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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Rimmel London Apocalips

Rimmel brought out the Apocalips at the beginning of last year and they are still a highly in demand lip product that has led the change in the way we think about lip color/products.
Left to Right: Nova, Apocaliptic, Stellar
Rather than a lipstick that packs the color punch but still might a need a gloss over the top for some shine, or a lip gloss that has some color to it but not the vibrancy you want for a bold lip, apocalips are a lip laquer - they have the color of a lipstick, the shine of a gloss and the staying power of a lip stain.
Left to Right: Nova, Apocaliptic, Stellar
Just about every color preference is catered for, they have nudes to classic red, soft pink to bright orange. The color you see in the tube is the color that will be applied on to your lips and will stay there for the next few hours even with eating and drinking.
The wand is a classic dough foot applicator but has a dip into so to hold more product allowing you to appy it to your lips without having to dip it back in the tube over and over again.
A complaint that everyone has is the result of the vibrancy, this is one of those products that tends to get on your teeth - even after doing the finger trick. What I find helps this is to apply this in thin layers so you are not left with a mass of wet product - you have lots of layers of dry product.
Left to Right: Nova, Apocaliptic, Stellar
Nova (102)
This is a soft, dusty, baby pink perfect for the day time. It looks amazing with any makeup look and is a great alternative to a nude lip. As much as I love this in the day time I dont think it would work for a night look just becuase, in my opinon, it is too pastel for a night out.
A good shade to have to get you into the apocalips because being a light shade it allows you to get a feel for the product and the best way to apply it without having to worry about making such a mess.

Apocaliptic (303)
Bright fuschia pink is a make up bag essential and this one is amazing. Although out of all the ones I've tried this is the most likely to get on your teeth the lasting power it has and the shine it gives 100% outweighs that. As well as being great for a summers day you can rock this for any night out and (whispers) I always get compliments with this shade.
Don't let the bold color scare you off, apply it lightly and blend it out with your finger for a subtle bright pink lip.

Stellar (501)
If like me you want to rock a bright orange lip but don't have the confidence to do so I would recomend this shade. Although this does still count as a bright orange because of the slight red undertone it is more wearable and less in your face 'oh look at me Im bright orange'.
This is the perfect holiday shade because you can wear it buy the pool and look like a really glamorous person without worrying about it going anywhere and then with your new tan you can wear it at night and it looks stunning.

For around £6.99 really recomend you give these a go because you will find a shade that works for you.
Hope you enjoyed and let me know what you think of the apocalips

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