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Sunday, 24 August 2014

MUA Undressed Eyeshadow Palette: Worth The Hype?

When this came out it was instantly compared to the Urban Decay Naked Palette and was said to be a drug store dupe for it. Because I have never used the Urban Decay Naked Palette, not because I don't want to it is just out of my price zone, I cant tell you weather or not this MUA one is a dupe so in this post I will just be talking about MUA palette alone.
For £4 the packaging is nice, it is very simple and gets scratched far to often but it has a really large window so you can see all the shadows, but this does mean there is no mirror on the inside of the packaging - for me this isnt too much of a loss because I find mirrors in palettes just get covered in eye shadow anyway. On the back you can see the shade names of each shadow, something that isnt seen on a lot of the MUA palettes, and there is a 'Mini Master-Class' which explains how to create a simple look using 3 of the colors - I have done this look a couple times and it is nice and simple but I think it is better for people new to makeup and/or find palettes intimidating.
The color selection is pretty spot on there is a good choice of lid, crease and defining shades which means you can get a lot of different looks from it. 10 of the 12 shadows are a satin finish leaving just 2 to be matte, 1 is a lid color and the other is good for blending out the crease, meaning that no matter what look you create will be a fairly satin one.
Pigmentation is amazing as with the single MUA shadows (reviews here) and just like the single shadows the matte shades tend to lack some of the pigment that the satin shades have, however they are still good for blending and using on the lid. The formulation is the same as the single shadows - they are super soft with very little fall out and are really long lasting.
All of the hype that has surrounded this palette is well deserved because it is a really good basic drug store palette for both day and night looks. This would also be a good palette to travel with because of the good selection of shades in a compact palette it will take up minimal space and being so cheap means you don't have to worry so much about losing it or it getting messed up.

Hope you enjoyed

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