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Sunday, 24 August 2014

MUA Undressed Eyeshadow Palette: Worth The Hype?

When this came out it was instantly compared to the Urban Decay Naked Palette and was said to be a drug store dupe for it. Because I have never used the Urban Decay Naked Palette, not because I don't want to it is just out of my price zone, I cant tell you weather or not this MUA one is a dupe so in this post I will just be talking about MUA palette alone.
For £4 the packaging is nice, it is very simple and gets scratched far to often but it has a really large window so you can see all the shadows, but this does mean there is no mirror on the inside of the packaging - for me this isnt too much of a loss because I find mirrors in palettes just get covered in eye shadow anyway. On the back you can see the shade names of each shadow, something that isnt seen on a lot of the MUA palettes, and there is a 'Mini Master-Class' which explains how to create a simple look using 3 of the colors - I have done this look a couple times and it is nice and simple but I think it is better for people new to makeup and/or find palettes intimidating.
The color selection is pretty spot on there is a good choice of lid, crease and defining shades which means you can get a lot of different looks from it. 10 of the 12 shadows are a satin finish leaving just 2 to be matte, 1 is a lid color and the other is good for blending out the crease, meaning that no matter what look you create will be a fairly satin one.
Pigmentation is amazing as with the single MUA shadows (reviews here) and just like the single shadows the matte shades tend to lack some of the pigment that the satin shades have, however they are still good for blending and using on the lid. The formulation is the same as the single shadows - they are super soft with very little fall out and are really long lasting.
All of the hype that has surrounded this palette is well deserved because it is a really good basic drug store palette for both day and night looks. This would also be a good palette to travel with because of the good selection of shades in a compact palette it will take up minimal space and being so cheap means you don't have to worry so much about losing it or it getting messed up.

Hope you enjoyed

Saturday, 23 August 2014

First Impression: Collection Cream Puff - Powder Puff

I love a nude lip and have been dipping my toes in to the pool of matte lip products lately so when browsing the Collection stand in Superdrug this jumped out at me and I decided to give it a go.
They don't have the biggest color selection but I loved the look of this nude shade. Powder Puff is a slight orange toned concealer lips nude but on my lips its more concealer lips - for some reasons all tones of orange disappeared when I put it on. I am not complaining about the shade I get on my lips because I do love a concealer lips nude because done right I think they can look really nice.
One fear with a matte lip product is that it can make your lips look dry and flaky, this being a 'moisturising lip cream' means that as well as adding color it also adds so moisture, not a lot but just enough to prevent a flaky dead lip look.
I found that you have to be careful when you apply this, you want to do light layers for the best effect rather than just one thick coat because that can make it look a tough weird. My one complaint is that it isnt long lasting, I found that I got a couple hours color before I had to reapply.
The packaging is really nice, the lid is nice to hold and the tube is the roughly the same color as the product so although you cant see how much you have left you do know which one you are selecting. One of my favourite things about this is the smell of the product, I smells like cupcakes.

Hope you enjoyed my first impression of this product, I think I will try some other shades because I have enjoyed this.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Love it or Leave it: No7 Lash Adapt Mascara

I have been using this mascara for the past couple of months because my mum got it and used it once or twice and didn't like it so she gave it to me and now I want to share what I think about it with you and if I think you guys should give it a go.
Priced at £12.95 this mascara can only be found at Boots, you get 7ml of product which is fairly standard and like I said I have been using this for a couple months or so and it still have what feels like a couple more weeks of use left. The wand is fairly standard, its a bristle brush which is just a little bigger than average but not so big that it makes it hard to use.
The formulation of this I really like because its wet without being super wet and making a huge mess when applying it but it still shows that it is doing something and your getting results from the mascara. You are able to build up this mascara to create your desired volume, your first coat gives your lashes but better and then each coat from there on just adds more and more volume with pretty much no clumps. The packaging of this is really nice, it is a chrome effect and the shape of it makes it really nice to hold, I thinks its a combination of that and the brush size that's allows me to be relatively mistake free when I apply it - even on my lower lashes.
If you have long lashes and just want volume you might want to look in to this because it gives nice volume but pretty much no length and I like to get both length and volume from a mascara, however the slight length it gives does stop it making my lashes looking weird. Personally I don't find that it lasts all day, if I have been at school and then have to go to work I find I do have to apply another couple coats just so it looks like I have mascara on. It isn't one of those mascaras that flaks all over our face as it wears off, it sort of just goes.
The fact that I have quite the collection of unopened mascaras and the price for me is just a little high I can't see myself buying this again. However I would recommend this to both long lashed girls and those of you in school because it isn't a crazy dramatic mascara but it is still really nice and gives you really pretty lashes.
Hope you enjoyed and will give this guy a go, Boots always have those £3 off coupons so you could get it for under £10 if you time it right.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

