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Thursday, 13 November 2014

Carmex: Worth the Hype?

I have spent years hearing people rave about Carmex.
People claimed it was the best thing for dry lips and that it was a make up bag essential that they used religiously. When I got my hands on some after it being on my wish list - its super cheap I don't know why I never brought it - I was over the moon.
After my first few applications of this stuff I came crashing back to earth. I will admit that it was re-hydrating for my lips but no more so than other balms I have used.
There is a menthol quality to this that I'm not overly keen on. It makes it smell really medical, however they do have a cherry Carmex so you can avoid this, but more than the medical smell it makes your lips tingle and feel funny.
For me I think this will be a bed side table, when I have a cold lip balm. Not something I want to put on to feel pretty but something good to have when you just want to use something more medical feeling.
I have a bit of a love hate with the packaging.
Part of me loves how official and medical which really goes with the feel and scent of the balm, but there's another part of me which hates it because the lid doesn't seem to fit right and although I know its on fully, I always worry that its still open.

As with a lot of lip balm it is personal preference, and something I love and really works for my lips might not for you. With that in mind I will say I don't think this is worth half the hype it gets, for the same price you can get a any one of a number of different balms that will pack a bigger punch in terms of packaging, comfort and smell.

Hope you enjoyed, let me know your top lip balm(s)


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  1. Yes! It's really the only thing that makes my lips un-chapped. I carry around regular chapstick because it looks better but I put this stuff on every morning.


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