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Friday, 4 July 2014

17 Solo Eye Shadow

I have had these in my collection for a while now and I reach for them time to time and when ever I do I fall in love with them all over again.
Top to bottom, left to right: Fun Fair, Viva Diva, Status Que
These cost £3.89 for your standard size single shadow and for the quality they are amazing.
The packaging is a simple matte black, round, twist top pot with a window in the lid so that you can see the color of the shadow without having to open it. '17 eyes' is printed onto the window which normally I dislike but seeing as it doesn't chip off I like because obviously its nice to have the brand on the packaging.
Top to bottom, left to right: Fun Fair, Viva Diva, Status Que
As we can see from my shattered Status Que these are fragile shadows, one drop to the floor and you are left with a broken shadow, so you do need to be careful with them, making them a slight pain when your in a rush and tend to be a touch heavy handed.

Fun Fair
This is a baby pink made wearable by the rose gold shimmer. It's really good for those eyeing up the Urban Decay Naked 3 but dont know if you can rock those rose gold shades, you can give this one a play before you make up your mind. It's really pigmented and transfers well from the brush (or your finger) to your eye, the shadow is super soft without being chalky and having fall out.
I have also found this can be nice lightly brushed over the top of a baby pink blusher for a touch of something extra.

Viva Diva
In the pan this shade looks really velvety and smooth but in reality this is actually a bit of a let down. Although it comes out as the teal with electric blue shimmer you see in the pan it's a lot less vibrant because the color doesnt transfer well from the brush/finger to the eye, and unless you layer and layer the color it doesnt work as a fun lid shade because it looks more like kiddy make up than 'Im an adult creating a vibrant blue look.' The shadow is not as soft as Fun Fair but again there is not fall out , however it does have a slight chalky finish.
The way I like to wear this is along my lower lash line either alone or over the top of a blue liner.

Statues Que
Not the prettiest looking shadow in the pan but the moment you swatch this like me you will just fall in love. Its a rich brown with a rosy undertone so its a very warm shade that suites all skin tones, all of my friends I have recommended this to have fallen in love with it just as I have. Although it has the same soft feeling as Fun Fair and applies just as smoothly this does give some fallout but on the plus side its easy to brush away without traces of it being left.
This is a really nice shade to be worn on both the lid and in the crease.
Hope you enjoyed this review and it has inspired you to go and try some, and if the shade I have are not your cup of tea don't worry they have a range to pick from.

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