MUA Matte Lipsticks

I have never really got in to the whole Matte Lipstick trend/hype but there was something about the MUA Matte Lipsticks that made me want to get all of them, and I think its fair to say I have been converted to the Matte Side.
Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Scarlet Siren, Wild Berry, Lilac Belle, Totally Nude, Fawn Fancy, Peachy Keen, Pouty Pink 
In total there are seven shades in the line all costing just £1 which is a steal.
If you are looking to dip your toe in the pool of matte lippies you have to give these ago.
Left to Right: Scarlet Siren, Wild Berry, Lilac Belle, Totally Nude, Fawn Fancy, Peachy Keen, Pouty Pink 
Although the lip sticks are a touch on the dry side its nothing a layer of lip balm under them wont fix. The real issue I find is that they are not the most pigmented lipsticks in the world. A lot of building up is needed if you want to get close to the color that you see in the bullet.
I personally find (on my lips) that it is the nude colors which are the most pigmented and its the darker colors that need more coats, not something that I typically see with lip sticks. 
Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Scarlet Siren, Wild Berry, Lilac Belle, Totally Nude, Fawn Fancy, Peachy Keen, Pouty Pink 
Despite only having seven lip sticks in the matte line MUA have made sure that they have covered all color bases so as to please the most people.
Left to Right:Totally Nude, Fawn Fancy, Peachy Keen, Pouty Pink 
I love the packing, its super simple without looking cheap and the small pot of color at the end of each tube means you know exactly what color is what without having to open each of them. And because each pot actually contains product you know that the color you are seeing in real, unlike the stickers you often have.
Left to Right: Scarlet Siren, Wild Berry, Lilac Belle 
I am sure that there are more pigmented matte lipsticks on the market but I do think these are worth your money because, firstly they are just £1 so they are good 'keep in your handbag lippies', being the price they are means that you can try out a matte lipstick - you know see is you like the finish on your own lips, how confident you feel with it etc - without forking out on a more expensive one.

Hope you enjoyed 

Monday, 18 August 2014

August Glossybox 2014

It seems that this month Glossybox has undergone another makeover. Finally I think they have hit the nail on the head and made the box look like a luxury subscription box.
Although they have gone back to the old box size which upsets me because it is just a touch too small for nail polish storage, it has a matte finish again which I like better. The tissue paper now has Glossybox printed all over it, they have gone back to the plain (easy to reuse) ribbon and the product card is a nice card fold out thing.
Its not just the box itself that has had a makeover the mailer is also different, rather than the slate gray with pink logo, it is not a glossy black with a pink bow detail.
With this month being their third global box I was excited to see what they had got from different countries and although I was pleased (on the whole) with my product selection, everything seems to be very European.
Kryolan For Glossybox
Highlighter - Cashmere
The packaging is very similar to the packaging of ELF cream products which I personally enjoy because it's not super over the top, however I do find the lid to be a little stiff and hard to take off.
In the pot this looks like it will be a champagne cream highlighter but sadly it has minimal color pay off  but it does look very dewy. I am going to have to play with this on my face to see if it creates a highlighted effect rather than a shiny look, which on a person with oily skin can not be the best look.
Full Size = 4.5g: £12.95
Sample Size = 4.5g: £12.95

Figs & Rouge
Mini Hand Cream - Mango Mandarin
Anyone who knows me knows that I love mango scents so this is right up my street, and that packaging is like a tube of paint which is super cute to pull out your hand bag. It is a really thick lotion with shea butter so its super moisturising - good to take on holiday for applying after being in the pool.
I have a backlog of hand cream, for me its like body lotion - its something that I know I should use more than I do but I can never be bothered to apply it. Its a fairly compact tube which makes it a really good hand lotion to carry around with you, even if you are only taking a small bag so I will have no excuse not to at least have it with me.
Full Size = 80ml: £6.95
Sample Size = 20ml: £1.73

Yves Rocher
Mini Nail Polish - Rose
You might not know this about me but mini nail polish scares me. I have no idea why, all I know is that I will have them in my collection and no matter how pretty the color will not use them. Although it is pretty basic the bottle is pretty cute.
This is a dusty rose color which I love and maybe because it is meant to be this size - it is part of a collection of mini nail polishes - I will use it.
Full Size = 3ml: £3.60
Sample Size = 3ml: £3.60

Philip Kingsley
Originally created for Audrey Hepburn this is a pre-shampoo treatment designed to give hair elasticity, manageability, shine and bounce without weighing it down or leaving it feeling full of product. 
I am excited to use this on a pamper night because you have to leave it for 10-20 minutes before washing out, so it will be nice to relax in the bath with a good book while it works its magic in your hair.
Full Size = 250ml: £38
Sample Size = 40ml: £6.08

Although a perfume sample isn't my first choice for a Glossybox item this is one that I had never heard of and it comes in a nice little bottle. The lid it easy to remove with out using your teeth so it doest get in your mouth and rather than one big hole it has lots of small ones to control the amount of product you pour out.
It smells really nice, its a floral, it isn't something that I would buy a full size of but its nice and I will enjoy the sample. This is a scent that I would think is perfect for ages 16 and older just because it isn't a super sweet younger scent.
Full Size = 50ml: £67
Sample Size = 2ml: £2.68

I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara
As much as I love getting makeup in Glossybox they need to stop with the mascara, I am one of those people who likes to only have one or two mascaras on the go so that I can really get my use out of them before they dry up and thanks to Glossybox I have a about 4 or 5 backup mascaras so I am good for a while. From the picture this looks like it has a plastic wand so its not going to be something that everyone enjoys, I for one like plastic wands so its a winner for me, and I love the cute, fun packaging it has but again I don't think everyone will.
Essence has slowly started to make its way over to England but I have yet to have a chance to get my hands on anything from them yet so I was very happy to see something from them sitting in my Glossybox. With a name like 'Extreme Crazy Volume' this mascara is just begging to be put to the test and I will be sure to do a review of it when I get a chance to use it.
Full Size = 12ml: £2.79
Sample Size = 12ml: £2.79

Hope you enjoyed seeing what I got in my Glossybox for this month, in total all my items are worth £29.83 and I am pleased with the good range of products I got.