to try it now.
Full Size = 50ml - £27.50
Sample Size = 8ml - £4.40

MONU Skincare

Capri Facial Treatment Oil
Cleanser, toner and restorer with grape seed, Camphor and citrus oils to treat oily and spot prone skin.
Not to sure what this is because my card has a different product on it, but I assume that it is just like a toner that you can use in the morning and at night, or as an intensive treatment in the place of a night cream - I guess you would just use more than the recommended 2 'pumps'.
Full Size = 100ml - £26
Sample Size = 30ml - £7.80

Natural World

Coconut Water Hydration & Shine Weightless Hair Oil.
An oil to provide shine and hydration to the hair, enriched with certified organic coconut oil its designed to not leave oily residue.
Everyone raves about hair oils and ones I have tried in the past haven't worked for me but I think that was because I didn't really know how to use them. This however has really good instructions so I feel confident about trying it, not to mention it smells really good - which I hope will make my hair smell like coconut as well.
Full Size = 100ml - £9.99
Sample Size = 25ml - £2.49

So yeah, an all around good box worth £32.76

Hope you enjoyed

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