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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

First Impressions: Model Co More Brows Fibre Gel

This came in my September Glossybox and if you saw that blog post (linked here) you will know I was unsure about this and how it would work.
I gave it a go yesterday and was very pleasantly surprised and I can see this being my new go to brow product because it is so quick and easy.
This gives you the perfect natural brow. The color match is perfect for me and it has a really light application that I found can be built up in more sparse areas but still have the same natural perfect brow look that you get where you do a quick light brush.
I didn't notice the fibres did anything for me. Not too many come out on the brush when you take it out the tube and I dont think they blend in to your brows, however I wasn't too bothered about the fibres I was just looking for the tint and the hold that it provided.
The finish of this I love, it doesnt leave your brows crunchy they honestly just feel like your normal brows with no product in them. It keeps your brows in place and drys quickly so there is no color transfer if you touch them of something.

Really excited to get more use out of this

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