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Saturday, 12 July 2014

MUA Color Blast Eyeshadow Tint

I am all about the quick easy makeup for school, when I have the option of spending an extra 5 minutes in bed and applying a cream eyeshadow or getting up and putting a load of eyeshadow on I will always pick the cream shadow option.
Left To Right: Bring It Back, Stay, Diamonds
These cream shadows are in a pencil format which means you can get a more precise application rather than just using a cream shadow out a pot with your finger, the pencil'ness' of the product means that you can just concentrate the color on to the areas that you really want that color to be, for example your inner corner.
Left To Right: Bring It Back, Stay, Diamonds
All of these shades give you the option to layer the color up to make it more intense without worrying about the cream shadow creasing on you.
After trying to put color on the inner half of the lid and another on the outer half and blend the two together I do find the it just makes a mess so I like to wear these as a shadow base or just on their own as a single color.
Left To Right: Bring It Back, Stay, Diamonds
Bring It Back
This is a dark bronze shade with a slight metallic finish to it. It goes on really smoothly and evenly to the eyes however the shade that you get when you swatch it on your hand is a couple shades darker than what you get when applying it on your eyes.
Stay's a champange with a lot of coral shimmer to it. When you swatch it the color is super pretty, but it just doesnt work on your lids. After application your left with a slightly patchy, sheer coat of color that just looks like you have a really small amount of coral shimmer on your lids, which is a real disappointment.
Very similar to other pink cream shadows on the market this is a baby pink with a slight metallic finish to it. But to apply this is the worst out of the three I own, it has a really unsmooth application that leaves you with super patchy color that looks like you left some cream shadow on the night before, the color you get is just a weird like pink thats not the most flattering thing.

The shades are hit and miss but it seems the darker ones are the ones which the best application and most pigmentation and the lighter ones just don't translate. In the collection their is 6 shades, as well as the 3 I have there is a taupe, a black and a purple.
They retail for £3 each which is amazing for those darker shades but I think you can give the lighter ones a miss.

Hope you enjoyed

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