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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Love it or Leave it: No7 Lash Adapt Mascara

I have been using this mascara for the past couple of months because my mum got it and used it once or twice and didn't like it so she gave it to me and now I want to share what I think about it with you and if I think you guys should give it a go.
Priced at £12.95 this mascara can only be found at Boots, you get 7ml of product which is fairly standard and like I said I have been using this for a couple months or so and it still have what feels like a couple more weeks of use left. The wand is fairly standard, its a bristle brush which is just a little bigger than average but not so big that it makes it hard to use.
The formulation of this I really like because its wet without being super wet and making a huge mess when applying it but it still shows that it is doing something and your getting results from the mascara. You are able to build up this mascara to create your desired volume, your first coat gives your lashes but better and then each coat from there on just adds more and more volume with pretty much no clumps. The packaging of this is really nice, it is a chrome effect and the shape of it makes it really nice to hold, I thinks its a combination of that and the brush size that's allows me to be relatively mistake free when I apply it - even on my lower lashes.
If you have long lashes and just want volume you might want to look in to this because it gives nice volume but pretty much no length and I like to get both length and volume from a mascara, however the slight length it gives does stop it making my lashes looking weird. Personally I don't find that it lasts all day, if I have been at school and then have to go to work I find I do have to apply another couple coats just so it looks like I have mascara on. It isn't one of those mascaras that flaks all over our face as it wears off, it sort of just goes.
The fact that I have quite the collection of unopened mascaras and the price for me is just a little high I can't see myself buying this again. However I would recommend this to both long lashed girls and those of you in school because it isn't a crazy dramatic mascara but it is still really nice and gives you really pretty lashes.
Hope you enjoyed and will give this guy a go, Boots always have those £3 off coupons so you could get it for under £10 if you time it right.

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