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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Maybelline Baby Lips Electro

Left to right: Strike a Rose, Pink Shock
Despite my falling in love with the regular Baby Lips (reviewed here) I never intended to get any of the Electro ones but then when I found them for 'buy one get one half price' it seemed rued not to pick up a couple.
Left to right: Strike a Rose, Pink Shock
Consistency and benefit wise they are exactly the same as the regular line ones, which I'm so happy about. I was a little concerned that because the colors are more vibrant they would be less moisturising. They are a perfect 'back to school' item - the dry lips which come with the 'back to school' sickness are no match for these, they sort it out in just a few application. When they are on they don't feel like a classic lip balm, the thickness of them makes them feel more like a lipstick. More sore areas don't feel treated right away they do take a little more time, but on the whole they are really fast acting.
Left to right: Strike a Rose, Pink Shock
The pigmentation is a lot stronger than I expected and I was so surprised when I first applied them at the color I got. For me this makes me both love them and also fear them, the pink, orange and red will be quite nice with a lot of pigmentation (especially if they are a red which will suit you, or a good orange for your skin tone) but something like the purple from seeing it in the tube I don't know how a person would get that to work for them.

Strike A Rose
Im still not sure what color this is. Sometimes I think it is orange and others pink. For this time of year I'm not crazy into the shade but come spring and summer I can see this getting a lot more love.
Left to right: Strike a Rose, Pink Shock
Pink Shock
This is a great autumn fushia because of the slight purple undertones it has. I have been wearing this so much lately because it is a great quick bold lip that you can just put on as you run out the door without worrying about lip liner.
Left to right: Strike a Rose, Pink Shock
As well as the colored balms there are two clear ones but for some reason Maybelline decided to make them Green and Yellow in the tube, not appealing for me but they might be fun for little kids who want to play with make up.

Super happy with the two I picked up but I cant see myself getting any of the others from this line.
Have you guys tried them?

Much Love

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